Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Here comes summer...

I was contemplating the arrival of summer this evening, after I went out with friends tonight. The air felt so rich and gentle on my skin, with a ripe moon in the sky, and a gentle chat with a sweet woman. I felt calm, and quite lucky.

There are times when my slaves please me so deeply, that words fail to express! The tormented little grunts, the whimpering coos, and finally the climax, if I'm in the mood to let THAT happen! My slightly disturbing trend of enjoying your torture...

I'm smiling and thinking of my next little piggy, my next little sissy, .. and will that be you...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

$1.99 Nymphet special!!

An excuse for a special, I love it!

'Love of my life, fire of my loins,' aka, has done something wicked! My listings use the word "nymphet" here and there, simply because, I truly enjoy it! It has a nice round sound, and that little T on the end, such a tease!, feeling "nymphet" alluded to sexual relations to a minor? Disabled almost all of my listings, until I remove said word from every corner! And one little world brought the house down!

I've removed this word, and wait somewhat impatiently for Niteflirt to enable my listings. Until then? I'm running a special!!

Starting today 5/19/07, on my extension 01781330 (Fetish / Lingerie and Stockings), I'm charging $1.99 a minute (that's $1 off a minute!). My way of keeping you close! This makes things a little easier, while we wait for the gods of Niteflirt to approve all that is holy!

1-800-TO-FLIRT extension 01781330

The extension above works just fine! I do have plans Saturday afternoon, for a fest with a few lesbian girls in the woods (more on that later perhaps!). Other than this? I'll be all yours my sweets!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Echos from the Lily patch...

I've not been as available as I'd like to be, to my sweet little minions and sissy grrls. I'm getting over a slight cold, which kept me off the phones for a bit. Also, I have this very sweet little grrl named Melissa that has been way too fun to put the phone down... and she's been blazing up my line!

This little grrl has so many fetishes, it's hard to keep track. Smart, kinky, kind, forbidden! Just the kind of pet I like to keep! You should just hear the little grunts and groans when we take the strap on to her sweet little ass...

More later my sweets.... xxx