Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mistress of Dreams

I’m often intrigued by the power of dreams. I’ve awoken many times, after subconscious thoughts have vetted My night time mind movies. Sometimes what kicks up surprises Me.

Last night I dreamt of an actor who’s a little too clean cut for My tastes. Or so I thought. In our dream time, he was a guest at a party at My place. Humble, attentive, listening. Towards the end of the dream, he confessed he’d made Me an exotic dessert which needed to be frozen, and he asked if he could feed it to Me. I smiled, considering the offer.

That, along with a nocturnal interior designer, made My dream quite a trip! Apparently My subconscious mind wants to re-do My living room with thick, heavy wooden furniture, as well.

I’ll spare you the thick wood joke. It’s tempting!

Mistress is looking for a fella to date, and has been checking out dating websites a bit (it’s a secret pleasure). I’ve had more luck meeting men in the vanilla world to date, then converting them… more so than meeting them at a munch (monthly meetings at restaurants, that BDSM folks do, to meet other BDSMers), or a play party. And to be honest, the play parties I’ve been to in the region, or the campouts with hundreds attending…. Well lets just say yes there are many sweet people and I’ve made many friends. And… I’d say 85% of those attending are large, naked, older (55+) marginally attractive, and just not getting my mojo rising. And the pretty one’s are fun to play with, yet usually owned.

Any one of those traits listed above, by themselves, not too big a cross to bear (I’ve had a lover in the past who've been over 55). Although when you notice at a huge campout, “gee, that’s the 10th 300+ pound naked person I’ve seen, who really needs to trim up some parts…” well you get the idea.

Traumatized yet? Hehehe

We all know it's the spark, that unmeasurable something, that connects us both. Finding the perfect fit, or near perfect, takes time and patience. Finding the right Mistress or slave, just the same. Our perverted leanings are so personal, and we just know it works, with the right person. If the spark is strong enough? Many flaws are forgiven. Some kind of magic in spirit and joy...

Let’s see if we fit… and click. I think of you purring, gasping and desperate while I tell you exactly how you’ll touch that c… oh yes, you’re right, let’s save that for our next Niteflirt call! Femdom phone sex, just a click to the right -