Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The purse that knew better!

The following story is a bit wild, and is absolutely true. Promise! It happened just a few weeks back.

A beautiful lesbian couple and I went for a little outdoor dancing at a local shindig. They clued Me into a blues band I’d yet to hear in person, and I’m SO glad they did. I’m reticent to see a band like this – the lead was a young pup, and I notice when it comes to blues, older age and deeper shades of skin, tend to lead to more mature, authentic blues sound.

As it turns out, the band, loud enough to need earplugs, knocked My socks off! And perhaps a few other items!

One of My lesbian friends, I’ll call her Xena –she and I imbibe a few times a year, when we have a minder nearby (designated “watch the drunk girls giggle” minder). Which means, 2-3 times a year we might get intoxicated, and boogie our asses off!

We had this prime seat right next to the stage, and oooh boy the music was loud. We’d had a few local brews, and felt like dancing and flirting. So many hot boys moving their bods, lots of eye candy for the discerning eye. I needed a mint (a good Grrl minds Her breath, hm?) and reached into My dark leather purse for an altoid. When I picked up the purse and dug deeper, I was shocked.

My purse was vibrating. Buzzing like a mother fucker.

I blinked, a little confused, and just didn’t understand. Xena leaned over, seeing My face had changed, asked what was up. “I… My purse… it’s vibrating!!”

“Well, did you leave your cell phone on vibrate?”

“I… don’t own a cell phone! You know that!!” Our eyes got large as saucers, and we both started pawing the purse. It was vibrating, what the…

Suddenly I had an inspiration - “I think, did I? I must have left a vibrator in My purse and bumped into turning on!!!” Our mouths opened wide, and we two Mistress friends started laughing our asses off. For several minutes. Actually more like several songs.

See, we both fully accepted that the answer MUST be something that perverted and simple, right? *giggle*

As it turned out… the answer was more subtle. The band’s music was so loud, My purse, in some odd combination of physics and timing, was amplifying and buzzing with the sound of music blaring off the stage. We tested it, sure enough, it was the music that did it.

And, as it turns out, no cell phones or vibrators were present in my dark purse. Although Xena and I like My drunk girl inspired solution better!!

Joyful kinky memories to share? I’m all over it babydolls! Femdom phone sex with Mistress Lily might bring you that something you ache to complete. Come…