Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spirit, body, dance, trance

Ah... Mistress writes you from a very tired and satisfied body. Tonight I bellydanced with a few grrlfriends, and it was a blast! So many beautiful women of all shapes and sizes. Some dressed in more ethic colors and jewelry, earth tones, silver bells, while others had flashy cabaret style sequins, zils, and sparkly veils. These get togethers, where us grrlfriends dance together, share moves, costumes, music, are so very healing for Me.

After I came home, I felt the need to dance a bit, alone. Lit 4 large white candles, placed them in each of the 4 directions. Said a few Native American and Wiccan prayers. I closed my eyes, and let spirit and soul spring from deep within, and let this force move Me. Eyes closed, trusting My body not to fall, trusting spirit to lead.

Intense spiritual experiences can form while dancing, for hours, whether in drum circles, on stage bellydancing, or deep in a club surrounded by dozens of sweating writhing bodies. Something else... that primal animal within takes front and center.

It's the same force that takes me into places of Domination. Especially when My slaves stretch their neck wide, splay their vulnerable bits open, for the likes of Me to control. The trust you give to Me while we session is a privilege and an honor. I take bits of you with Me from each experience, and am thankful for the ripe flesh you submit to My calm palm with trust.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Who knew Deadwood could bring out the fetishist in us all?

My love affair with the series Deadwood from HBO continues. Each actress/actor in this series is gifted, and spot on with delivery of dialogue from series creator David Milch. The language is almost Shakespearean in delivery and rhythm.

The phrase that struck home with Me this past week, while watching the series yet again (a super slave bought me the entire series on DVD - thanks tommyboy), was what Al Swearengen called a "specialist".

We dirty girls and boys would call the same person a fetishist, at least in modern times. "Yeah. Strange, huh, ... but – something ya gotta know about specialists – they pay a premium, and they never cause fuckin’ trouble. Sometimes I imagine in my declining years runnin’ a small joint in Manchester, England, catering to specialists exclusive. And to let ‘em know they’re amongst their own, maybe I’ll operate from the corner, hanging upside down like a fuckin’ bat, hmm?." Al Swearengen

Personally, I'd rather see Al dressed in petticoats and garter belts, but perhaps that is my own little specialist's mind set! *giggle

Drop me a note of what you'd love to see Al Swearengen wearing while seeing to perverts like us!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dirty c*cksuckers in Deadwood!

It was so very warm today, Mistress decided to stay in her cocoon, nibble on this snack, take a little nap, and watch Deadwood on DVD. Many thanks to the slavelette that bought me the entire series on DVD. The owner of the Gem Saloon in the series, Al Swearingen, is a dirty dark son of a bitch. And the thing is? You can’t take your eyes off him!!

I have the feeling Al is a submissive in disguise. So many subs hide their preference in the ultra macho exterior life, don’t they? The pilots, the CEOs that call, live their lives in high pressure and a life of making decisions for others. And when they crawl to my phone line, and kneel for me patiently… another itch is scratched….

A few times a week, I’ll visit a chat room or two where submissives and Dommes meet for scratch and sniff. Email me and let me know if you’ve a favorite den of debauchery you like to linger in, online.