Friday, January 22, 2010

Drill for Thrill

Well, right about now Mistress is wishing she had a dentist slave, because guess who's teeth have that dull thud going on… I'm getting into a very good dentist early next week, but damn… I'd just love to have a kinky boy I could train, in exchange for x-rays, cleanings, something to fill Me with… *heheh!!

Any dentists in the Pacific Northwest here in the United States, who wish to dentally serve Mistress Lily, and then be punished long and hard in return? Feel free to drop Me a note!

It's Friday, I'll be logged in a good chunk this weekend, although do have plans Saturday night with a slave… gonna blow his mind with a little evening I have planned for him (shh!). Oh – also trained with a Master friend of mine this past week, flogging, caning and the like. We chose a big girl because, easier for target practice. We deliciously tortured this very willing kitten while she jumped, clenched, and PURRED! I'm loving the technique this Master buddy of mine is teaching Me. We Dom/mes can definitely trade tools of the trade!

Maybe you'll be our NEXT stunt bottom, hm? Hehe!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chicago nuts

So guess who came a calling this morning (at 4 a.m. - pardon me while I get out of bed naked to take this call!). BOB (yeah, sure, his name's Bob, that's it) from CHICAGO!!

He'd been up all night drinking, and while he'd drunk nearly half the city's supply of vodka, he was aching for abuse. More pain. Ah the sweet smell of a boy about to be exploited...

Tonight we started with the kitchen spatula, but wait, he'd bought a new one, with a thicker handle! Can't get himself to buy a dildo yet, spatula's work just fine! We got that baby lotioned up and did a good deal of anal exploration.

And then I got a little bored. He's so lame with getting new toys to play with, and a Girl's got to get creative. AH HA! ICE!! I made little man go get a cup full of ice, and we slowly slid several pieces up his bum! Then stirred it up with the spatula! And of course we had to Vick's Vapor Rub his balls. And of COURSE we had to slide a good gob of Vick's inside his urethra ...

I finally felt he was ready for a more advanced CBT technique, and lead him to the bathroom. There, I edged him, let him jack off just enough to make his cock hard, then made him drape his balls over the edge of the porcelain god, and SLAM the round seat HARD on his nuts. He makes the sweetest sounds when he's in excruciating pain :) We did that several times!!

Ah, but the plunger in the bathroom is perfect for strange uses. We suctioned it to the floor, lotioned it up, and made him ride it like a cowgirl! And the toothpaste was right there, no need to waste it! Smeared it all over his balls, just for fun.

I was merciful, and finally let him cum. Although I'll have to tell you, the WAY he came was very embarrassing and humiliating. Ask Me about it on our next call :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ripe mark

We made it through, it's 2010, which kind of blows My mind. Time keeps moving, and we're marching along….

Friday was an interesting little jaunt. I had a very drunk boy, who shall remain nameless to protect his anonymity (cough). I'll call him… bob. Also known as buttf*cking spatula boy! hehe

This Chicago boy, loves to get drunk, and rather belligerent, then call Me. One of those split personality blokes who gets combative, then when you back hand him verbally, cowers right down and bends over, just like any submissive c*nt would! Kind of Jekyll and Hyde. Two for the price of one! hehe

I kept making him drink more and more vodka (which, you should note, is My fave alcohol for forced intox, just so's you know). Took him to the kitchen, shoved a spatula up his bum. Alternated between beating his balls and making him say the most VILE things... God, it was a trip! He had the shittiest phone line, and the line kept dropping. Kept bragging about how he had a free cell phone that he didn't have to pay for… and boy did it show. He called Me close to 20 times, due to the poor quality.

Well that, and his general fucked upness J

He shared dirty secrets. He's been to several prostitutes in the past few months. No one will fuck him by choice, it seems. He's got money, and self loathing. The two make for a ripe mark, hm?

After our several hours of back and forth, I looked at My account, and smiled. Practically purred. He dropped so much cash on My lap, I'll most likely be fucking off the next few days. No need to log in for you, all that much, when I've got a few boys paying My way!

This weekend, there's a BDSM play party I'm going to. I'm going to wear a pair of 5 inch stiletto heels, that a slave bought for Me, some time back. Might find Me a boot whore to suck on My heel. Care to watch? Hehe!