Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tommy gets a shot

Today I'm playing with dick sucker Tommy, and his need to be annihilated... I plan to bleed this boy of 5 digits today. Yum!!! He needs this, much more than I!

Here's a repost from a few blog articles. Enjoy!
Lucrative Obliteration May 18, 2008

Let's write more about Tom. He who craves dick. Tom calls again tonight, with the same deep craving... There must be some special skin in his mouth, that lulls him to the scent of huge thick dick. Kathy is this boi's partner. can you believe they cheated on each other's spouses to fuck around, then got together. Recipe for disaster.

Kathy has this young friend, ripe at 22. Here breasts are fresh, ripe like summer melons. Tom strokes while thinking of her large puffy nips, sliding in and out his mouth. How perpetually fucked up this boi is. Sure, he thinks about this little lady getting plowed by oh so large cock, yet he also wants to hire a service to seduce Kathy. Yes, some man who's charming, sensitive, and of course, huge long and wide!!!

He anticipates watching Kathy, crumble under this man's advances. He feels so powerless to resist, he's such a quivering coward. Even a tape recording would be absolutely enough for Tom to get off. Kathy's a screamer when she's turned on, that's how this chick gets off when hot. It's been a long while since Kathy screamed for Tom. He has trouble getting hard for her. He always has trouble getting hard for a woman, if he gets distracted or nervous.

Hey Kathy! Look at your little man, sucking cock. By the way, it's more like 50 dicks he's sucked fucked or paid, not just 10. He lied to you. He admits it to Me at least. And also? Tommy has no respect for you. Humorless, he says. Realize though, this man has no self worth, therefore can be extra critical of others. He just craves to be spat on, just like Jeff pegged him high school. You know, the scary bully boy, with the henchmen, beating this little weakling into a fine pulp.

This soft boi wants to be financially raped so bad, he creams his jeans thinking about the thousands and thousands he's lost to his own pathetic demise. He's so sweetly abhorrent. Maybe we'll talk this boi into getting me a new set of wheels? I wonder if he's really that bad off that he'd willingly give such a thing (cha ching!!!)...

I'm off for a little food and a workout methinks. Annihilating spineless piggies like this? Gives a girl an appetite for OH so much more!!
Suck suck SUCK!! May 17, 2008

I'm talking to this little fly on the wall named Tommy. This little weak boi - he just loves beautiful dicks. Tonight we're watching Rocco Siffredi's thick cock sucked by a chick named Michele. Tommy CRAVES cock! Rocco has always been a favorite of Mine. THAT wide dick deserves worship! Tommy so needs that flesh down his throat. He pays for the pleasure of being destroyed by Me. Makes me giggle really.

Mistress is feeling so mellow after a bit of Kahlua (don't tell my trainer) and coffee, while running wild all over Tommy's shreds of self esteem. Suck suck SUCK that dick, little man! Suck Suck SUCK all the money dry....

Love getting sweet bags of cash, all at the expense of eradicating Tommy's fat fucking back account! This little pervert gets so fucked up on the phone, he can barely enter his password while paying me triple digit tips! Granted, he was drunk as shit on screw...drivers....

I think My blood sugar needs a little boost, I'm getting MEAN tonight!! *giggle *yay!
Everything for You... April 11, 2008

Today while I was climbing yet another interval on My stairclimber at the gym, I was thinking of a strange boy who called Me last weekend named Tommy. He's a nervous sort, a bit introverted, yet keenly aware of his desires. He really, truly, wants to see beloved partner... plowed GOOD and HARD by a big dicked stud boy!

I was fascinated by how focused he was. This boy is obscessed with huge meaty cocks! We browsed many a website watching thick large pricked boys going at it, getting sucked, fucked, finally spurting their jism every which way. Tommy loves the cum shots. Just loves seeing all that semen spurt over flesh...

But wait... there's more...

Not only did he focus so very much on these thick dicked men, swelling huge and strong, but he wanted to be nurtured by an older woman. Having his hair stroked, being a good boy for his warm sweet Mistress. Tommy was willing to do anything to satisfy Her, even be Her fluffer, get the lover boys ready for action, or clean up the remnants of their hot swollen sex...

Tommy needs one other thing - to keep clicking the button. You know, THAT button. The one that gives Me triple digit tips. Clicking that button again and again while he stroked his own naughty bits and pampered his yearning....

We nursed his dirty secrets for a good long spell, slithering around the dark crevices of his mind. His nervous little voice, describing what he longed for so deeply. I can still hear him sharing these cravings he bears.....

It's boys like this that make Mistress happy. I do so love seeing you on your knees and pliant, ready for anything I may request!