Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve with Mistress Lily

I've decided to log in tonight and take calls on this festive occasion... I'm sure there'll be enough drunk boys to play a little forced intoxication! I'll be warm and snug, while we share so many little things! Look for me online starting at the latest, by 8:00 pm PST tonight! kisses

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Needle in a -

We've all done it.

Had some kind of tool, some implement, that we needed. Something we need maybe once or twice a year. And the very next time you go to use it... you'll need to rip your house apart to actually find the little bugger.

Today, it was... my stapler!!!!

#*&$@#% I must have 3-4 staplers in this house, and presently I believe they've gone off to a stapler convention, and must be enjoying mai tai's somewhere. Because I'll be damned if I can find one in this house!!

Times like this I need a sissy or subby on their knees, with their pale little bottoms ass up!!! I would be making one very special ass red, with some nice hard open palmed spanks, lemme tell ya. Grrrr...

Then I'd make the little bitch go buy me another one! *giggle

Carry on sweeties, looking forward to more of you -

Ms Thing

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ho ho, ho's!

Ah, the air is cold, the month is late, and yes, Christmas is creeping to it's occasion. I just finished wrapping up a few packages to be mailed. Alas, they'll be late for Christmas, but just in time for New Years!

I hope each of you is safe, loved, and staying warm. This weather does make a Mistress long to stay indoors, and let little sissy maid bring the hot toddies!

Hug those you love, and be thankful!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

They say it's your birthday!

I'll be less available this weekend, Friday Dec. 14 - Sunday Dec. 16, due to it being my birthday! I may be popping up here and there, so catch me if you can!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Defiling the flower

Hello sublets, slaves and other little randies, today was a good day in Mistress land. Every few weeks I get a massage, and this morning I was feeling so soothed by her touch. I need to teach a few slaves the art of sensual massage, as I'd rather like one of these every day!

Did a bit of Christmas shopping around town, relatives and friends to think about. Wrapping and delivering such items can be such a chore. I'll have to scare up a sissy maid to come by, feather duster and all, and put her delicate fingers to work on my sundry items. Love surprising these "grrls" while they do their little tasks. There's a reason this Mistress likes her sissy maids in short outfits with plenty of petticoats. They feel so frilly while being defiled...

I'm logged in tonight, and ready to play. Are you?

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Great Flood

As some of you out there know, I'm in the Pacific Northwest in the U.S., and boy has it been storming! Flooding and snow, makes a Mistress want to stay indoors and torment her phone sluts like you! If the power holds!

Brian came a calling this week, craving the scratch of tease and denial. We spent a few hours sharing this and that, while he stroked his member, yes you know the one! He's waiting to climax until he's with me next, that is, if I let him! Best get a coin out of the purse, heads or tails for him? I love making my little ones wait!

For the sissy contingent, may I recommend a recent find - "The House of Elliot" - a BBC series which aired in early 1990s, focusing on the lives of two sisters running a couture house in the 1920s (Thank Goddess for DVDs). Stunning couture, jewelry, and amazing cast. The luxurious fabrics, I dare say I've been breathless a few times. Great acting, and the clothing would look oh so fine on any of my sissy "grrls"! I've been considering the flapper hairstyle for my next haircut!

Kisses and ass slaps!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


What inspires my pets to their different diversions, seems a mixed and sundry lot.

Take for example the Irish bloke who's dabbling in financial domination this past week. He called all a twitter, experimenting with the "raise the rate" game. You've heard of this twist on financial domination? Call your Niteflirt babe of choice at her basic rate, then be seduced while your goddess increases the rate higher, and higher... when all was said and done, this particular Irish boy was paying $10/minute, just for the pleasure!

There's also the forced intoxication line of perversion, where boys call me to be told what, and how much, to imbibe. I've spent hours this past week with a little one named "Katie", who just LOVES taking in so very many things... *ahem!!

And some simply call for fascinating conversation about very many things, without the sexual component. I have a faithful boy along this line, who brings a smile to my face, my jester sweety. Another reason I very much love my work!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Girl on the run!

It's late on a Saturday night, and I've spent the day sessioning with a "grrl" driving cross country on a long road trip. I'm amazed at how dirty this little one gets even while driving a car, seems like she was born to be a pretty little pervert!

She's one of those girls who just craves c*ck, and lots of it! You know what THAT can be like don't you? We get into such elaborate places when we start sharing fantasies... her being the schoolgirl being spanked by the Head (ahem) Mistress at a catholic school, then sent to detention where the priests do such awful things to her. Of course she was 18 in this fantasy, completely of age...

Some girls just crave being defiled and used for sex toys. Give them their candy and they'll go like little rabbits! My goal with this one is to focus on s t r e t ch i n g parts of her body to accomodate ANYTHING I give her!!

When I choose a training program for my sweet little slaves, much depends on what they need. Some need a gentler touch, and some, like the above mentioned sissygirl, need over the top, firm, almost brutal use and abuse, sliding more and more into her private little holes! We can take this little trip anywhere we like, my sweet.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Veterans of many things...

This weekend has started off with a BANG! Three of my clients kept me on the phone 10 of the past 24 hours! :) "Melissa" spent all Friday morning with me, 5 hours, while we got her GOOD and f*cked up. She's is such a cum whore! You should hear how she coos when I say "Good girl!" after she does the tasks I assign! She'll be getting a little prezzie from me.

Heard from a dear Jacob tonight. Love hearing from him, because he's a funny smart boy, but he also talks for hours, and tips big. This morning, $750 big. I just love it when clients use those two big blue tip buttons from my Niteflirt webpage! I eventually let him cum, although getting there was a wonderfully treacherous journey :) We had to put that boy's ass on ice. He deserved it!

Lastly little Stevie, from deep mountain country, called with his tail tween his legs. You see, his assignments were to abstain from cumming, and several other tasks. Of his 4 assignment tasks, he only accomplished 1. I was a dissapointed Mistress. We talked through it a bit, and I punished him good and well during our several hour session this morning! He's going to try to keep himself from cumming this week, we'll see if he makes it! He's a very sweet little morsel of pathetic loser-dome. Like a beautiful little mess, that one!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Davids guilt and panties!

November's brought a little chill in the air. Had a BLAST on Halloween, taking some of my sibling's kids out for the holiday. Alot of creative outfits. Was hoping to see a few more grown men dressed up like grown girls but, alas, no such luck!

I've tried a new merlot this evening, a rather low end trashy one that a friend recommended. Don't tell anyone, but I rather like it! *giggle

A few new boys in the stable this week. One ponderous boy was David, a rather cerebral boy in his late 40s. Loved chatting with him, and his nervousness, I could feel that inner tension working through him. His girlfriend didn't know he was calling me. His girlfriend doesn't know the money he blows while satisfying his little dick's urges. The guilt amplifies the rush doesn't it?

He wrote me afterwards all remorseful for spending $300 for an orgasm (which is a bit of a bargain for me!! hee hee)... and we had to get him in line fast. Boys who whine about my expense get drop kicked and blocked... luckily David re aligned his tune, and clarified it was his GUILT that got him off... and please Mistress, do it to me MORE...

I love keeping boys like him in line. All they need is the right stern hand, and their proper position for a smack on the ass... and yes, we're on our way!!

Jester was back tonight in full force, but unfortunately his cable phone line wasn't cooperating. He makes me smile so wide that one! Need to fix up that phone line, you've a Mistress to attend to!!

Sleep tight, kisses and ass slaps!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boo! Screaming sissies!

October is barely a breath away from ending, and there's a chill in the air. All the spooky sissies will be out, tour de force, this evening!! Slither up those panties and say ahhhh!

I've had some lovely little morsels this past week, to help me pass the time. Little Jeff, all 6'7" of him, is a married boy with a secret life... He's a flaming sissy girl who just LOVES wearing seductive girly panties! He wins the WIDEST GAP AWARD (ahem) in regards to his vanilla voice and sissy voice. As soon as toys start hiding in crevices? We've got a soprano squeal doing a convincing car alarm! Hold on tight when THIS little chickita starts rocking!! In the vanilla world this big boy growls a Barry White voice.

Just goes to show - you never REALLY know who's hiding under the cover. Although I must say, I can sniff out sissies with the best of bloodhounds!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lily, creature... of the night!

Spooky little boys and girls, dressed up in naughty little clothes for Halloween. You know the thing about Hallows Eve? It just gives permission for chicks to dress up like whores. We all know it!!

Even the girls with junk in their trunk! hehe. I know you're out there little sissies boys, just waiting for the one day a year, you get to dress up like a woman, when no one will blink an eye, to watch you strut in fishnet stockings!

Had a few high maintenance slaves this week, although they were so enjoyable, it hardly seemed like work! Sam I am gave me a call Friday morning, and boy did we talk and talk! He even bought me a porn membership to a site, so we could watch XXX rated videos while he, well, you get the picture. I prefer diamonds and nice shoes, but hey, this is a start! hehe

Jester boy spent a few good hours with me, contemplating his navel, and mine, I think! Love the smart ones....

I could seriously use a hot bath right about now. Toodles!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fried day!

In more ways than one, I suppose :)

I just purchased an at home tanning lamp for the face, and did a little 5 minute sit in front of it, ipod and eye protection in place. While not much to be seen, darkening this flesh of mine, we'll wait a day or two for the verdict!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the weather has been extremely dreary, which does put a dent into my biking and jogging excursions. Who knew Mistress might need to invest more in her rain gear? haha

Recent events - Sam the man kept me on the phone for 5 hours last night. Marathon man! And he finally did something, he had dared never do with me, for the first time! I'll let that be between he and I! *giggle

Next week visiting a new hair stylist, a rather posh one, to update my look! If I'm satisfied with it, might update the pics!

I'm very much in the mood to bend a boy over tonight. Let's see if it's you!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bright lights, brash bartenders....

One of my recent acquisitions has been making me smile, more often than naught. The boy from Vegas, I'll call him Brian, has been calling me every now and then. We chat about so very many things, although one hard kernel, beneath the many layers of his complexity, is his quiet curiosity about the sucking of c*ck. We've yet to indulge this particular itch, yet I'm sure we'll deflower him thusly :)

He's a smart funny man, full of observations, and so very easy to converse with. A cherished addition to the stable!

Sam, Sam, the Californian man, has made his presence known this past month. His passion is the automobile, well that and his new 24" LCD flat screen monitor! He'll tell you so very many things about mechanics, markets, he's a smart one too, although a bit younger in age.

Both of these new ones prove the flexibility of submission, in that neither is a traditional slave or submissive, yet we find many secrets and lifetimes to share. And a Mistress gets bored with only bend over boys... this girl needs a court jester on occasion!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Velvetine Vaginas

I was watching a special on Eve Ensler this morning. She's a woman who I admire, author of the play "The Vagina Monologues". And if you've never seen the play, consider it homework, slave boys and sublets!

I've seen it annually for 4 years, and actually was IN the play 1 year. I'd gone through a tough little romance, and needed the healing that I knew this play could deliver. And boy did it!

It's a play of women talking about their punanis in every way, the shape, the orgasm, rape, love, childbirth, the smoothness of the c*nt, everything! I'd get aroused during rehearsals, and brought to tears as well. I remember being surrounded by 20 women on stage, over 1,000 people in the audience, while all of us moaned and grunted, had our own little mock orgasms right in front of everyone! OOOhh, yeah, you KNOW it was good!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

$1.99 a minute, for just a moment in time!

Felt like stirring up the pot a little, and decided to treat you with a little special! $1 less a minute, for a short little time...

Listing is "Depraved, and so sweetly delicious!"
1-800-TO-FLIRT extension 01781315

Aren't you lucky!

EDITED TO ADD: Specials come and gone my pets! Keep your eyes peeled for the next chance!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Moan day, and a whore named Jimmy!

Had a blast this weekend with a new girl on the block named Jimmy. He's one of those big business boys during the work week, married, conservative wife and such, but you just WAIT til he's got some free time!

This little one likes to be caught, PEEPING on Mistress, and punished by being forced to model whorish lingerie, in front of a gaggle of women, all laughing and cheering him on! Although after the fashion show is finished, we've more sinister thoughts to play out...

I brought the biggest "lazy susan" I could (kitchen spinning platform), put it on the basement floor, and Jimmy, whored up and all, was forced to bend over and take it, both ends at once!!! We'd spin him to the next, and the next, everyone got their chance at both of his little wet holes!

Traded off his punishment with my girlfriend Sassa, and we debauched that boy good! He was purring afterwards, seemed so deeply happy indeed. I was MADE to inflict this kind of thing on twisted little ones like Jimmy!

Fall is here luvs, keep it warm, and sweetly perverted! xx

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hump day hoodlums

Wednesday arrives, and I'm getting my day together. The air is getting chilly out there, so unfair when a girl wants to lay in her back yard and work on her tan.... *sob*

Interval training this afternoon, and then maybe a jaunt out. I have a friend who's been trying to get me to Karaoke for weeks now, I'm thinking of surprising her with a drop in at her local haunt. Some of the boys and girls who sing there are... well quite expressive in the least. Don't we all need to hear "The Rose" sung off key, at least annually? hahah

I've been trying to tone things up lately, as I feel like such a beast when I'm firm! Makes me feel like a panther, some kind of wild animal, when I get done with a good run, or an intense workout.

Maybe next time I do step aerobics, I'll use YOU as my step? hahah!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Morsels to play with...

It is so Friday, and I'm ready for it let me tell you! I've been taking it very easy this week, talking to a few choice little men on the phone.

Zack has been a new source of sweetness for me. He's a raspy voiced boy who can switch languages mid sentence, and speaks with fluency and intellect. Lily likes smart boys! On top of this, Zack makes quite a bit of coin at his chosen line of work, and has the kinkiest little mind. Think... many d*cks, many women, and perhaps a strap on or two... His subtlety and nuance are of particular pleasure, and he stimulates my mind, while perhaps he stimulates other things! *giggle

The school year's started, and everyone's back from vacation! It's been a busy time for this particular Mistress. Be patient if I can't get you in quick, and those Call Back buttons are very good tools. I love having you boys lined up out the door, anticipating their dish of cruel sweetness...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Astronomers declare Slut Jack a new BLACK HOLE!

Associated Pressed (California) - Researchers have stumbled upon an entity of black matter existing in Pennsylvania. Nicknaming this dark matter location "C*m Slut Jack", scientists from the Academy of Ingenio Niteflirts, Mistress Ripe Lily, and colleague Mistress Naughty Eve, have declared this apparent vortex to be able to sustain extreme stretching.

Experiments conducted this Labor Day, September 3rd, 2007, found that entire water bottles could enter this amazing backside vortex. Were it not for the attached bungee cords, the plastic containers might have disappeared up the Black Hole sphincter, for all eternity! Also introduced to the testing zone were shampoo bottles, and beyond all belief, 3 bananas at one time.

Of note, was a geographic anomaly within the region, which has been temporarily titled "Big Toe Peak", a ridged and shriveled syncline mound, that appears to have flopped over, due to lack of solid mass. There did seem to be a trickling stream, however no waterfall or forceful fluid activity occurred during the lengthy study.

Research is still being conducted on this entity, however the scientists considered possible geothermal eruptions, "Doubtful, if not slightly pitiful."

Monday, August 27, 2007

Aww, there goes summer!

I'm just realizing that summer is nearly done for! Another week and September arrives, and seems there so much sunbathing to do and hikes to get in. We have a beautiful world out there....

Was sunbathing this weekend, got a little rouge and brown to the skin. Makes me smile. There's something awfully erotic about tan lines. It's like the body mocks you, "If I was wearing clothing right now, you'd never see these nips and puss..." The creamy skin surrounding it, then the gradual line to the darker, more sultry skin outside bikini layers...

I'm considering hiring a personal trainer. I want to get a bit more cut, more lean. I'll never ever lose my curves, yet sometimes I do crave for a nice tone in the bicep, maybe the hint of a 6 pack. I'll stay soft and womanly I promise!

Thinking of taking a nap just now. Pitty no slave is hear to rub my sweet feet into slumber....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

She's molded the perfect man!

I've been getting aquainted with a particular sweetheart, Brian, this past week. He's one lucky son of a bitch, let me tell you! His lover and partner in crime of 10 years, was so intuitive about where to take that boy of hers. She started out slowly, teasing him along. "Have you ever wanted to suck a c*ck?" She sounds like a liberated woman, who enjoys who she wants, when she wants! And that is just a small little portion...

Brian's called me a few times this past week, sharing how he became the perfect cuckold. In the beginning, his lover told him about her exploits, the many c*cks she's fuck, who she'd pick up. Brian's excitement was so easy to see... she's figured out who this boy was!

And now? He's told who to suck, when to suck, and eventually bent over, taking it with humility and I dare say, a twinge or two of pleasure. Any man in their circle, who crosses their threshold? Will not be denied! If his partner isn't there? Then it's Brian's job to finish them off! The perfect clean up crew, his lips and tongue. Especially when the load he's cleaning, isn't is his own....

Subby Sean came by for a visit too, with a friend of mine, Miss Naughty Eve. Seems SubSean is quite the slut, especially when he get's good and fucked up! All the makeup, the stockings and lace, and before you know it, we've got a CBT cross dressing lush who will slam their balls in the drawer of any hotel dresser! We whipped out a pile of clothing pins, and made his little flower crescendo in an agonizing climax! Love that slut's webcam entertainment....

Sleep pretty!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Drunks, and their very deep pockets!

I'm still giggling over this last one!

A very drunk boy called me tonight. Well actually a few of them! However THIS particular Californian was the highlight of my evening...

Tequila sunrise was his drink. We got him good and loaded! Nearly 5 hours of talk time, this boy drank through. And a good hour or two of it? He was completely passed out! Snoring on occasion!

He'd wake up in between his states of stupor, and I'd get him to drink a little more. Or add more to his account! He's a smart boy, with a few advanced degrees, and I COMPLETELY enjoyed sucking that account of his completely dry!!

What can I say, this chick's time is spendy, babycakes! Thank you for the treat my love! I actually caught up on a bit of reading in between the rhythmic snoring of the last few hours! *giggle

Sunday, July 29, 2007

New photo sets, a one listing special!


I've been trying to get these sets up for the longest time! I just added 3 new picture sets, just for those lusty boys and sissies out there who want a look!

To celebrate, I'm going to lower the price on just one of my listings:


"Got MILF?" extension 01781301 - 60 cents less a minute!

This special will last until I'm bored with it!! Also, in another month or so, expect another 3 sets of photos for your viewing pleasure. I have to admit, my Niteflirt pages are becoming a bit button heavy, and I expect soon enough I'll be changing the look and feel. For right now though, it does the job, and you've got more of me to drink into those eyes....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Persistence of Memory

This week brought a new client that proved intriguing for Mistress. A boy named Joe called, breathless and whispering. His girlfriend was in the house, and he so desperately wanted to get his jollies. He was barely intelligible, due to his limited situation, however I did glean this much from him...

He loved sniffing panties. Oh how he loved the texture of them pressed against his moist tongue, the feel of the fabric, the remnants left behind from the previous moist Mistress. As I dug deeper into his psyche, the source was revealed. A previous lover, whom he'd serviced at work, had stuffed that boy's mouth full of her discarded sundries! Oh it made this little man quiver!

Begging to c*m, so sincerely, I of course had to hang up on him, and increase my rate. 5 times! *giggle. Well that was Saturday anyway. Sunday I only did it 4 times. He was up to nearly $9 a minute, and I still didn't let him c*m!!! By the time I did let him, 2 days later, let's say Mistress had a bit more $$$ to play with!

It's dear ones like this, that make this job an art form, and a pure joy for me.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pampered little Mistress....

Was a warm day today, went out in a simple summer dress to run a few errands. Took the long drive to pick up my Amazon wishlist gifts from that undisclosed location...

I was not dissapointed! So many gifts, where to begin. The lipstick and liner set, the Amy Winehouse CD, and the Susan Seddon Boulet card set, all very nice! I love Susan Seddon Boulet, and her Shamanic paintings are so very beautiful.

(photo of me with 80's hair, can you say fuzzy?)

But wait, there's more! A few pounds of Cafe Latte Jelly Belly beans, which were being nibbled on during the trek back home - *damn* they're yummy! Also, a Revlon trimmer for my delicates arrived, complete with templates for my naughty bits. Triangle or Brazillian today? *giggle! It's charging even as we speak....

The biggest box of all held the DVD/VHS player, which I'll be putting to good use! My bedroom VHS broke and a girl needs to have her options. I did after all just buy a few adult videos... decided to go with classic porn, Christy Canyon, John Holmes. Can't *wait* to get a look! I've been using my Sonicare toothbrush too this past week. That thing is *amazing*! And very versatile, it does vibrate after all! *blush

I'm drinking a little coffee before logging in, perhaps the next person I chat with, will be you!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Summer time, and you're keeping me busy!

It's starting to heat up right about now, 4th of July just around the corner. My slaves are keeping me busy!

My Iraqi boy called this weekend, and we spent hours shopping for lingerie... It felt so dangerous and intriguing chatting with him live from Iraq, while he pranced around in little red panties and did very dirty things on cam for me!

Also, "Jacob" treated me to one of my very longest continious sessions on the phone! 6 hours! I kept him from c*mming the whole time, although I do suspect his intoxication helped on that line! For ever 30 minutes he didn't cum, I made him pay me yet another $100... It was a 4 digit session for Mistress!!

Shout out to my little wishlist whore SissyMissyMaid, who's been sending me such wonderful gifts. Just picked up my italian wood handled hairbrush yesterday... and we KNOW who's little cherry ass will be getting a sound beating with that! The coffee pods in 4 flavors, and the soft little pillow, wonderful! SissyMissy has a kind heart, however can be a high maintenance little grrl, and we need to keep her in line. After all, the task of wardrobe and shopping maid takes stern training and servitude of the highest degree...

Mistress is hungry, must get a bit of food! Kisses and ass slaps xxx

Monday, June 25, 2007

Drunks and dollars!

This past week has been just wonderful for Mistress! A regular client spent 3 hours with me, getting extremely drunk, and decided to treat me so very special. At least I think that is why he tipped me $700! Here's a shout out to "Jacob", and a blessing for his new job...

The Mystery Shopper has been discovered! My fairy is ... missysissymaid! Billy's been so very generous these past few weeks. I'm really looking forward to get my new coffee maker, and the sweet little wooden brush, with the pinkish hue. You know EXACTLY what we'll be using that for, don't you!! And the face lotion you bought, it's my very favorite. I haven't forgotten our little text session last night... you submit so very sweetly!

Went to a birthday party in the woods with a few mutual friends this weekend - all women (see a witness above)! Of course, we usually end up naked in the hottub! We had a fire going, singing and guitars, chocolate... My new Canon camera is just wonderful - took many so many photos. And here, I'd gotten all dressed up, and forgot to ask anyone to take MY photo! Drat, next time... I was looking so hot. Had this deep brown little number on, with an asymetrical skirt, acetate lycra fabric, hung so slinky on my sweet little ass...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Mystery shopper?

I've had some very faithful pets taking care of me this past week. I've gotten a handful of little treats recently - an office chair, exercise video, makeup, lovely long mosquito net for my bed.... although no one is claiming responsibility!

I have the original names on the receipts... although I kind of like the mystery aspect of it all. Thank you very much my little secret santas out there!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The sweetest little asslicker...

Lily LOVES to be showered in beautiful gifts from her sweet little slaves. How does one go about doing this?

Take a lead from Punishme, a slave who just loves to give mistress what she deserves! This week he showered me with $1200 in gifts!!

My personal favorites from his little shopping trip on my Amazon Wishlist? These beautiful lavendar pearl earrings with diamonds, they were over $300! And the Canon digital camera was easily $340...

You boys could learn a few things from this assman's worship!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Here comes summer...

I was contemplating the arrival of summer this evening, after I went out with friends tonight. The air felt so rich and gentle on my skin, with a ripe moon in the sky, and a gentle chat with a sweet woman. I felt calm, and quite lucky.

There are times when my slaves please me so deeply, that words fail to express! The tormented little grunts, the whimpering coos, and finally the climax, if I'm in the mood to let THAT happen! My slightly disturbing trend of enjoying your torture...

I'm smiling and thinking of my next little piggy, my next little sissy, .. and will that be you...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

$1.99 Nymphet special!!

An excuse for a special, I love it!

'Love of my life, fire of my loins,' aka, has done something wicked! My listings use the word "nymphet" here and there, simply because, I truly enjoy it! It has a nice round sound, and that little T on the end, such a tease!, feeling "nymphet" alluded to sexual relations to a minor? Disabled almost all of my listings, until I remove said word from every corner! And one little world brought the house down!

I've removed this word, and wait somewhat impatiently for Niteflirt to enable my listings. Until then? I'm running a special!!

Starting today 5/19/07, on my extension 01781330 (Fetish / Lingerie and Stockings), I'm charging $1.99 a minute (that's $1 off a minute!). My way of keeping you close! This makes things a little easier, while we wait for the gods of Niteflirt to approve all that is holy!

1-800-TO-FLIRT extension 01781330

The extension above works just fine! I do have plans Saturday afternoon, for a fest with a few lesbian girls in the woods (more on that later perhaps!). Other than this? I'll be all yours my sweets!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Echos from the Lily patch...

I've not been as available as I'd like to be, to my sweet little minions and sissy grrls. I'm getting over a slight cold, which kept me off the phones for a bit. Also, I have this very sweet little grrl named Melissa that has been way too fun to put the phone down... and she's been blazing up my line!

This little grrl has so many fetishes, it's hard to keep track. Smart, kinky, kind, forbidden! Just the kind of pet I like to keep! You should just hear the little grunts and groans when we take the strap on to her sweet little ass...

More later my sweets.... xxx

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Arielle arrives...

I was delighted to get a ring from a little boy working overseas today. Steve is his "vanilla world" name, and we've just been trying on "sissy girl faggot" names!! Arielle seems to be sticking...

The bunniest grrl in all of the south! When he's in the states, he craves the catwalk, down into the seamier sites of downtown. We're going to get this little sissy dressed for success, before we take her out and make her the Bukkake queen of the south! Open up and say AAAH! girl!

Bring me your weak, your wealthy, your sluttiest whores, and this Statue of Liberty will pimp you out and slut you up sistah! Sleep pretty! xx

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Let's begins our chapter..

Thank you so kindly, my sweet minions and slavelets, for coming to this secret garden of mine. Be patient with me, blogging is a whole new world, and you'll watch and learn as my skills catch up with technology! I'm very glad you're curious about me!

Ms. Lily