Sunday, August 29, 2010

Draping Twilight

Sunday night, and twilight approaches.

Ah bless. I'm resentful of the whole "Twilight" franchise, their pubescent vampires running to and fro… They've stolen a word like twilight from Me, and made into something else. Now when you utter the word, visions of pale model types and metaphorical Freudian angst… sally forth.

I've been pondering My per minute rate, and decided to go generous tonight. $1.99 on My top 10 listings! Well, except for financial domination, of course. No point in going low on that, eh?

I'm exploring My complex crush on Don Draper this evening. He's such an attractive, gifted mess. Ah, bless.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mama's got a brand new bag... or BOX

Mistress has been a busy bee! Been buying a few things with Amazon gift certificates (thanks boys!). Love using your cash for My benefit!

OH ANNOUNCEMENT –My new P.O. box is set up, so I can receive prezzies from you again! All you need to do is purchase the Wishlist items, and they'll be in My warm little hands swiftly. My apologies to the boys who sent gifts during the transition. The quaint little place I used to get My gifts sent to, closed their doors. I've been meaning to get another service set up. And NOW IT IS! Bring it ON!! There's bras, panties, and other little things just ACHING to be next to Me… check the wishlist!

It's fucking HOT on the West coast babydolls! Still 80 degrees F out, at MIDNIGHT! Obscene… Gonna be a good weekend to stay inside with the air conditioning amped, walking around naked. Haha!

I'm meeting up with out of town friends this weekend. We might be hitting a casino. Love thinking about the days when gambling meant dressing up in too tight black dresses, shiny sparkly things. Long cigarettes and mystery… well, all except the scent of cig smoke, that is! Love the visual on cig smoke, although the scent I can do without.

The smell of your fear and arousal? Ooooh YES, more of this….