Friday, December 10, 2010

Beast in a cave, sleeping

This morning in the wee hours, the power went out in My fair city. At least the chunk I reside in. Was eerie, and quiet for a few moments. The only light in the place was coming from My laptop screen. I did due diligence, called the power folks, then waited.

We forget what we depend on, until these things disappear. I gathered up keys after a few moments, locked the house up, and went for a drive in the dark rain. Half the city was murky and dim, occasional headlights streaming down wet pavement. The strange halting drivers at the dead stoplights, taking our turns with right of way. Odd to feel the blanket of these streets dark, and slumbering. Like a beast in a cave, sleeping.

After restless driving, seeking the boundaries of the murk, I made My way home, crawled in to bed, and waited for electricity, or sleep to catch Me.

As of yet, still the former.

Bring Me your own dark mystery, dear reader, let it mingle with My own…