Saturday, September 19, 2009

Niteflirt in transition?!? How to get MsLily on phone!!!

As you have noticed, faithful slaves, Niteflirt servers have been in transition for a week now. They have a Niteflirt link that can get you through to Me! Same service, slightly different address:


Niteflirt assures us they are working hard to fix the main systems, and I'm really glad to be able to take calls this way, while they are transitioning.

I'm still running My $1.99 special to help slavelettes! BRING IT ON~~!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cuckoldry in black and white

I recently watched the movie Gilda, released in 1946, starring Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford. Drama at it's best, and strangely subverted sexual tension between almost every other character. I was quite impressed. Rita's character blatantly cuckolds not only Ford's character as the casino boss' right hand man, while offering the same emotional payoff for her casino owning husband. Cucky special - two for one!

I drew the movie in, and kept thinking, "Sooo many cuckold slaves out there would EAT this shit UP!!" hehe! One thing I did crave, was a little more emotionally contained nature in Ms. Gilda and more control, although I suppose that was the whole point. Her lack of control, right in their face, took us to the next development, and the next.

For every man craving to have the love of his life fuck him over, publicly and with glee? Give this classic a chance.

One subtext though – Gilda's character is living in a more sexist time (1940's) where, even as a grifter, she's dependent on men financially, using their sexual exploitation as a currency of control. Women used such things, when their options were fewer.

Thankfully, today, We chicks get the chance to use more options. Feel free to give Mistress a call. I'll exploit you sexually, and use your currency for... any damn thing I like...