Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Out of Tune Dark

Hello sweet minions! Is Christmas bringing you warmth, and the wickedness you crave? If not, we might have to bring you a treat for your stockings…

I had an adventure this past week that was slightly juicy, yet left an aftertaste. Met up with a few friends at a nearby tiny town. We mingled in a bar with brick wall charm, and a few friendly albeit drunk ones, fumbling over themselves. The bar was full of rednecks, young bucks barely 21, and plenty of booze. Mistress rarely drinks (orange juice was My only cocktail), and has 20 years on these young ones, thus the sideshow quality on display was curious indeed. I was grateful for the acceptance and quick familiarity that spirits provide (in others), yet felt introverted and ponderous.

Being drunk in public has never appealed to Me – why be out of control in full view? Mating rituals stripped down to the fundamentals. Young men on cougar hunts, lined Me up in their sights, demanding time and attention of a Woman, who gave very clear signals She’s uninterested. I’m reminded of some men’s ability to deny their actual level of appeal, and confidently stride forth with gender privilege, and the heavy ether of denial. Yes, and the overwhelming scent that only alcohol and bad breath can conjure…

These boys do give fuel to My fire. There are times when the sweet nectar of your submission is blood price for male gender’s crimes against the feminine. As long as we consent, and don’t leave permanent marks, all is well…

There was much singing, mostly off key, and a few familiar tunes with dancing here and there. The very best part was the company of My two friends, all of us being 40 or better, catching up and watching the show surrounding us. Mistress realizes now, I must always carry earplugs in My purse. Karaoke music gets loud, proud and way off key. As I climbed into My car for the ride home, I cued up ambient music and washed away the overloud rhythms.

Today Mistress will be available many hours. I’d love to mingle you into these times… Come little pet, out of your darkness. I have a task for you…

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mistress on the move

What shakes in Mistress Lily land… the main thing on the horizon is a change of venue. Mistress has been living in this neck of the woods for 10+ years, and I’m ready for a change of scenery. Mostly… while I love my sweet home and the big backyard, with wild birds and beautiful trees, My neighbors have transitioned from owners, to renters.

Great and lovely neighbors the whole neighborhood through, except… on either side of Me, rental homes. And this means? 4-5 college students living in a space tailored for 2-3 people… cars coming and going, 19-20 year old young men and women.

We remember what that was like, don’t we? Fresh adults, new bodies, and innovative activities, sex, drinking and Goddess knows what else… Our filters change as we become adults. And while I get kinky and perverted in My private time, I’m a very considerate neighbor. A good ball gag can be an excellent muffler! hehe

I… must… leave. I’ve wanted to move for a year or more now. I’m a good girl scout too – I plan such things over time. Checklists, timing. My ideal place would be about 5 minutes out of a larger city, just on the outskirts of town. A basement, or a large garage, I can convert to a dungeon. A bit of distance between Me and the neighbors, in case I invite a slave over to give him fresh hell, while he coos and moans in ecstasy.

Hard wood floors, so when I’ve got high heels on, you’ll hear the clicking. I love that inevitable sound, walking up behind a boy who’s kneeling and naked, the anticipation.

And the big big thing? (dirty boy) No shared walls with anyone. Quiet, space, and a beautiful freedom to cocoon contently while My eyes are closed, and I’m drawing you down the phone line, seducing and exploiting.

Bring this up during our conversation, perhaps you’ll find your place in expediting My transition, and earn a special place in My heart, or at least on the end of My... flogger! *giggle*

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The purse that knew better!

The following story is a bit wild, and is absolutely true. Promise! It happened just a few weeks back.

A beautiful lesbian couple and I went for a little outdoor dancing at a local shindig. They clued Me into a blues band I’d yet to hear in person, and I’m SO glad they did. I’m reticent to see a band like this – the lead was a young pup, and I notice when it comes to blues, older age and deeper shades of skin, tend to lead to more mature, authentic blues sound.

As it turns out, the band, loud enough to need earplugs, knocked My socks off! And perhaps a few other items!

One of My lesbian friends, I’ll call her Xena –she and I imbibe a few times a year, when we have a minder nearby (designated “watch the drunk girls giggle” minder). Which means, 2-3 times a year we might get intoxicated, and boogie our asses off!

We had this prime seat right next to the stage, and oooh boy the music was loud. We’d had a few local brews, and felt like dancing and flirting. So many hot boys moving their bods, lots of eye candy for the discerning eye. I needed a mint (a good Grrl minds Her breath, hm?) and reached into My dark leather purse for an altoid. When I picked up the purse and dug deeper, I was shocked.

My purse was vibrating. Buzzing like a mother fucker.

I blinked, a little confused, and just didn’t understand. Xena leaned over, seeing My face had changed, asked what was up. “I… My purse… it’s vibrating!!”

“Well, did you leave your cell phone on vibrate?”

“I… don’t own a cell phone! You know that!!” Our eyes got large as saucers, and we both started pawing the purse. It was vibrating, what the…

Suddenly I had an inspiration - “I think, did I? I must have left a vibrator in My purse and bumped into turning on!!!” Our mouths opened wide, and we two Mistress friends started laughing our asses off. For several minutes. Actually more like several songs.

See, we both fully accepted that the answer MUST be something that perverted and simple, right? *giggle*

As it turned out… the answer was more subtle. The band’s music was so loud, My purse, in some odd combination of physics and timing, was amplifying and buzzing with the sound of music blaring off the stage. We tested it, sure enough, it was the music that did it.

And, as it turns out, no cell phones or vibrators were present in my dark purse. Although Xena and I like My drunk girl inspired solution better!!

Joyful kinky memories to share? I’m all over it babydolls! Femdom phone sex with Mistress Lily might bring you that something you ache to complete. Come…

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Naked & hairless, or at least tightly trimmed

Oh Mistress is dragging her limbs so limply.... I earned this one, boys and girls.

Just got home from 3 hours of dancing in very high heels, oh my calves are aching for your hands to touch them. I’m overdue for a massage and could use a strong set of hands to work out these overworked muscles.

And- it WAS worth it. Every minute of it ! hehe.

Made My way to a few different dance clubs with a friend, who seemed to know all the bartenders downtown. We ended up getting drinks, and cover charge, free, everywhere we went. Note to self: I need to go out with Paula more often! *giggle

Spent an hour doing makeup, hair, just had a spa day this week (thank you zombie boy!) and got a full leg wax, and hair cut. My legs are so smooth… and with the extra workouts I’ve been putting in, things are looking toned and lovely. This morning I even did the business of trimming my little lady business right down the middle. It’s like a little surprise after you’ve trimmed everything up tight and snug down there. When My fingers slide over the naked skin, it feels like the touch of some strange tongue, with soft barbs, whiskers of pubes trimmed and tended.

I just love My puss, right after a trim. It feels unworldly and very arousing.

Oh, but don’t let Me bore you with such sundry things… *smirk* There are details about the men who asked Me to dance, their stories, and one who offered to take Me home -

Ooohh come to Mistress, open wallets and hearts, and we’ll see what makes you go boom…

Friday, September 2, 2011

Labored day

Big weekend, and extra day! Here comes September, wrapping us up in its arms… How did the summer get away from Me, so fast!

Sat on the patio today and soaked in a few rays. Just a few minutes can do wonders for making skin feel warm, sensual. Which reminds Me… it’s time for a waxing at the local spa. Ooh that and I might need a new haircut… I’ve been trying to soak up the sun recently, hiking and walking, because we know it’s fading fast. Went out for a long 5 mile walk a few nights ago, and was so surprised by how sunlight fades quickly now. I love it when it’s still light out, way past 9 pm.

But I digress… (blogs are the place for such things)! In the luxury department - I’ve got new chocolate colored sheets on My bed and they feel very yummy. There are times that I’ll be laying on them, while we chat. Just our minds, your wallet, the phone, and anything else you’d like to bring to the call (well.. keep it legal!).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mistress of Dreams

I’m often intrigued by the power of dreams. I’ve awoken many times, after subconscious thoughts have vetted My night time mind movies. Sometimes what kicks up surprises Me.

Last night I dreamt of an actor who’s a little too clean cut for My tastes. Or so I thought. In our dream time, he was a guest at a party at My place. Humble, attentive, listening. Towards the end of the dream, he confessed he’d made Me an exotic dessert which needed to be frozen, and he asked if he could feed it to Me. I smiled, considering the offer.

That, along with a nocturnal interior designer, made My dream quite a trip! Apparently My subconscious mind wants to re-do My living room with thick, heavy wooden furniture, as well.

I’ll spare you the thick wood joke. It’s tempting!

Mistress is looking for a fella to date, and has been checking out dating websites a bit (it’s a secret pleasure). I’ve had more luck meeting men in the vanilla world to date, then converting them… more so than meeting them at a munch (monthly meetings at restaurants, that BDSM folks do, to meet other BDSMers), or a play party. And to be honest, the play parties I’ve been to in the region, or the campouts with hundreds attending…. Well lets just say yes there are many sweet people and I’ve made many friends. And… I’d say 85% of those attending are large, naked, older (55+) marginally attractive, and just not getting my mojo rising. And the pretty one’s are fun to play with, yet usually owned.

Any one of those traits listed above, by themselves, not too big a cross to bear (I’ve had a lover in the past who've been over 55). Although when you notice at a huge campout, “gee, that’s the 10th 300+ pound naked person I’ve seen, who really needs to trim up some parts…” well you get the idea.

Traumatized yet? Hehehe

We all know it's the spark, that unmeasurable something, that connects us both. Finding the perfect fit, or near perfect, takes time and patience. Finding the right Mistress or slave, just the same. Our perverted leanings are so personal, and we just know it works, with the right person. If the spark is strong enough? Many flaws are forgiven. Some kind of magic in spirit and joy...

Let’s see if we fit… and click. I think of you purring, gasping and desperate while I tell you exactly how you’ll touch that c… oh yes, you’re right, let’s save that for our next Niteflirt call! Femdom phone sex, just a click to the right -

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wrapped up in you

Happy Friday slaves!

Thursday was a great day. I received a recent booty from a generous slave, and decided to check things out! He bought Me hot black Saucony shoes for hiking, and I decided to break them in. Made 5 miles in ‘em before getting done . Loved it!

While I was walking in those hot new shoes, taking in the tall trees, fresh air under a cloudy sky, I realized how much of the gear wrapped around My warm body was a gift from one of you. My mp3 player, ubber hot earbuds, the new pedometer, the Ironman watch I timed Myself with, even the music I’d downloaded on My mp3 player… all gifts from boys like you. Oh, don’t forget the sports jacket wrapping it all up into a hot little snack!

I smiled quietly to Myself while walking through the park… Mistress had a secret. Or perhaps a few of them! I feel the devotion and submission behind every little trinket.

I’m so antsy for something fun to do. Call Me and tell Me your strange little ideas…

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Diminutive playthings

Tonight I was feeling restless and ready for a lil bit of strange….

I looked over at the pile of sex toys I’ve lined up on one of My bookshelves. They mostly collect dust and look pretty. All the pinks and purples and blacks… the push buttons and batteries. Oooh and the cane with leather straps at one end, aching for a hind part to slap –

I have so many cock shaped devices to play with, when flesh and blood are elsewhere. And for all the fuss and the pretty spendy things, My very favorite dildo is the least expensive, and somewhat diminutive.

Just 6 ½ inches long, it might not be the tallest boy at the dance. What’s he got going for him? The toy was designed with veins galore. Not huge heavy ridged that can feel a bit like rat-a-tat-tat when you’re gettin’ your groove thang on… no these are more subtle. That, and my fave little black beast is girthy boy…

Even has a set of balls attached at one end. I did that with purpose – it’s so hard to force that fuck up where it’s dark, when you don’t have a handle for the thing! Haha

Little black beast came out to play tonight. And Mistress came out to play too!
I’ve got a smile on My face, and now, we both know why. *giggle*

Heads up for the readers in My flock – I’m playing “find the $1.99 listing” on My Niteflirt extensions. I’ve got one selected, although you’ll need to look a bit to find it. Can you see it?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The fruits of your labor

This has been a very pleasant week in Mistress land. To start with, I’ve finally received all the goodies from a slave I’ll call ken, who’s been under My wing for 3 years now. He walked through very hard times in his life, and I am his solace and taskmaster. A distracting Mistress who benefits mightily from his patronage...

(I have a special place in My heart for boys who spend thousands in cold hard cash, on My little whims)

I purr while thinking of the cold, hard silver bullion that ken has bought for Me, the dripping jewelry of diamonds and rubies (one necklace had little gold horns, and a tail with a diamond in it! *giggle*). The gift that stands out? A pair of high-heel-red-satin-platform-stilettos. Spiked heels over 6 inches long. The heel shines with a metallic hue, and against the luscious red satin of the shoe? You just want to touch it...

I was a brave Grrl this week as well, and confessed to My closest friend, the nature of My employment (you know, exploiting the likes of you). We in the land of slavery and Mistresses understand, we need to choose confidantes with care. And to be clear, she is My best friend. I could talk dirty all day long, and she is more modest than I. We navigate boundaries with thoughtfulness, on our path of loving each other.

To My delight and relief, she was stunned, and impressed. To see her face light up with joy and curiosity, made Me sigh and smile. I even shared the ripe red fruit of satin stilettos with her. She asked in a secret voice, “May I... touch them?” I smiled so wide, and said, “yes, please...”

And to think, your generous gifts? Might bring a Grrl moments of discovery and play. Perhaps you do have a place at My side, little ones. On your knees, with extended hand, wallet in palm. Offering Me what earns you entry, into this dark joyous place I call home.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ripe hidden bits

Let Me give you a clue into most Women’s minds, and hearts.

Our society demands much of a Grrl, and while we’re with it, tough, independent and sometimes charming...

There is a quiet romance inside the heart of most. If you and your submissive self can tap into this? You might just seduce the strongest.

I feel as if I’m whispering a secret when I share… I let My attention wander over the movie “Pride and Prejudice” this morn. The Oxygen channel was giving it a show (Oh Oprah… you do know Grrls). I’ve been fighting a cold this week, which takes Me from the side of most precious slaves. I woke to morning tea, and a button push to the tele. Slave kenneth has been kind to Mistress these few months, and the new flat screen TV gracing My bedroom, is on his account.

He shall be tortured deliciously for it. And I suspect, this will please him! Hehe

Back to the flick - the fancy dresses, the romantic music, the far away fairy tale of such things. I suspect there are boys in the mist who also crave these things too. Ringlets of curls gracing their long neck, powered skin, ripe red lips, and perhaps if in period, a beauty mole? A corset? Long hoop slips and billowing beauty...

And of course the underthings. White stockings, sharp tight heels, and the frills of pantaloons, laced panties, pale flesh just near the crest of –

Oh pardon. No offense meant... I get distracted by the warm bits hidden in so many layers.

Perhaps, you too?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Improvised climb

Today was a full day of many sights and sounds. I got together with a male buddy, for dinner with his friends. They sounded like an interesting (and kinky!) couple! Alas, she and her dutch love were having a bad day, she called to cancel. And here My little male friend and I had to decide what to do with each other.


Get your minds out of the gutter boys… we went for a 90 minute hike out in the PNW wilderness. So many wild flowers in bloom, waterfalls, slugs, a deceased snail that looked beautiful and woeful. Something about the nautilus… Trees everywhere, moss and limbs. We had to stop for a bit while My male companion caught his breath. Seems he’s a bit slender for his own good, and I’m the one who’s curvy. Thank heaven for that! I loved being a Grrl with stamina. Just because a body’s thin, doesn’t mean it’s healthier, hm?

I’ve been working out more (like, every day this past week) and I just love seeing My body get firmer and feel so right.

There are a few summer campouts I’ve been invited to, on private property, in deep forests. Some BDSM-ers like being naked in the woods, exposed to dozens of their other spirit kin, while the sting of a flogger finds it’s leather fingers on their flesh.

I once watched a strapon dildo demonstration in an open picnic covered den, while 20 people looked on. The presenter had a small business building custom strapon harnesses, and she fucked a lady, and a sissy boi, right in front of all of us!

Check in with Me boys, I may need a lovely assistant for My OWN little show this summer!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

warm flesh beneath Me

I had a deep warm dream last night.

A lover of mine, from years past, somehow ended up in My bed (dream land). It was a warm summer night, and I lay on top of his long body. His chest is covered with warm thick fur, and his skin is tan. He's one of those boys who wants to be outside much of the time. In the summer, you rarely see him wearing a shirt, under the sun. Nice bit of eye candy.

Somehow in this lucid land, our bed was deep in his back yard, with tall pine trees, and stark white bedding. The canopy moved slightly with warm breath breeze.

Funny how lost loves pop up, while our sleeping id wakes.

There's more to share about that boy, the way he seduced Me, finally, after many moons and hunger...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Satiny cups, dangling bows

Tuesday, oh Tuesday, we have arrived!

I have a dinner party tonight that I'm particularly excited about! I have a great friend who loves to put on a dinner with diverse personalities. It's kind of like chemistry, people chatting about all sorts of sordid things...

Ah, but I digress.

I've been playing with a boy lately who's all about dressing up like 1940s pin up model, foundation garments and all. Of course, we get him sauced before taking it to the one forbidden place he yearns for, after all the clothing wraps him tight. Some men crave permission to slide their thighs around the hardness of a -

Oh, wait, am I boring you? *giggle

Sunday, March 13, 2011

ZAP through My hot molten hardware...

Mistress has been a hard working little bee this week! I had a mishap that I'm still trying to right…

I've had a lovely laptop computer since 2008. I have loved it, fondled it, and been smitten since. This little Toshiba Satellite A305 has been a blessing. I've been able to stay in touch with you while on trips, while in coffee shops. It's been My gateway to many of you.

And this week…. My morning water drown the little laptop without warning. It took 3 years to get to it, but yes, I erupted all over the keyboard!! Unplugged it pronto, chucked out the battery, and waited. 1 week. Mistress patiently disassembled her lover laptop, aired it out in front of a fan for days, case propped, every deep crevice and component open. Today was the day, to start up the beast again.

Oh the first hour was lovely, everything booted. I even FACEBOOKED for a few minutes! And then….

Repeated system restarts. Even before BIOS testing. Happy hard disk, however My beautiful little laptop had succumbed to the deadly combination of electricity and water. It's a shorted motherboard issue at this point. It cannot contain, direct it's own POWER!!!

Mistress must have a new laptop.

I'm looking at My Toshiba, My fallen angel. I've gotten so attached to a silly piece of hardware. *Sniff*

Mistress will need such support during Her mourning. Feel free to call and say a kind word. Mistress needs the strength of a new laptop friend… The shoulder of a kind slave to cry on while I become smitten with My new lover, laptop...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

To filthy masticators...

It's freezing outside, yet daffodils have the audacity to bloom. Even in the cold.

I find it intriguing, where desire blossoms. We find ourselves surrounded by many things to want, yet you perverts come to Me, for that which dare not speak it's name. Your selfish hidden needs get wrapped up so tight, the knots occasionally refuse to be unspun.

It's the quiet and the still, that gives us air to open. When all else has settled and you've no distractions to distort, that thing you hide will rise. And you best hold on. We both know your fear.

"Will this thing tear me down into nothing. Will I be seen with the forbidden, and be cast out. Will others know me." The true you.

I bet that scares and delights you, dear reader. I'll bet it fuels your hardness.

I'm a vegetarian for the most part, yet at times, My body craves to swallow flesh. Flesh which lived and walked this earth. I lapse into being a meat eater, and purr after a fresh feast of this. Puts Me in touch with the animal I am. The beast which hunts and conquers.

And we both know, you're dessert.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Taverns and turn ons

Tonight a friend took Me out to play a little pool, at a local dive bar. My friend Chris is one of those serious players. Mistress plays pool about as often as I go fishing (which I think may have happened at some point, in the past decade). My lady friend chose the locale, as she's a player owning her own custom pool cue, leather case and all...

I felt a bit like a tourist. Bars, drinking, gambling, and mating rituals can be fun to watch, yet regretful in the light of day. And as we both know, there are other ways to feed deep appetites.

I watched her slide on a purple spandex glove, with a few fingers missing (designed to help a player steady the cue, and keeps it smooth). She chalks up the cue, lines her prey. The place has that smell, a bit like a dorm hall. Stale beer had seeped into the carpet regularly. We were left undisturbed for quite some time, and I got to feel a bit inept at the sport, with moments of brilliance mixed in.

After a few games we were approached by two very dark black men, and asked if we'd like to play doubles. Chris and I chat a bit, then say yes. She's used to the rhythms of this, and I'm still watching and learning. I embrace a bit of innocence and discovery, even though these paths are known.

After a game or two, the older man with his skin so deep, like dark chocolate, starts leaning in a bit too close. He smells of many cigarettes and hard liquor. I felt Myself cringe with the scent, yet found his openness, and desire to see how far I'd let him in, curious. I'm open and playful, yet savvy, and before he knows it I've thrown him a couple quick bones of wit that left him slack jawed. Yes, satisfying. Yet I hunger for a playmate that responds in kind. It's sometimes too easy to leave a man breathless.

And just as he realizes there's much more going on under this surface, Chris and I say good evening, and thank you. We beat them at both games, and I feel satisfied.

What would you like to be beat at, dear reader? I'll bet you're just as pretty when breathless...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The bidding of phallic presents

So this is how My perverted mind thinks….

Mistress has a bevy of toys, collected over a few years. Insertables, to be clear. Some are gifts from slaves in the past, or ones bought on a whim. Some of them worked WONDERFULLY (and still do!) and a few were more experimental, and less practical.

One example dubbed the Big Betty, is a 12 inch glass dildo, 2 inches wide, that I barely was able to get inside sugar walls… That one I gave to a friend in need, after an attempt or two at using it (it just wasn't comfy). My friend is a size queen who had just lost her lover (a very tall, well built, black man). Last I heard, Big Betty and she had become very good friends…

Of all the dildos that I enjoy the most, My fave is a very stout black dildo, with lots of pseudo raised veins on the side, for extra sensation. The head of it too makes a pleasing pop of an entrance. Of course, depends on the tightness of the location... (giggle)

Yet what does Mistress do with toys used only a few times, and left to look pretty in My collection, but rarely used? All of them have visited the most personal places of My body, yet only a few are invited to return.

While looking at My garden of dildos today, I had a wild idea!

I've been saving to move from My present abode, and have been packing boxes, cleaning here and there, getting ready to spring forth and find a new nest for Mistress. When people are raising money for a cause, they have bake sales, car washes …

Consider this unique application. To help with the cause of helping Mistress Lily move? I'll auction off the phallic pretties that need someone to play with! Money raised from such a venture will go to the "Helping Ms Lily Move" fund!

Wild concept, I know… What are your thoughts on such a fund raiser? If you're intrigued, I might even let you in on the bidding (and offer perhaps a photo or two!). For more details, write or call Me!