Saturday, April 30, 2011

warm flesh beneath Me

I had a deep warm dream last night.

A lover of mine, from years past, somehow ended up in My bed (dream land). It was a warm summer night, and I lay on top of his long body. His chest is covered with warm thick fur, and his skin is tan. He's one of those boys who wants to be outside much of the time. In the summer, you rarely see him wearing a shirt, under the sun. Nice bit of eye candy.

Somehow in this lucid land, our bed was deep in his back yard, with tall pine trees, and stark white bedding. The canopy moved slightly with warm breath breeze.

Funny how lost loves pop up, while our sleeping id wakes.

There's more to share about that boy, the way he seduced Me, finally, after many moons and hunger...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Satiny cups, dangling bows

Tuesday, oh Tuesday, we have arrived!

I have a dinner party tonight that I'm particularly excited about! I have a great friend who loves to put on a dinner with diverse personalities. It's kind of like chemistry, people chatting about all sorts of sordid things...

Ah, but I digress.

I've been playing with a boy lately who's all about dressing up like 1940s pin up model, foundation garments and all. Of course, we get him sauced before taking it to the one forbidden place he yearns for, after all the clothing wraps him tight. Some men crave permission to slide their thighs around the hardness of a -

Oh, wait, am I boring you? *giggle