Saturday, April 17, 2010

Boys and Boots

It's been a pleasant and uneventful Saturday afternoon. Woke up to the sound of starlings making there shrill chirps, tweets and the like.

Slid on a pair of Frye motorcycle boots, that a little slave treated Me to. He actually bought 4 sets of Frye boots for Me, all in different sizes and styles. Threw on a dress, met a few friends for a bit of chat and coffee.

Something about an overcast day makes Mistress feel like cocooning inside with a movie or a book. A naked man serving as my foot stool, stretching out My legs across his breathing body. Oooh, now that sounds eeexcellent!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Youthful Judgement

Mz Lily received something this past month, that she's never been gifted before.

Yes, after 20+ years of driving within the law, and never having received a traffic violation, a rookie cop with 3.5 weeks work experience (he actually graduated the academy in Febuary 2010, started work as an actual cop in March 2010)... gave Me My very first traffic ticket.

I plead "Not Guilty." Going to court.


Mistress is peeved. Have consulted a lawyer actually. Improper Right Turn? Seriously? Little cop boy was nervous, and almost apologetic, while his supervising training officer pulled his puppet strings. He barely looked legal for purchase of alcohol.


Didn't argue with the little one of course. Have to do that in the courts, eh?

Will keep you posted on the outcome. Meanwhile, I'll barter a few hours of My Mistress time, for a boy who knows his traffic court shit, and can get this dismissed. You out there? :) Lawyer boys are welcome to drop Me a note!

Somehow our egos get involved with such things. I'd rather give a lawyer more money than the traffic ticket costs to pay off, than pay the bugger. The cop was wrong.

Alrighty, *rant off* ! Your patience, much appreciated!

This does bring up a roleplay though. A lady I used to date, had a full police officer costume that she mentioned on occasion. She kept asking Me to do a photo session with her in full costume, Me dominating her, putting her in her low little place. Hm. The possibilities of a billy club....

*smiles evilly*