Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stilettos on skin

Morning! Would you believe last night at 4 in the morning, lights were flashing and thunder was rumbling… Luckily I was already up working with perverts like you, although I did think for a second the power might go out. I even unplugged My laptop just to make sure a power surge didn't zap the prams!!

I've healed over the cold, and what did it? Those funky little Airborne tabs!! LIFESAVER!! I think I'll be keeping those on hand!

I'm about to hit the shower and get a little sun on My face. Well, using My sun lamp. How very 70s of Me, ya think? *giggle

I've been yearning for a few pairs of stilettos! I'm thinking of your pale naked flesh, while I walk all over your thighs, your strong shoulders…. There's a pair of silver sandals on My wishlist that are elegant and sexy. I've been craving them…

Come hither little one, let Me debauch you!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mistress sniffle

Well, My sweets, Mistress is under the… weather presently. I've been slamming garlic, vitamin C, sucking on… zinc. I just found out about the Airborne tabs. You'll notice they're on My Amazon wishlist, and I'd be very happy to receive a gift of them!

Bring Me a tissue!

If you do call in the next day or two, don't be surprised if the voice sounds a little bit rough or smoky sounding. And no, I'm not a tobacco Girl! Hehe

I'm a late night Girl, as My boys know! Craig Ferguson, whom I happen to have a small crush on, just did a Vanna White sweep with his hands up and down the length of his body, and said, "That's right, I look like a frumpy whore on Bingo night!" haha!!

You know, I think we could achieve that look, if he'd come visit My closet!

I've been slightly bummed with the changes going on with Niteflirt, yet I will admit, the basic services seem to be functional. It was a bumpy little transition hm? I'm probably going to end the $1.99 a minute special sometime this weekend, so get your punishment in while you can! Such a bargain!

Alright, I'm considering Nyquil and a long bath….