Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunshine and warm flesh

Oh babycakes, Mistress had a fine day today! Was sunny out, and my mountain bike was primed and ready to take on the roads! Also had a date with a boy to jump into... He was quite sweet, if not a bit bookish. Kept thinking about how good he'd look on his knees in the corner... And when does Mistress spring the fact that she dominates men for a living, on a vanilla boy anyway? Hehe!!

Just love getting that fresh air and seeing so many lovelies out in their sun dresses. There are some very sweet pretty little women in this city. A few I'd just love to take a nibble of. Or perhaps a nipple? *giggle

I'll be logged into night on Alerts if you want to catch me - I tend to do that when I'm in the mood to talk with regular clients rather than opening up the cattle call for new ones too.... Kisses and ass slaps!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday fun

Today's 4 mile run was particularly brutal - high winds and blustery rain off and on. Mistress always feels twice as tired when running in bad weather - all that clenching up you have to do just get through it!

A long hot shower and a little food later, and I'm feeling positively sublime. After a few chats with my minions this evening, I predict a long, languid bath also. I need to get a few lavendar scented bath oils. Have been craving amber and lavendar scents lately.

One of my long time regulars has decided that even though he previously had just a few perversions (you know, short penis humiliation, forced intoxication), he's decided to take the plunge and wear a set of big girl panties to the office! I've been trying to get his measurements these past few sessions, yet this little slave ends up getting a bit toasted a bit too quick. Finally got his hip measurements, and we'll be going to the big girl section for his little ass! hehe