Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Improvised climb

Today was a full day of many sights and sounds. I got together with a male buddy, for dinner with his friends. They sounded like an interesting (and kinky!) couple! Alas, she and her dutch love were having a bad day, she called to cancel. And here My little male friend and I had to decide what to do with each other.


Get your minds out of the gutter boys… we went for a 90 minute hike out in the PNW wilderness. So many wild flowers in bloom, waterfalls, slugs, a deceased snail that looked beautiful and woeful. Something about the nautilus… Trees everywhere, moss and limbs. We had to stop for a bit while My male companion caught his breath. Seems he’s a bit slender for his own good, and I’m the one who’s curvy. Thank heaven for that! I loved being a Grrl with stamina. Just because a body’s thin, doesn’t mean it’s healthier, hm?

I’ve been working out more (like, every day this past week) and I just love seeing My body get firmer and feel so right.

There are a few summer campouts I’ve been invited to, on private property, in deep forests. Some BDSM-ers like being naked in the woods, exposed to dozens of their other spirit kin, while the sting of a flogger finds it’s leather fingers on their flesh.

I once watched a strapon dildo demonstration in an open picnic covered den, while 20 people looked on. The presenter had a small business building custom strapon harnesses, and she fucked a lady, and a sissy boi, right in front of all of us!

Check in with Me boys, I may need a lovely assistant for My OWN little show this summer!