Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving on the road...

I am such a content person right now. Other than the fact that packing yet again, and a little housework, are in the immediate future. Have I mentioned how much distain, I find for housework? Still searching for the right cabana boy to scrub my floors and blush with ass slaps...

I'm extremely excited to be spending Thanksgiving with my very best friend. Will have a bit of a drive ahead but very much worth it! Her birthday is this weekend, and we're getting pedicures! I'd love one of My boys to step up and pay for us both. I love making you pay for others to touch Me. Massages, pedicures, hair styling....
If you want to contribute to said pedicure and birthday goodness, tribute buttons on My Niteflirt page work wonders!

Took a few aussie boys for a few hundred this past week. Had a New Zealand boy totally flake - one of those drive by binge boys. *yawn. He gave his chunk of flesh, although has been messy cleaning things up afterwards. Needs to take My photo down on his profile at one site we frequent. He presented so sincerely, with such desire for commitment and long term permanent slavery... Just goes to show, time tells intention. As does action....

There's a slim chance I might be available for Niteflirt calls while on the road this weekend- will be taking my laptop with Me, and might borrow a local cell phone up there. If so, be ready to pay for this grrls time :) Might be a thrill, talking to you from my best friends bedroom...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Busy little weekend

Hello sweet slaves! Mistress is going to have a very busy weekend and may not be able to connect with you all that much. No worries, I’ll be having a lot of fun, count on it!

Sunday is looking stronger for free time with subs like you. Maybe I’ll share with you what I’ve been up to all weekend long. I have to admit, my living room is presently covered with Amazon boxes. Thinking I might have to steer slaves towards other gifting sources… hmmMMMmm…

Keep it kinky, we’ll be chatting soon I’m sure!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good slaves, bad slaves, and bloodsucking

This was an exciting weekend for MsLily. I had a fly by night slave, that while dropping a big chunk of change while we played? Made MANY promises, he did not fulfill, and consequently, was dismissed (such simple things, online meetings, assignments such as drawing up a budget, etc). Makes this Mistress frown when boys build sand castles in their minds, and waste My time doing so.

My only small consolation... I carved a SWEET chunk out of his wallet. He'll be paying on THAT credit card bill for a bit, hm? *giggle

A new slave, "bob" from NZ, has been making Me smile quite pretty. He donates as much as he can afford, and while not as much as some of My other dedicated little ones? He's such a sweet heart! Lustful too that one. Might be a lack of getting laid in his own home country. Thinking of when I'll let this boy release with Me... and how much pomp and circumstance to involve!? heheh! I have to admit, little bob is sweet, intelligent, and quite fetching. The kind of slave I'm proud to keep in My stable!

Just bought a bevy of Christmas gift with a few gift certs from Want to make sure they arrive on time! Ooh and is anyone else excited about the premiere of Twilight, the movie? I'll be seeing it this week to be sure!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Drizzle, the gift of property, and new pets

Early morning Sunday, a bit drizzly outside. Another hour or two before dawn.

I'm feeling a bit somber and quiet just now. This weekend though, it has brought Me a few new toys to play with.

A man from New Zealand has been spending time with Me online, and he's quite a delight. Typical married man, zest is gone, and the yearning for submission has been lingering for many years. He'll be a handful this one, let's call him "bob". Witty, smart, and I just know when I hear his voice this week, that kiwi accent will make Me smile with much satisfaction!

Thanksgiving is near, here in the states. I always feel such a mix friends who study native american, old ways. Perhaps a sweat lodge and many prayers to the earth, and the many of us who live here.

I'm considering moving! Thinking of getting a rich slave to buy Me a home, sign the title over to Me, then setting up an outdoor pool house or shed for him to sleep in, while I keep him as a pet. Interested parties, feel free to drop Me an email. Sugar Daddy, converted into financially dominated pet. Nice!

Mistress is a little sleepy - until we next chat!