Thursday, September 23, 2010

"I wanna do bad things with you... "

Full moon tonight, and thoughts of werewolves and shapeshifters circle My mind. Yes, I too, have the "True Blood" virus.

Athough perhaps you can be the judge of this. I just received Season 3 from a friend of mine who burns such things before they're released. I'm now on book 3 of the Sookie Stackhouse series (which, by the way, has total plot points eliminated or added, depending on Alan Ball's mood). And I'm reveling in it all. Really truly FUN!!

I purr with the themes in Sookie's world. Expectation needs to be set, after all it's supposed to be fun, and occasionally the truck size plot holes do distract, yet overall? Mama like!

On full moons they say, the werewolves and shapeshifters are forced to transform into their beast sides. They're exposed, and somewhat vulnerable, when their human lives are shed.

A bit like you?

Perhaps we can walk a path together, where we share a little time, and you feel seduced, aroused, hypnotized… then ultimately, while you lay open, ready, and oh so weak? I'll sneak up on you and growl while I bite….

Bring it.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labored LUST!

Barely 9 a.m. Saturday, Labor Day weekend. I'm curious how many of My pets are out with family and friends, spending the weekend on the lake, or at some sports bar. With weekends like this, sometimes the slaves are quiet. Breaking away from the rush of holiday bonding, can be SUCH a challenge!

And yes, those few weak men, do, don't they? I get so thrilled when a married bloke calls Me while crouching in his dark bedroom, the wife downstairs, or out at the pool. Meanwhile, he kneels in the corner of a dusty closet jerking off in his wife's panties! You weak little wankers give Mistress a smile, and then some!

I've been checking out vacation destinations, considering Belize, maybe Costa Rica. Have you been abroad lately (and yes, pun intended, sissy)? Ring Me up and spill the details!