Tuesday, September 25, 2007

$1.99 a minute, for just a moment in time!

Felt like stirring up the pot a little, and decided to treat you with a little special! $1 less a minute, for a short little time...

Listing is "Depraved, and so sweetly delicious!"
1-800-TO-FLIRT extension 01781315

Aren't you lucky!

EDITED TO ADD: Specials come and gone my pets! Keep your eyes peeled for the next chance!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Moan day, and a whore named Jimmy!

Had a blast this weekend with a new girl on the block named Jimmy. He's one of those big business boys during the work week, married, conservative wife and such, but you just WAIT til he's got some free time!

This little one likes to be caught, PEEPING on Mistress, and punished by being forced to model whorish lingerie, in front of a gaggle of women, all laughing and cheering him on! Although after the fashion show is finished, we've more sinister thoughts to play out...

I brought the biggest "lazy susan" I could (kitchen spinning platform), put it on the basement floor, and Jimmy, whored up and all, was forced to bend over and take it, both ends at once!!! We'd spin him to the next, and the next, everyone got their chance at both of his little wet holes!

Traded off his punishment with my girlfriend Sassa, and we debauched that boy good! He was purring afterwards, seemed so deeply happy indeed. I was MADE to inflict this kind of thing on twisted little ones like Jimmy!

Fall is here luvs, keep it warm, and sweetly perverted! xx

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hump day hoodlums

Wednesday arrives, and I'm getting my day together. The air is getting chilly out there, so unfair when a girl wants to lay in her back yard and work on her tan.... *sob*

Interval training this afternoon, and then maybe a jaunt out. I have a friend who's been trying to get me to Karaoke for weeks now, I'm thinking of surprising her with a drop in at her local haunt. Some of the boys and girls who sing there are... well quite expressive in the least. Don't we all need to hear "The Rose" sung off key, at least annually? hahah

I've been trying to tone things up lately, as I feel like such a beast when I'm firm! Makes me feel like a panther, some kind of wild animal, when I get done with a good run, or an intense workout.

Maybe next time I do step aerobics, I'll use YOU as my step? hahah!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Morsels to play with...

It is so Friday, and I'm ready for it let me tell you! I've been taking it very easy this week, talking to a few choice little men on the phone.

Zack has been a new source of sweetness for me. He's a raspy voiced boy who can switch languages mid sentence, and speaks with fluency and intellect. Lily likes smart boys! On top of this, Zack makes quite a bit of coin at his chosen line of work, and has the kinkiest little mind. Think... many d*cks, many women, and perhaps a strap on or two... His subtlety and nuance are of particular pleasure, and he stimulates my mind, while perhaps he stimulates other things! *giggle

The school year's started, and everyone's back from vacation! It's been a busy time for this particular Mistress. Be patient if I can't get you in quick, and those Call Back buttons are very good tools. I love having you boys lined up out the door, anticipating their dish of cruel sweetness...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Astronomers declare Slut Jack a new BLACK HOLE!

Associated Pressed (California) - Researchers have stumbled upon an entity of black matter existing in Pennsylvania. Nicknaming this dark matter location "C*m Slut Jack", scientists from the Academy of Ingenio Niteflirts, Mistress Ripe Lily, and colleague Mistress Naughty Eve, have declared this apparent vortex to be able to sustain extreme stretching.

Experiments conducted this Labor Day, September 3rd, 2007, found that entire water bottles could enter this amazing backside vortex. Were it not for the attached bungee cords, the plastic containers might have disappeared up the Black Hole sphincter, for all eternity! Also introduced to the testing zone were shampoo bottles, and beyond all belief, 3 bananas at one time.

Of note, was a geographic anomaly within the region, which has been temporarily titled "Big Toe Peak", a ridged and shriveled syncline mound, that appears to have flopped over, due to lack of solid mass. There did seem to be a trickling stream, however no waterfall or forceful fluid activity occurred during the lengthy study.

Research is still being conducted on this entity, however the scientists considered possible geothermal eruptions, "Doubtful, if not slightly pitiful."