Monday, August 25, 2008

Ipod fuckfest

We've all done it.

Taken a casual stroll, either in a crowded coffee shop, or down a country road where people get fresh air, take their dogs for a walk. You fill up your ipod FULL of mp3s that are just naughty as hell - NIN - Closer (I wanna f*ck you like an animal...), maybe Pussycat Dolls (Don't you wish your grrlfriend was HOT like me...)...

You let your mind wander to all the people in your life that you want to rip the clothes off of, climb on 'em like a warrior would, and fuck the living hell out of! Damn, the nasty things I do in the recesses of my mind. For some reason it feels THAT much kinkier when I'm sitting next to Joe Shmoe, or Jane Doe at the bakery, eating my little slice of heaven with a strong cup of coffee.

And the images flickering in my mind, are fingers sliding round the hardness of his shaft, or the hair I'm pulling at the back of his neck. Sometimes I have the dirtiest fantasies of fucking someone over the counter where they work. Right next to the cash register! For all to see - the beast with two backs, that just couldn't wait a moment longer!

Tell me your dirty secret, maybe I'll show you mine!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Milking til dry

Had a live one tonight! I just love it when a boy calls up my Financial Domination line just itching to play Raise the Rate! I It started out innocently enough. Just $3.99/minute, which is a *bargain* these days! Not much to give up really, especially for My divine company eh? This loser actually requested permission to stroke! Good boy!

Next bumped him to $9.99/minute, and grrl lemMe tell ya - did he start whimpering! I could just FEEL the level of his excitement and anticipation elevate! We chatted a bit here and there, while I giggled and enjoyed every little minute of emptying this boy's sweet neverending wallet -

Next I ratchet it up to $13.99... then $19.99 a minute! Each time I'm milking several minutes, out of this increment and that... this tiny loser boy ends up paying $25/minute! I didn't even let him cum with Me! hehe.

Mistress is smiling!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pussycats and Pedicures

Dontcha just love the way skin turns so toasty warm and brown, when it gets enough attention from the sun? I’ve been busy this summer outside, and My shoulders show it! Makes Me feel so… sexy!

This week My pedicure color is hot pink, like bubble gum, and I’ve caught My self just looking at how luscious they look. Found these little flower leis you can wear around your ankles? Seems to make My feet look that much sexier! Kind of like the hula grrls in Hawaii…

Also bought a few pairs of sandals with bright beads and sexy slings. Definitely sends the boys for a second glance! Hehe! Went dancing with a few grrlfriends this weekend, and cut up the dance floor. There always seems to be at least ONE slutty girl in the group who goes rubbing her ass on anything that moves (and no, it wasn’t Me… this time! Haha)! This particular club came complete with a stripper pole. I’d venture up on it once in awhile. Noticed the other grrls and boys would hoot and holler, but I never did give them a clear glance at My naughty bits! Best to be enticing in dark places like this…

Lately the music that’s been making me practice my bellydance moves has been Poe, and the Pussycat Dolls. “Dontcha wish your girlfriend was HOT like Me…” Damn, that lead singer could make this Grrl do dirty things!