Friday, October 22, 2010

Confusing Carry

My lovelies, I've been a bit less available this past week, for many reasons. It does pain Me. Slightly.

Along with the social life being particularly busy this week, I've been debauching a boy from the east side of the states. He's a tall, fit thing, and you may guess he's a bit like many of My slaves. There's something he's itching for, that a Girl like Me is designed to scratch.

I tend to pamper boys who are smart, respectful, and pamper Me first. A big part of this job is keeping a boy in line.

I remember our first conversations last week. His voice had a deep warmth that made Me lean in a bit. The mumbling did distract. Yet there was an intelligent core to this conflicted fella. A bit arrogant, there was a deep need in him to submit to a Woman with sensual strength. And he craved the humiliation of a Woman like Me, entering him. We talked at length about he spreading wide for Me, aching with want, hard, naked, offering his denial as My tool, entertainment. We edged him over 5 sessions, right up to the brink.

His heavy breath would yawn open and beg for release. The satisfaction of waiting, is key. He wanted to be held at bay, laughed at, defiled. And the shame was palatable. I could feel that dark place inside him that could suck up and run.

He's still here. We'll see if the thread of we sticks through time. And perhaps you and I, dear reader, have a thread to weave ourselves….

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blathering boys; Laces of grace

Ah, the early morning coke head.

The boy begging blackmail with lacking sincerity. They've yet to see how they self appear, and perhaps My weary eyes have slid over the likes of he, one too many times. Drunk, coked up, all sensation and lack of being present inside that flesh mess.

He hoovered nose candy, sucked down Jim Beam, sent his photos, begged Me to write down his name. When instructed to do the leg work, send the tribute, oh My, he chooses not. I feel a bit like a trainer of champions, watching a puppy piddling all over himself. You can't blame the wee one, yet his demands can cramp My time.

Sigh…. Onto other things.

One of My fat and plumpy ones trekked through My wishlist this past week, and this babydoll was a HAPPY CAMPER! I'm still so pleased looking at the stash of stuff he delivered to My doorstep. I need to start looking for different lingerie dealers though. Amazon's got just a sliver of market. Wonder if My Secrets In Lace wishlist still lives. Research…. (btw, Secrets In Lace is probably My favorite place of lace).

We need to discuss your guise this Halloween. I have a few ideas on what we'll wrap you in….