Friday, May 28, 2010

Manipulating Masturbator frank!

Tonight, a tooth fairy came to visit, named frank!

Little frank crawled his voice down the Niteflirt phone lines, and shelled out a fat chunk of change, while I slowly deflowered and humiliated him, under My fingertips…

The smell of leather on My warm, silky skin caused his breath to start, hard and heavy. I weaved through the many tasks he'd perform. Taking Me shopping for snug leather skirt, stripping for Me and worshiping feet!

We slid to the climax, building building… I'd force him to suck very dirty things. How his 8 inch cock, unused by pussy, would be bobbing in the corner, while he kneeled and watched the show! He started breathing so hard, and begged to cum, please Mistress let me cum!!

Of course I forced him to stop his jerking hand, made him pause for a second. Even let him slither a finger over the tip of his dick, and made him taste his own dripping precum. He had a choice to make, if he wanted to spurt out his hot thick load for Ms Mistress!

Either he'd slide a finger up his tight little ass, with his eyes closed thinking of Me violating his ass. OR – he could tell Me a particularly humiliating phrase over and over while he oozed and spurted. Of course frankie wanted his ass fucked –

And with that last little mindfuck, his breath ached and moaned, and he blew it everywhere! I wanted to get a spoon and feed it back to his demoralized lips.

franklet left Me a Tooth Fairy Tip tonight too! That's a way to make this Grrl smile! Come a little closer, dear reader, I think you want a taste...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dancing Irises

Slave babies, Mistress has sore legs today! I danced and danced and DANCED last night with a few of My girlfriends who love grrls, if you know what I mean. This mamasita is a bit worn out. Might be the tequila shots that they bought for Me too…

It's been a long week for this little Chickita, and I've made the decision to take it easy this weekend. I'll be a little less available this week with other tasks, so if you're in dire need, an email and an appointment can be set up for slave needs. Just bring your wallet and your need to submit. I'll do the rest! Hehe

Cinco de Mayo is coming up, and I've irises blooming in My garden. What crazed debauchery do you have planned?