Tuesday, November 27, 2007


What inspires my pets to their different diversions, seems a mixed and sundry lot.

Take for example the Irish bloke who's dabbling in financial domination this past week. He called all a twitter, experimenting with the "raise the rate" game. You've heard of this twist on financial domination? Call your Niteflirt babe of choice at her basic rate, then be seduced while your goddess increases the rate higher, and higher... when all was said and done, this particular Irish boy was paying $10/minute, just for the pleasure!

There's also the forced intoxication line of perversion, where boys call me to be told what, and how much, to imbibe. I've spent hours this past week with a little one named "Katie", who just LOVES taking in so very many things... *ahem!!

And some simply call for fascinating conversation about very many things, without the sexual component. I have a faithful boy along this line, who brings a smile to my face, my jester sweety. Another reason I very much love my work!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Girl on the run!

It's late on a Saturday night, and I've spent the day sessioning with a "grrl" driving cross country on a long road trip. I'm amazed at how dirty this little one gets even while driving a car, seems like she was born to be a pretty little pervert!

She's one of those girls who just craves c*ck, and lots of it! You know what THAT can be like don't you? We get into such elaborate places when we start sharing fantasies... her being the schoolgirl being spanked by the Head (ahem) Mistress at a catholic school, then sent to detention where the priests do such awful things to her. Of course she was 18 in this fantasy, completely of age...

Some girls just crave being defiled and used for sex toys. Give them their candy and they'll go like little rabbits! My goal with this one is to focus on s t r e t ch i n g parts of her body to accomodate ANYTHING I give her!!

When I choose a training program for my sweet little slaves, much depends on what they need. Some need a gentler touch, and some, like the above mentioned sissygirl, need over the top, firm, almost brutal use and abuse, sliding more and more into her private little holes! We can take this little trip anywhere we like, my sweet.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Veterans of many things...

This weekend has started off with a BANG! Three of my clients kept me on the phone 10 of the past 24 hours! :) "Melissa" spent all Friday morning with me, 5 hours, while we got her GOOD and f*cked up. She's is such a cum whore! You should hear how she coos when I say "Good girl!" after she does the tasks I assign! She'll be getting a little prezzie from me.

Heard from a dear Jacob tonight. Love hearing from him, because he's a funny smart boy, but he also talks for hours, and tips big. This morning, $750 big. I just love it when clients use those two big blue tip buttons from my Niteflirt webpage! I eventually let him cum, although getting there was a wonderfully treacherous journey :) We had to put that boy's ass on ice. He deserved it!

Lastly little Stevie, from deep mountain country, called with his tail tween his legs. You see, his assignments were to abstain from cumming, and several other tasks. Of his 4 assignment tasks, he only accomplished 1. I was a dissapointed Mistress. We talked through it a bit, and I punished him good and well during our several hour session this morning! He's going to try to keep himself from cumming this week, we'll see if he makes it! He's a very sweet little morsel of pathetic loser-dome. Like a beautiful little mess, that one!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Davids guilt and panties!

November's brought a little chill in the air. Had a BLAST on Halloween, taking some of my sibling's kids out for the holiday. Alot of creative outfits. Was hoping to see a few more grown men dressed up like grown girls but, alas, no such luck!

I've tried a new merlot this evening, a rather low end trashy one that a friend recommended. Don't tell anyone, but I rather like it! *giggle

A few new boys in the stable this week. One ponderous boy was David, a rather cerebral boy in his late 40s. Loved chatting with him, and his nervousness, I could feel that inner tension working through him. His girlfriend didn't know he was calling me. His girlfriend doesn't know the money he blows while satisfying his little dick's urges. The guilt amplifies the rush doesn't it?

He wrote me afterwards all remorseful for spending $300 for an orgasm (which is a bit of a bargain for me!! hee hee)... and we had to get him in line fast. Boys who whine about my expense get drop kicked and blocked... luckily David re aligned his tune, and clarified it was his GUILT that got him off... and please Mistress, do it to me MORE...

I love keeping boys like him in line. All they need is the right stern hand, and their proper position for a smack on the ass... and yes, we're on our way!!

Jester was back tonight in full force, but unfortunately his cable phone line wasn't cooperating. He makes me smile so wide that one! Need to fix up that phone line, you've a Mistress to attend to!!

Sleep tight, kisses and ass slaps!!