Monday, April 23, 2012

Today, Lust wins

Today was warmer, and the sun lulled Me out of My cocoon. I’ve been exercising more this past week, and enjoy My body responding to the change. The strength that fills you. I love working My body.

While walking across a long pathway near forest, I cast a glance at soccer players, running in the distance. This team looked to be fresh out of high school, of legal age, most not any older than 21, if I were guessing. A few were shirtless. One in particular, while short, was muscular, furry, and a messy head of hair.

And today was the day. That rare day when I’m a little lonely, and haven’t been touched in a few many moons. I was slightly warm, sweaty, My body alive and… I had thoughts.

Somehow, walking across the sports fields, making eye contact with this young one. Wrapping My hand around his naked bicep, whispering in his ear, “Come with Me into the forest. I have a need, and you’re the lucky one today.”

I hunted it further. Bringing him under tall trees, and so many vines, plants, fallen tree trunks, and earthy dens. Pushing him down, opening his pants, and taking what is Mine.

What fantasies do you harbor? You’re welcome to call Me, pay for My time, while I undress them into knowing…