Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Heat, nudity, rhythm

Looking out the window, here in the trees and hills of the Pacific Northwest, the weather looks a bit like a Magic 8 ball – changes daily, forecast up in the air! I've got the heat cranked in My abode, and am considering... naming this an official naked day! Hehe

Christmas is just a day or two shy here, and I'm remarkably low key about the whole thing. Some years I travel, go all out with the gifts. I do tend to buy My gifts for others over time, and by the time Christmas arrives, I've got 90% of the shopping done. I credit it to My shopping fairies! I've been gifted with powerful intuition at times, and will be out running errands, when I'll occasionally get a strong, "get this for Jane" … vibe. Intuition can be a powerful force, and lead you to places logic may not travel.

Predicting the future can be a bit tricky, and sometimes you're surprised by the outcome. One slave I'd grown rather fond of, who loved chatting with Me daily, and sessioning weekly, up and ended the connection due to a petty little preference this past week. Took this Mistress by surprise! And then to counter balance? Two slaves who had been sniffing around Me, and I'd assume were time wasters…. Ended up contributing nicely to My wallet this past week.

And we're back to the theme of unpredictability and the change of seasons, as well as the change of submissive and slave desires. As a Mistress I do control many things. I also have a healthy respect for that which is out of My domain.

It's all about getting what we want in the mix, hm?

Merriest holidays to My sweet good boys (and harlot whores!). I'm sending a virtual lump of coal to the turdlets out there who've made themselves known this past week. Although knowing their kinky little minds, they'll probably get off on that! Haha!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Storms, chills, and naked furry boys

Oh little blog, I tend to be a bit more lax during the holidays. Figured while it was very cold outside, and very warm in… I'd drop a note to my little ones. This month Mistress is turning 40, and is feeling a mixture of things with such an event. Of course I'll be pampered – already have a massage scheduled, a close friend taking me anywhere I like for lunch. Considering a pedicure and getting My hair done… will keep you posted!

There's a storm moving in tonight, and it's so very chilly outside. Already been snowing and the winds blow so fierce! I've been thinking my back deck might be the very best place to make a naked little slave shiver just a bit, before bringing him in. Then I'm thinking yes, I'd make him blow something else, so very fierce? *giggle

Been rewatching Rome on DVD (thank you for the whole set, slave!) and enjoying the hell out of it. So hot, brutal, and dead sexy….

I've been playing with a boy across the pond this week. He likes his money drained at higher and oh so much higher rates! Last time I doubled the fee, and watched on webcam while he stripped his bits bare and made his monster do it's duty… He was a furry little one!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back from the feast, little beast

Mistress has returned from her Thanksgiving holiday with much joy and love in her belly. That and a few pounds gained. My friends and family can COOK lemmetellya!

Seattle is such an amazing city. So many people, places, wildness and oy the traffic. Could do without that last one. I’ve been considering relocating, and Seattle definitely has the resources for a Grrl like Myself to find little ones to play with, torment and the like. Makes Me consider setting up real time sessions with slavelettes. Although I’d need a bull or two to keep things in order. Hm… *starts dreaming of making the best dungeon in the land….

I’m sending out warmth to My little ones out there. A few boys have chimed in today, one was looking for Me so ardently all weekend long (even after reading on My blog I’d be gone for many days!). Sometimes when the craving hits, its so hard to shake. Obsession settles in. We all know about that dance. Craving, pacing, wanting something so very much that all else melts into background.

He’ll be sated, this evening perhaps. Although this particular little one has been bad in the past. Making him wait, suits Me.

You’re invited to My cave when time permits. Bring respect, honesty, and your money. We’ll sort the rest! *giggle