Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet Darkness, Shared

Today, I knew the rain was arriving, and had a few tasks in the garden to get to. I put on thick Neoprene gloves, and cut through blackberry brambles in My large back yard.

I've been making Mistress / slave friends of late, locally, Masters too, and enjoying this sense of community. We weird folk need a little encouragement – as many of you know, the vanillas out there just don't "get" us typically.

The blackberries I trimmed were bundles of darkness and thorns, green, red too. Some berries ripe and falling, others tight and not letting go.

I gathered the bundles in a little box bouquet, and brought them to a Mistress on the other side of town. She smiled, we shared coffee, and discussed the terms of Her Number 1 slave. She may be lending him to Me for use, and we're sorting through boundaries and protocol.

I drove back home and pulled into the driveway. I slid onto My couch, and smiled. Life is very good for Mistress just now. Almost as sweet and sharp as those dripping blackberries.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sky, moon, and you

Mistress Lil was feeling inspired this evening. Partake of My fruits, and enjoy!
Early in the morning Saturday, 2 a.m., all's quiet on the western front, U.S. anyway. The moon is out with pale clouds surrounding, and it looks ripe, just a sliver shaved off. Makes Me long for a forest cabin, with a meadow behind it. I'd lay down in a slow swaying hammock, with soft cotton rope, and take in the moon beams and breeze.

And there you'd be, kneeling, naked, with My own fashioned slip knot right around your neck. You'd be silent and waiting for Mistress. Rhythmic pulls against your neck, I use your leash to sway My body, reminding you which of these two, controls the other.

Stillness and understanding. And you little one, ever vigilant. You do please Me.

And then, the course runs when you don't. We BOTH know the hell paid for that infraction.

I've branded, bruised you, scratched your skin. Caned the delicates, zapped the nads. The worm that crawls creeps inside your mind, or perhaps the seat where the heart stirs. Flesh is the tool. Sweet whimpers and gasps, drive My hunt.

My arm reaches over the edge of this rope nest, and I slide fingers through your hair. I'm smiling. The murk of darkness and slight light in our evening, gives you a hint of the rest.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Local Low Down

This past week Mistress has been keeping local company of other perverts in the land of BDSM, Master slave, and the like (wouldn't you be so lucky!). Getting to know the complex folks of our little subset, and the variety therein.

I've befriended a smart young man (well, is 30 young?), a bondage babe with a thing for leather restraints. And not just any leather restraints. He likes buckles studlets and metal accoutrements, the more, the better! All in a balance of taste mind you. He's been working with a local leather worker who specializes in BDSM gear, to come up with the PERFECT leather restraint design. We're discussing a few photo shoots with said boy all tied up, or tied down, or possibly a combo of both!! More on this as it develops.

Do you know how FUN it is to go out for coffee, and have a little sit down with other fellow pervs? It's a bit of, talk about the perversion, while cloaking it in everyday language. Actually I think that's half the fun!!

You most likely should thank these new friends – as their kinks, creativity, will be blending into My sweet mind. Then Mistress will have just one more tool in the kit to torment you with!! *giggle

Keep it tight!