Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feedback to savor

Had a nice long chat with a returning caller tonight, which was lovely. He left the following feedback for Me, and I smiled - "Her ability to level you with withering abject humiliation is exquisite!"


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mistress move

It’s a meandering Sunday, and I’m slightly bummed – a girlfriend had a get together in town just down the road, yet the 2 hours roundtrip drive… kind of undid Me. Alas, I stayed home. Some days I’m definitely in the mood for good tunes, a nice long drive and a friendly hug. Other days, 2 hours of time in the tin box driving... just isn't worth it.

You DO know what I mean….

I wandered My time over to the tele. Thank you slave for the TV, and you know who you are! The same slave who gifted the CD/DVD player and lava lamp, right next to it.

I love the extended yummy that a gift like that brings. Their fondness for Me keeps giving, long after the gift’s been paid for. Every once in awhile, I look at the tele and think, oh yes, My boy bought this. And this makes Mistress... smile.

Lean in a little closer, and tell Me your secrets. Promise, it's just between us.