Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slots, bodygaurds, wands and the like

Mistress is getting rather sick of this cold and wintery weather. I've been out in it 3 times this past week, actually got 15 miles in on the gams, while ipoding away, but damn…. A little more warmth and sun would make Me much happier!

I need to make a pedicure and leg wax run, however I've been a bit lazy about it. Might need to get a slave to step up and fund such a thing. Love knowing deft fingers and muscles soothe Me, on your dime!

Lately I've been futzing around with a few downloadable games. A company called Phantomefx - - makes some of the best slot machine emulations I've seen, other than Masque – Masque purchases expired licenses on actual slot machine software. When it's chilly outside, or I'd rather put My money in savings or gold, I sate My junky fix with home computer slot games. Go figure! … Phantomefx actually has gift cards available… hm! I tend to focus on the monthly downloads and the remasters since, well, I do have several of their CD packages already!

I was talking with a boy about the possibility of us doing sessions together. He's 6'4", has more motorcycles than I can count (6 digits of value in them, can we say cha ching?). I've considered doing real time sessions, however have a few reservations, the main being, I'd need a bodyguard and possible bull for sessions with submissive boys. I'd also like a fully decked dungeon, which if you've ever outfitted one, you know it's expensive! He and I chatted at length, and I think within the next year or two, we may see a few kneeling boys under My care, while bodyguard boy looks on from a distance. Dressed in head to toe leather of course. How humiliating to be trained and entered by Mistress Lily, while a strange leather man silently observes your demise? Hahah!

You may have noticed My Amazon wishlist has had an explosion of dildo listings recently (link on right hand column here!). What can I say, I've been feeling the need to expand My collection, after a recent slave bought Me a HUGE glass dildo that… I rather liked! Haha * blush * Feel free to browse the selection on My wishlist, and consider what it feels like, to buy a cock that actually enters Me….

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chicks that Snap

Okay, am I the only sick f*ck who enjoys watching Snapped on the Oxygen channel? There's something disturbing yet intriguing about the whole, women who take matters into their own hands, in such a final manner. The same morbid curiosity that draws you into watching blips of Extra, while propoganda machines exploit the love lives of famous ones. And tell Me you don't read the headlines on those pulp mags while waiting in line while getting groceries?

We BDSM folk play quite a bit with consentual loss of control, in agreed upon boundaries. A fine balance of getting to the naked nub of humility a submissive seeks, while allowing safety within the heat of training. There seems some causual connection between the morbid curiousity while we watch other's embarrassment, and taking a boy to his own humble depths of surrender.

Sometimes I feel a moral ambivolence in it.

And then I end up giggling, while I hear yet another boy take a rubber mallet to his nads, yelping in pain, counting the wacks with each and every thwack, telling Me yet again, "I'm a dirty filthy c*m sucking whore for you Mistress Lily!"…

And everything is right with the world! Hahaha

Ultimately, I sell a service, and when boys whip out their naughty bits and their credit cards, they know the deal. And .. accept responsibility for their choice.

Monday, January 5, 2009

You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar...

Sometimes Mistress has to grab motivation when it strikes eh?

I'm pondering whether My bedroom activities, and what tools I might use while doing them, are of interest to the slaves who come to read My blog. You're free to offer feedback if you like, next time we session!

It's 3 in the morning, and I've heard from Canada and Australia today. It's quite cool, talking to someone on the other side of the world, knowing it's daylight and summertime there, while it's 3 a.m. and freezy cold here. Makes Me feel a little less… somber somehow.

I am SO craving the long summer days and temperatures. I want to get out and hike a bit, get a jog in maybe, then look out the window to gray skies and slushy snow rain falling… and Mistress is back at her step aerobics inside, once again!

I've been checking the local newspapers in the area, for clubs that have retro 1970-1990 music playing, and am gonna get My groove on soon! Guess I'm stuck in the 80's too. Human League anyone? Hahah

I might just make My next strap on boy sing "DON'T YOU WANT ME" - while pounding his arse with a huge tool! Goddess, I love My job.