Sunday, July 29, 2007

New photo sets, a one listing special!


I've been trying to get these sets up for the longest time! I just added 3 new picture sets, just for those lusty boys and sissies out there who want a look!

To celebrate, I'm going to lower the price on just one of my listings:


"Got MILF?" extension 01781301 - 60 cents less a minute!

This special will last until I'm bored with it!! Also, in another month or so, expect another 3 sets of photos for your viewing pleasure. I have to admit, my Niteflirt pages are becoming a bit button heavy, and I expect soon enough I'll be changing the look and feel. For right now though, it does the job, and you've got more of me to drink into those eyes....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Persistence of Memory

This week brought a new client that proved intriguing for Mistress. A boy named Joe called, breathless and whispering. His girlfriend was in the house, and he so desperately wanted to get his jollies. He was barely intelligible, due to his limited situation, however I did glean this much from him...

He loved sniffing panties. Oh how he loved the texture of them pressed against his moist tongue, the feel of the fabric, the remnants left behind from the previous moist Mistress. As I dug deeper into his psyche, the source was revealed. A previous lover, whom he'd serviced at work, had stuffed that boy's mouth full of her discarded sundries! Oh it made this little man quiver!

Begging to c*m, so sincerely, I of course had to hang up on him, and increase my rate. 5 times! *giggle. Well that was Saturday anyway. Sunday I only did it 4 times. He was up to nearly $9 a minute, and I still didn't let him c*m!!! By the time I did let him, 2 days later, let's say Mistress had a bit more $$$ to play with!

It's dear ones like this, that make this job an art form, and a pure joy for me.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pampered little Mistress....

Was a warm day today, went out in a simple summer dress to run a few errands. Took the long drive to pick up my Amazon wishlist gifts from that undisclosed location...

I was not dissapointed! So many gifts, where to begin. The lipstick and liner set, the Amy Winehouse CD, and the Susan Seddon Boulet card set, all very nice! I love Susan Seddon Boulet, and her Shamanic paintings are so very beautiful.

(photo of me with 80's hair, can you say fuzzy?)

But wait, there's more! A few pounds of Cafe Latte Jelly Belly beans, which were being nibbled on during the trek back home - *damn* they're yummy! Also, a Revlon trimmer for my delicates arrived, complete with templates for my naughty bits. Triangle or Brazillian today? *giggle! It's charging even as we speak....

The biggest box of all held the DVD/VHS player, which I'll be putting to good use! My bedroom VHS broke and a girl needs to have her options. I did after all just buy a few adult videos... decided to go with classic porn, Christy Canyon, John Holmes. Can't *wait* to get a look! I've been using my Sonicare toothbrush too this past week. That thing is *amazing*! And very versatile, it does vibrate after all! *blush

I'm drinking a little coffee before logging in, perhaps the next person I chat with, will be you!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Summer time, and you're keeping me busy!

It's starting to heat up right about now, 4th of July just around the corner. My slaves are keeping me busy!

My Iraqi boy called this weekend, and we spent hours shopping for lingerie... It felt so dangerous and intriguing chatting with him live from Iraq, while he pranced around in little red panties and did very dirty things on cam for me!

Also, "Jacob" treated me to one of my very longest continious sessions on the phone! 6 hours! I kept him from c*mming the whole time, although I do suspect his intoxication helped on that line! For ever 30 minutes he didn't cum, I made him pay me yet another $100... It was a 4 digit session for Mistress!!

Shout out to my little wishlist whore SissyMissyMaid, who's been sending me such wonderful gifts. Just picked up my italian wood handled hairbrush yesterday... and we KNOW who's little cherry ass will be getting a sound beating with that! The coffee pods in 4 flavors, and the soft little pillow, wonderful! SissyMissy has a kind heart, however can be a high maintenance little grrl, and we need to keep her in line. After all, the task of wardrobe and shopping maid takes stern training and servitude of the highest degree...

Mistress is hungry, must get a bit of food! Kisses and ass slaps xxx