Friday, December 10, 2010

Beast in a cave, sleeping

This morning in the wee hours, the power went out in My fair city. At least the chunk I reside in. Was eerie, and quiet for a few moments. The only light in the place was coming from My laptop screen. I did due diligence, called the power folks, then waited.

We forget what we depend on, until these things disappear. I gathered up keys after a few moments, locked the house up, and went for a drive in the dark rain. Half the city was murky and dim, occasional headlights streaming down wet pavement. The strange halting drivers at the dead stoplights, taking our turns with right of way. Odd to feel the blanket of these streets dark, and slumbering. Like a beast in a cave, sleeping.

After restless driving, seeking the boundaries of the murk, I made My way home, crawled in to bed, and waited for electricity, or sleep to catch Me.

As of yet, still the former.

Bring Me your own dark mystery, dear reader, let it mingle with My own…

Monday, November 29, 2010

Passion, Paris

Tonight I meandered through the tele channels, and settled on Globe Trekker. They were walking Paris, showing us the spots with their bright lenses. One detour brought a bookstore where Anais Nin, Henry Miller and oodles of others, shared words, glances, rumbling desire. It looked snug and very warm. So many books and nooks. I wanted to crawl like a cat through pages, and listen to the poets read their voice.

Nin, Miller - I've read a bit of their work. Although I'm more into their mythology… an amateur really. I've tried reading Miller and have yet to get the hook. He's messy, passionate, cruel yet charming... Anais Nin's desire seemed more in line with Mine, sensual, curious, exploring shame and hidden desires.

And their bodies lay to dust. Yet their words still entice us. I fantasize about passion that deep and reckless. I tend to be more controlled in romantic choices than most. Men have to accept that I enjoy this work with you little offspring, and I'm sometimes shy to share it.

Real power tends to be selective. And our secrets, give us mystery, and sometimes keep us sick.

Let your darkness breathe with Me, yes let's see how you open, wide...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The hearth

This cold cold weather outside, makes a Girl like Me feel dreary, and a bit like staying in. Warm fireplace, and warm little men like you to keep Me busy!

One thing this occupation offers is a study in the species of men. You can be an incredibly simple lot, and in other areas, especially around pride, ego, and shame, more complex, and harder to navigate. I love crawling inside your mind, swimming in to grab the twisted nubs of brightness you seek.

Bring your yearning and sweet things to Me, little men. I've a place right here, all for you….

Friday, October 22, 2010

Confusing Carry

My lovelies, I've been a bit less available this past week, for many reasons. It does pain Me. Slightly.

Along with the social life being particularly busy this week, I've been debauching a boy from the east side of the states. He's a tall, fit thing, and you may guess he's a bit like many of My slaves. There's something he's itching for, that a Girl like Me is designed to scratch.

I tend to pamper boys who are smart, respectful, and pamper Me first. A big part of this job is keeping a boy in line.

I remember our first conversations last week. His voice had a deep warmth that made Me lean in a bit. The mumbling did distract. Yet there was an intelligent core to this conflicted fella. A bit arrogant, there was a deep need in him to submit to a Woman with sensual strength. And he craved the humiliation of a Woman like Me, entering him. We talked at length about he spreading wide for Me, aching with want, hard, naked, offering his denial as My tool, entertainment. We edged him over 5 sessions, right up to the brink.

His heavy breath would yawn open and beg for release. The satisfaction of waiting, is key. He wanted to be held at bay, laughed at, defiled. And the shame was palatable. I could feel that dark place inside him that could suck up and run.

He's still here. We'll see if the thread of we sticks through time. And perhaps you and I, dear reader, have a thread to weave ourselves….

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blathering boys; Laces of grace

Ah, the early morning coke head.

The boy begging blackmail with lacking sincerity. They've yet to see how they self appear, and perhaps My weary eyes have slid over the likes of he, one too many times. Drunk, coked up, all sensation and lack of being present inside that flesh mess.

He hoovered nose candy, sucked down Jim Beam, sent his photos, begged Me to write down his name. When instructed to do the leg work, send the tribute, oh My, he chooses not. I feel a bit like a trainer of champions, watching a puppy piddling all over himself. You can't blame the wee one, yet his demands can cramp My time.

Sigh…. Onto other things.

One of My fat and plumpy ones trekked through My wishlist this past week, and this babydoll was a HAPPY CAMPER! I'm still so pleased looking at the stash of stuff he delivered to My doorstep. I need to start looking for different lingerie dealers though. Amazon's got just a sliver of market. Wonder if My Secrets In Lace wishlist still lives. Research…. (btw, Secrets In Lace is probably My favorite place of lace).

We need to discuss your guise this Halloween. I have a few ideas on what we'll wrap you in….

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"I wanna do bad things with you... "

Full moon tonight, and thoughts of werewolves and shapeshifters circle My mind. Yes, I too, have the "True Blood" virus.

Athough perhaps you can be the judge of this. I just received Season 3 from a friend of mine who burns such things before they're released. I'm now on book 3 of the Sookie Stackhouse series (which, by the way, has total plot points eliminated or added, depending on Alan Ball's mood). And I'm reveling in it all. Really truly FUN!!

I purr with the themes in Sookie's world. Expectation needs to be set, after all it's supposed to be fun, and occasionally the truck size plot holes do distract, yet overall? Mama like!

On full moons they say, the werewolves and shapeshifters are forced to transform into their beast sides. They're exposed, and somewhat vulnerable, when their human lives are shed.

A bit like you?

Perhaps we can walk a path together, where we share a little time, and you feel seduced, aroused, hypnotized… then ultimately, while you lay open, ready, and oh so weak? I'll sneak up on you and growl while I bite….

Bring it.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labored LUST!

Barely 9 a.m. Saturday, Labor Day weekend. I'm curious how many of My pets are out with family and friends, spending the weekend on the lake, or at some sports bar. With weekends like this, sometimes the slaves are quiet. Breaking away from the rush of holiday bonding, can be SUCH a challenge!

And yes, those few weak men, do, don't they? I get so thrilled when a married bloke calls Me while crouching in his dark bedroom, the wife downstairs, or out at the pool. Meanwhile, he kneels in the corner of a dusty closet jerking off in his wife's panties! You weak little wankers give Mistress a smile, and then some!

I've been checking out vacation destinations, considering Belize, maybe Costa Rica. Have you been abroad lately (and yes, pun intended, sissy)? Ring Me up and spill the details!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Draping Twilight

Sunday night, and twilight approaches.

Ah bless. I'm resentful of the whole "Twilight" franchise, their pubescent vampires running to and fro… They've stolen a word like twilight from Me, and made into something else. Now when you utter the word, visions of pale model types and metaphorical Freudian angst… sally forth.

I've been pondering My per minute rate, and decided to go generous tonight. $1.99 on My top 10 listings! Well, except for financial domination, of course. No point in going low on that, eh?

I'm exploring My complex crush on Don Draper this evening. He's such an attractive, gifted mess. Ah, bless.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mama's got a brand new bag... or BOX

Mistress has been a busy bee! Been buying a few things with Amazon gift certificates (thanks boys!). Love using your cash for My benefit!

OH ANNOUNCEMENT –My new P.O. box is set up, so I can receive prezzies from you again! All you need to do is purchase the Wishlist items, and they'll be in My warm little hands swiftly. My apologies to the boys who sent gifts during the transition. The quaint little place I used to get My gifts sent to, closed their doors. I've been meaning to get another service set up. And NOW IT IS! Bring it ON!! There's bras, panties, and other little things just ACHING to be next to Me… check the wishlist!

It's fucking HOT on the West coast babydolls! Still 80 degrees F out, at MIDNIGHT! Obscene… Gonna be a good weekend to stay inside with the air conditioning amped, walking around naked. Haha!

I'm meeting up with out of town friends this weekend. We might be hitting a casino. Love thinking about the days when gambling meant dressing up in too tight black dresses, shiny sparkly things. Long cigarettes and mystery… well, all except the scent of cig smoke, that is! Love the visual on cig smoke, although the scent I can do without.

The smell of your fear and arousal? Ooooh YES, more of this….

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Windows open

Tonight had a delicious event with a secret blog reader. He described his secret delight at sneaking to My blog page, catching up on what, of late, catches My fancy.

He's got a crush on a powerful woman at work, a lady with a bit of a reputation. Of course nothing concrete, nothing confirmed. Something about dating a divorcing fella, and that distracting confidence, infusing her stance.

We weaved our combined tête-à-tête, while I lead him into a shared dance with this vixen. I became her, I let him in, doing his duty, in My office, My desk. And finally yes, crested the tension, boldly of course. I grabbed what is Mine, that distracting erection hiding in slacks, and told him exactly what he'd do for Me.

I told him to get over to My windows, and pull open the strings of Venetian blind. Corner office, overlooking the view. Mountains, fields, a small airport in distance. And now he's in the view too, at least from the street. Him, and his soon to be naked flesh…

There's more to be told. And you know where to find it…

Friday, July 2, 2010

Lily's throwing a SALE! slaves!

My top 5 Niteflirt listings are having a SALE! I'm still playing with the discount, depends on My mood!

I can guarantee these 5 Niteflirt listings will be a steal over the 4th of July weekend! Come shoot your works for a bargain! (egad, I'm cringing at the tack of that last statement...)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy Grrl

I'm liking the weather lately! I'm near the west coast US, and the thought of ocean breeze and a little sea food has been crossing My mind. Yes... the company of an eager submissive man, polite, funny, with a fat wallet and time on his hands. We'd walk along the shore, then get lunch somewhere spontaneous. I'd tease him so needlessly while nibbling on sordid niblets...

Then shopping. So many stores and things to browse! Your smiling lips while your credit card clicks. Then dinner. Then... we'd find an expensive suite at a coastal getaway, and submit you to delicious torture. All... for Me!

Now what would we DO in that little locked room of ours? You'll have to call for those sweet nuggets!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Manipulating Masturbator frank!

Tonight, a tooth fairy came to visit, named frank!

Little frank crawled his voice down the Niteflirt phone lines, and shelled out a fat chunk of change, while I slowly deflowered and humiliated him, under My fingertips…

The smell of leather on My warm, silky skin caused his breath to start, hard and heavy. I weaved through the many tasks he'd perform. Taking Me shopping for snug leather skirt, stripping for Me and worshiping feet!

We slid to the climax, building building… I'd force him to suck very dirty things. How his 8 inch cock, unused by pussy, would be bobbing in the corner, while he kneeled and watched the show! He started breathing so hard, and begged to cum, please Mistress let me cum!!

Of course I forced him to stop his jerking hand, made him pause for a second. Even let him slither a finger over the tip of his dick, and made him taste his own dripping precum. He had a choice to make, if he wanted to spurt out his hot thick load for Ms Mistress!

Either he'd slide a finger up his tight little ass, with his eyes closed thinking of Me violating his ass. OR – he could tell Me a particularly humiliating phrase over and over while he oozed and spurted. Of course frankie wanted his ass fucked –

And with that last little mindfuck, his breath ached and moaned, and he blew it everywhere! I wanted to get a spoon and feed it back to his demoralized lips.

franklet left Me a Tooth Fairy Tip tonight too! That's a way to make this Grrl smile! Come a little closer, dear reader, I think you want a taste...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dancing Irises

Slave babies, Mistress has sore legs today! I danced and danced and DANCED last night with a few of My girlfriends who love grrls, if you know what I mean. This mamasita is a bit worn out. Might be the tequila shots that they bought for Me too…

It's been a long week for this little Chickita, and I've made the decision to take it easy this weekend. I'll be a little less available this week with other tasks, so if you're in dire need, an email and an appointment can be set up for slave needs. Just bring your wallet and your need to submit. I'll do the rest! Hehe

Cinco de Mayo is coming up, and I've irises blooming in My garden. What crazed debauchery do you have planned?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Boys and Boots

It's been a pleasant and uneventful Saturday afternoon. Woke up to the sound of starlings making there shrill chirps, tweets and the like.

Slid on a pair of Frye motorcycle boots, that a little slave treated Me to. He actually bought 4 sets of Frye boots for Me, all in different sizes and styles. Threw on a dress, met a few friends for a bit of chat and coffee.

Something about an overcast day makes Mistress feel like cocooning inside with a movie or a book. A naked man serving as my foot stool, stretching out My legs across his breathing body. Oooh, now that sounds eeexcellent!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Youthful Judgement

Mz Lily received something this past month, that she's never been gifted before.

Yes, after 20+ years of driving within the law, and never having received a traffic violation, a rookie cop with 3.5 weeks work experience (he actually graduated the academy in Febuary 2010, started work as an actual cop in March 2010)... gave Me My very first traffic ticket.

I plead "Not Guilty." Going to court.


Mistress is peeved. Have consulted a lawyer actually. Improper Right Turn? Seriously? Little cop boy was nervous, and almost apologetic, while his supervising training officer pulled his puppet strings. He barely looked legal for purchase of alcohol.


Didn't argue with the little one of course. Have to do that in the courts, eh?

Will keep you posted on the outcome. Meanwhile, I'll barter a few hours of My Mistress time, for a boy who knows his traffic court shit, and can get this dismissed. You out there? :) Lawyer boys are welcome to drop Me a note!

Somehow our egos get involved with such things. I'd rather give a lawyer more money than the traffic ticket costs to pay off, than pay the bugger. The cop was wrong.

Alrighty, *rant off* ! Your patience, much appreciated!

This does bring up a roleplay though. A lady I used to date, had a full police officer costume that she mentioned on occasion. She kept asking Me to do a photo session with her in full costume, Me dominating her, putting her in her low little place. Hm. The possibilities of a billy club....

*smiles evilly*

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Un kinked thigh

Where is a slave this morning, when I need My fresh cup of coffee!

Oy, I was out last night and had a bit of fun. My left thigh is still twinging a bit, and I did commit to go hiking today. A little pain might work!

Discovered a FABULOUS little food bar here in town, at a local cooperative grocery store. Had baked paddock fish with this zesty little sauce, steamed broccoli with bean sprouts, and a pasta primavera that had quite a zing to it. Strange to to have the quality I'd pay $20 for at a nice restaurant, served up buffet style. I'll be back for more. Count on that!

In My area of the world, they're having Kinkfest in Portland, Oregon presently, and many of My real time friends are there, kinking their brains out. Sigh – it sounds like a lot of fun, and unfortunately I couldn't make it. Will be waiting on the tawdry stories later!

What makes you feel weak, little one?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Neglecting that which is Mine

March is upon us. You coming in like a lion, and leaving like a lamb?

Only after, you've seen Me, of course! hehe

Just watched a film about a story in Europe, in earlier times. To think they've had dildos around, since we've probably had cocks.

I shudder to think about the wooden phalluses, impersonating flesh and blood.

That would be a sliver. yeowch.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Help My Bite!

While watching a performance of Verdi's opera Aida, I was struck by a quote said by the character Amneris, while enticing another into darkness, ""Come, O delight, come closer."

Indeed, My pets! (takes a good hard look at you, dear reader, and smirks).

While I typically am not much of an opera enthusiast, I've reason to enjoy it today. My dentist has prescribed Vicodin for root canal pain I'm experiencing, and I partook today. Lemme tell you, the world looks a lot more warm and fuzzy, when drugged.

Typically I do not enjoy intoxication (drugs or alcohol). However when it's doctor's orders, and I need it… Welcome, strange fuzzy warmth. I've noticed when I've sessioned in the past with a slight buzz, it seems to amplify and improve the session. I emphasize, SLIGHT buzz. I'd never session with a full on drunk going. And actually am trying to remember what a "full on drunk" felt like….

Well, other than listening to one, over the phone, while he pays Me exorbitantly! *giggles*

I've added a NEW button called TOOTH FAIRY TIP for My top 5 listings on Niteflirt (see link to on the right column of My blog)! It's a $29 tip, to help out with My impending expensive dentistry, and Mistress deserves it! Also, I treat My dedicated flock well, when they serve Me just as much!

Kisses and ass slaps!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maximizing your demise

Mistress has been percolating many things recently. How to amp up My business of debauchery, and take advantage of the needy men like you, who need a sense of release. It's a strange thing, evaluating mechanisms to extract the most profit, while enjoying your humanity, and the process of defiling you.

Smart girls playing with trinkets named slaves!

Had a call from a long time binge boy. He goes long weeks in between being defiled, then will go completely ape shit and spend HOURS on the phone, chatting with a dozen or two Mistresses all in one long shot. He's got a bit of an issue with the nose candy, if you know what I mean. And of course he loves to show off on webcam… this man's a pain slut too, and has the scars to prove it!

Listening to his out of control desire and lust, makes Me curious and somewhat concerned. This boy can sometimes fly down a self destructive road, busting through the guard rails, mid air, hurling toward the skids. I'm intrigued and disturbed, all at the same time.

I like pushing slave fucks like you, desperate for phone sex domination, frantic for anal training, stroking and yearning for relief! Thing is, I like draining men slowly over time… I get more out of you that way. I definitely shy away from slaughtering a man in one or two sessions. Long slow draining, yes, much more My style!

Just enough to sting. A good long while! Hehe

Friday, January 22, 2010

Drill for Thrill

Well, right about now Mistress is wishing she had a dentist slave, because guess who's teeth have that dull thud going on… I'm getting into a very good dentist early next week, but damn… I'd just love to have a kinky boy I could train, in exchange for x-rays, cleanings, something to fill Me with… *heheh!!

Any dentists in the Pacific Northwest here in the United States, who wish to dentally serve Mistress Lily, and then be punished long and hard in return? Feel free to drop Me a note!

It's Friday, I'll be logged in a good chunk this weekend, although do have plans Saturday night with a slave… gonna blow his mind with a little evening I have planned for him (shh!). Oh – also trained with a Master friend of mine this past week, flogging, caning and the like. We chose a big girl because, easier for target practice. We deliciously tortured this very willing kitten while she jumped, clenched, and PURRED! I'm loving the technique this Master buddy of mine is teaching Me. We Dom/mes can definitely trade tools of the trade!

Maybe you'll be our NEXT stunt bottom, hm? Hehe!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chicago nuts

So guess who came a calling this morning (at 4 a.m. - pardon me while I get out of bed naked to take this call!). BOB (yeah, sure, his name's Bob, that's it) from CHICAGO!!

He'd been up all night drinking, and while he'd drunk nearly half the city's supply of vodka, he was aching for abuse. More pain. Ah the sweet smell of a boy about to be exploited...

Tonight we started with the kitchen spatula, but wait, he'd bought a new one, with a thicker handle! Can't get himself to buy a dildo yet, spatula's work just fine! We got that baby lotioned up and did a good deal of anal exploration.

And then I got a little bored. He's so lame with getting new toys to play with, and a Girl's got to get creative. AH HA! ICE!! I made little man go get a cup full of ice, and we slowly slid several pieces up his bum! Then stirred it up with the spatula! And of course we had to Vick's Vapor Rub his balls. And of COURSE we had to slide a good gob of Vick's inside his urethra ...

I finally felt he was ready for a more advanced CBT technique, and lead him to the bathroom. There, I edged him, let him jack off just enough to make his cock hard, then made him drape his balls over the edge of the porcelain god, and SLAM the round seat HARD on his nuts. He makes the sweetest sounds when he's in excruciating pain :) We did that several times!!

Ah, but the plunger in the bathroom is perfect for strange uses. We suctioned it to the floor, lotioned it up, and made him ride it like a cowgirl! And the toothpaste was right there, no need to waste it! Smeared it all over his balls, just for fun.

I was merciful, and finally let him cum. Although I'll have to tell you, the WAY he came was very embarrassing and humiliating. Ask Me about it on our next call :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ripe mark

We made it through, it's 2010, which kind of blows My mind. Time keeps moving, and we're marching along….

Friday was an interesting little jaunt. I had a very drunk boy, who shall remain nameless to protect his anonymity (cough). I'll call him… bob. Also known as buttf*cking spatula boy! hehe

This Chicago boy, loves to get drunk, and rather belligerent, then call Me. One of those split personality blokes who gets combative, then when you back hand him verbally, cowers right down and bends over, just like any submissive c*nt would! Kind of Jekyll and Hyde. Two for the price of one! hehe

I kept making him drink more and more vodka (which, you should note, is My fave alcohol for forced intox, just so's you know). Took him to the kitchen, shoved a spatula up his bum. Alternated between beating his balls and making him say the most VILE things... God, it was a trip! He had the shittiest phone line, and the line kept dropping. Kept bragging about how he had a free cell phone that he didn't have to pay for… and boy did it show. He called Me close to 20 times, due to the poor quality.

Well that, and his general fucked upness J

He shared dirty secrets. He's been to several prostitutes in the past few months. No one will fuck him by choice, it seems. He's got money, and self loathing. The two make for a ripe mark, hm?

After our several hours of back and forth, I looked at My account, and smiled. Practically purred. He dropped so much cash on My lap, I'll most likely be fucking off the next few days. No need to log in for you, all that much, when I've got a few boys paying My way!

This weekend, there's a BDSM play party I'm going to. I'm going to wear a pair of 5 inch stiletto heels, that a slave bought for Me, some time back. Might find Me a boot whore to suck on My heel. Care to watch? Hehe!