Friday, July 22, 2011

Wrapped up in you

Happy Friday slaves!

Thursday was a great day. I received a recent booty from a generous slave, and decided to check things out! He bought Me hot black Saucony shoes for hiking, and I decided to break them in. Made 5 miles in ‘em before getting done . Loved it!

While I was walking in those hot new shoes, taking in the tall trees, fresh air under a cloudy sky, I realized how much of the gear wrapped around My warm body was a gift from one of you. My mp3 player, ubber hot earbuds, the new pedometer, the Ironman watch I timed Myself with, even the music I’d downloaded on My mp3 player… all gifts from boys like you. Oh, don’t forget the sports jacket wrapping it all up into a hot little snack!

I smiled quietly to Myself while walking through the park… Mistress had a secret. Or perhaps a few of them! I feel the devotion and submission behind every little trinket.

I’m so antsy for something fun to do. Call Me and tell Me your strange little ideas…

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Diminutive playthings

Tonight I was feeling restless and ready for a lil bit of strange….

I looked over at the pile of sex toys I’ve lined up on one of My bookshelves. They mostly collect dust and look pretty. All the pinks and purples and blacks… the push buttons and batteries. Oooh and the cane with leather straps at one end, aching for a hind part to slap –

I have so many cock shaped devices to play with, when flesh and blood are elsewhere. And for all the fuss and the pretty spendy things, My very favorite dildo is the least expensive, and somewhat diminutive.

Just 6 ½ inches long, it might not be the tallest boy at the dance. What’s he got going for him? The toy was designed with veins galore. Not huge heavy ridged that can feel a bit like rat-a-tat-tat when you’re gettin’ your groove thang on… no these are more subtle. That, and my fave little black beast is girthy boy…

Even has a set of balls attached at one end. I did that with purpose – it’s so hard to force that fuck up where it’s dark, when you don’t have a handle for the thing! Haha

Little black beast came out to play tonight. And Mistress came out to play too!
I’ve got a smile on My face, and now, we both know why. *giggle*

Heads up for the readers in My flock – I’m playing “find the $1.99 listing” on My Niteflirt extensions. I’ve got one selected, although you’ll need to look a bit to find it. Can you see it?