Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rocks on rocks

Ah, bless, today is when we fall back with time. It’s colder out there, and I’ve busted out the flannel sheets. I’ve been sleeping on a beautiful set of silk sheets, gifted from a favorite slave. Well, I was sleeping on them, and sometimes another…

Possession. Being taken over by another spirit, infused and filled with some other spirit’s mind. If you’ve ever been deeply in love, you’ve experienced it. The one that makes your belly tremble. The one that made you gasp at the sight. The one you’d sell everything you had, to make happy.

My heart has been possessed. These loves, lusts, can break us up like rocks on sand, rocks on rock, rocks on sea. We all share this path, somehow .

Thing is, you have the most to lose at such times. It’s like being pulled along with the waves, the rip tide.

When I settle in and close My eyes, listening to your voice on the phone, I sometimes feel like I’m diving into your veins. It helps when I close My eyes, because then it’s just our ears, our voice. It helps Me feel closer, like I can hear your heartbeat somehow.

And sometimes we’re shy to give up our secrets, to strangers.

I want to warm you slowly, learn your rhythm, then tighten things up until you are beneath Me, without thought. Trusting My voice, instruction, suggestion. Your sex is of interest to Me. Your gasps and wants, yes, bring them here. You come to My door to submit. Be good with Me, and you may come, and play, here in My secret nest of warmth and strong wood. I’ll wrap you up in leather and air, and cover your eyes for a spell. All you’ve got is My heels on the floor, walking slowly around you, hard.

And then, what next? We know where to find this answer. Call this Ms. And yes, I love writing tailored stories too. Sometimes training works best via text. Call or write Me via the links above, and…. let’s start.