Sunday, April 27, 2008

Panty Alerts!

I'm trying something a little different, and thought I'd let you knew about it!

Usually when I take a break from my Niteflirt Mistress phone line (for lunch, sleep, etc), I'll log completely out of Niteflirt, then log back in completely upon my return. You're used to that, yes? The little "CALL NOW" or "AWAY ARRANGE A CALL" buttons, we all know those!

Mistress figured it was time to catch up with the 21st century, and *now* I'm going to start using the "Alert me of Calls" option.

What does this mean?

It means if I'm just about finished with a snack, and you happen to call, I can talk with you, even if I'm not right at the phone! It essentially gives me the option of saying, "We know you're busy, although can you take the call now anyway?"

The Alerts On button just gives me a chance to chat with you if I'm in the middle of something, and can break away, without having my Ratings affected. See, if a Niteflirt speaker leaves her status at "CALL NOW" and she turns down a call, Niteflirt says, tsk tsk, and deducts 2 rating points.

ANYHOO - if you see this -->

Feel free to click on the button and call! Would hate to miss my little slavelettes when they need me. Granted, Mistress does have a social life! hehe

The weekend has been wonderful so far. Was just thinking about a pair of panties that went out this week to a slave of mine. Was his birthday after all! He said the perfume was intoxicating... And since the post office can be very strict about such things, it was only the perfume bought from a shop up north. I'm thinking about making him wear the pink thong undies to work, although he said they were a bit too small for him. Not sure why that would be a deterrent... I mean a snug fit can be good yes? hehe.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Hello sweet ones, feeling the need to read Lily thoughts! Saturday morning, I'm logged in to chat with slaves that care to call My line. Although Mistress was considering logging out and going somewhere to play tonight! A little dancing, maybe a few slot machines, Goddess knows what Mistress might get up to this eve!

Tonight seems to be sissy night. Maybe it's the full moon Sunday rustling up the wild ones! So far tonight bois in beige panties, and a pink thong, have just been itching to talk to Me all about their fantasies.

My neck is a little tight this evening, and I could use warm soothing hands giving me a slow massage. My next masseuse appointment is another week or two away. Might need a slave to take care of a few tight muscles...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Everything for You...

**Blog item removed until this client pays his due***

Friday, April 4, 2008

Resonant Perspective

Here comes April, coaxing summer just a little bit closer.

I remember reading a quote from artist Diego Rivera, about artist and wife Frida Kahlo, (and I paraphrase), "Frida's imperfections only amplify her beauty." On that theme, a client shared a Goya quote with me this morning, along the lines of, "That which is ugly, can be beautiful. That which is pretty, never."

In My line of work, I am many times asked to see things from a different angle or perspective. Clients come to Me yearning to give voice to incredible urges they've buried deep within them, far from prying eyes of those who might disapprove. The tall muscular contractor working in Iraq, considered a stud by many women... likes to call Me with his bunny ears and red satin panties on, to dance for me on webcam. Or the wealthy CEO swimming in tons of money, who has explosive orgasms while we talk, exploiting the fact that he, indeed, has the smallest penis this side of the Mississippi.

I have a new boy who might come across to many as normal. He's employed, has a girlfriend, yet for some reason, gets incredibly turned on thinking about worshipping old women's feet. The crone, the sage, the wise woman of the tribe, with her bunions, calluses and cracked skin. Yes, this is what drives him to reaching for Me.

We choose lovers, partners for many reasons. Chemistry, intellect, their nurturing side. Perhaps a bit of stability and a desire for commitment. And we sometimes lay to rest other parts of our person, in order to accommodate these many other things. In the beginning of My work as Mistress, I struggled a bit with this. If a man reaches for Me, to share his erotic kink, while his wife is none the wiser, am I participating in some kind of emotional affair?

It took me a few months of pondering this conundrum to come to the conclusion that fits for me. What I've found over time is that when a man reaches for Me, to discuss a secret part of him that is rarely exposed to any other, it seems to keep solid the commitments he's made to his partner or wife. More often than not, they want to remain faithful to their love, yet need the pressure valve that a session with Me can provide. Someone nonjudgmental, who actually embraces and thrives in their dirty little secret.

And yes I have boundaries of what I will and won't discuss. And any commitments My clients have made are theirs to sort through. Just know there's a thinking woman on the other end of the phone. I take little parts of each of My slaves with Me, long after the session ends.