Friday, March 28, 2008

Desperate duds, blow their dough

It's one of those nights... you know who you are, the boys who want to be used just for money, then discarded like a used napkin. Bonus if I abuse their tender bits while we talk on the phone!

I just had a fabulous session with a boy that started out innocently enough. I mean $3.99 a minute on my Financial Domination line is a good start yes? Some boys get so turned on when I start jacking up the rates and they end up paying so dearly...

Tonight, a doctor called me and we started getting him way fucked up. He downed shot after shot of vodka, and I made him call back several times. That last call, he paid $29.99 a minute, and talked for a good long spell... that was of *before* I made him slather Icy Hot on his deformed little dick! Towards the end, and over $400 later, he ended up in tears on the phone, the pain on his microscopic penis was just too much to bear!! I made him dunk it in ice water just for kicks!

I'm giggling now, just thinking about how I'm gonna blow that wad of cash!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday fresh

I'm a little behind on My weekly post pets, Mistress has had a busy week. I'm looking forward to a weekend of torturing and teasing slavelettes!

Lately I've been a bit mesmerized by a lava lamp I dusted off, and took out of the closet. Blue and yellow shades dancing together. It's a bit like watching an aquarium of fishies. Something very soothing to be found there!

Mistress did advanced interval step aerobics this morning and woo, lemme tell ya! I worked up quite a sweat! My arms were feeling the weight workout yesterday too. I like making my body stronger. Helps me hold the leash a bit more firmly!

Be talking with you soon my sweets!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Salacious Squatting

No end to the sissies in sight, is there?!

My recent pet has been bringing me many smiles, and more than a few sadistic giggles. I'll call this little one Stevie. He's a very well spoken boy who dresses up in long dark tresses, slutty shiny red and thigh high slut gear! A forced feminization feline, if I've ever known one!

He recently flew across the pond for a visit in the UK, and he couldn't stay away from Mistress Lily. Why should he? heheh!

He did exactly as ordered too, as we began our acquaintance with intense anal training. And while our sessions were pleasant, I just had this insatiable need to stretch this little lady's ass just THAT much more. 12 inch dildo, here she comes!!

He's been a good slut too, sending me the money from his whore outings, meeting men anonymously, and being used, tossed aside. His last date was a bit brutal, made her cry a little. Although for some reason, she seems to enjoy a little pain...

Little stevie grrl got down on her whored up legs, squatted so strongly over his new project, 12 inches of firm and fruity dildo power stuffed right up his anal backside!! This was new, I could tell from his many moans and sobs... and that slut took it ALL!! Just as commanded! And the girth on this newly purchased big boy would make any lady gasp!

She's on a research assignment presently, doing a little video viewing, then we have plans to continue her education. So many sluts, so little time...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wide open wallets, and husbands that suck...

Why is it that a good cuckold call just gets this Mistress going??

Had a chat with a husky voiced husband tonight. On the road for work of course, wife nestled safe at home, while he earns his keep elsewhere. And for some reason, his wonderful wife, oh so straight and narrow, just hasn't had the inclination to ask her man if he'd like to do something a little wild...

Just between you and Me, this boy gets SO f*cking turned on thinking about his wife being very very bad... especially if it's a paid employee of his! I wove a fantasy about the gardener, or a contractor remodeling the house... and for some reason, it made his c*ck so HARD thinking about actually PAYING this boy to slide his wife his oh so big d*ck! Can you imagine the humiliation of coming home early one day to find your wife getting POUNDED by a well hung stud?

Oh but the best part is yet to come! I jacked up his phone rate per minute from $3.99, then $4.99... we got him up to $6.99, and drained his wallet GOOD!! All while telling him how he'd become my c*ck sucking bitch, and describing those sweet long fingers of mine, wrapping around my lover's meat, force feeding his wet moist mouth, and watching those sweet eyes of his bulge and water!!

Was feeling generous, did let this little one shoot his load, although made him say over and over, "I'm a c*ck sucking little bitch! I'm a c*ck sucking little whore!!"

That my friend, was a night well spent!