Monday, December 14, 2009

When sleep evades

I have big plans in the morning, that will keep Me busy most of the day, and I'm wired and restless. The more I try calming down and meditating, bringing stillness to My mind, the more I resist, and the cycle continues.

Fuck it. Why fight it... I'll just write a blog post :)

Christmas is oh so near, and I'm still pondering what I'll be doing. A few invites to a few homes with loved ones, although the business woman in Me, considers working through the holiday, and raking in the cash that the other phone Dommes will miss (oh, sweet fat wallet slavelettes). I've worked through a few other holidays in the past, and sometimes that competitive vixen just has to be answered to.

Mistress likes to take advantage, sometimes! heheh

The squeals of a boy getting fucked from behind, might make My restless mind relax. Care to bring it?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sale! $1.99 a minute

I'm running a special this weekend - $1.99 a minute on My top 5 listings at Niteflirt. Bring on your strange little perversions and let's work them over....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Flying by, a hunger sated

Anyone else feeling a little bit bloated?

If I have another piece of pie, I might well pop. Truth be told, I'd rather not repeat Mr. Creosote's example (name THAT obscure reference!).

We're at the end of November, and I'm deliberating the rest of My holiday plans. Right now I'm visiting loved ones, and am so happy to have them near!

I've also missed My boys - you know who you are! It's difficult to whip out the phone over turkey dinner, and discuss directions on anal insertion. As well is should be a bit odd, I suppose :)

I'm craving a cuckold call tonight. You see, there's this pilot I've met recently, and he makes this girl feel the strongest sensations...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oiled nuts, and visions delayed

Mistress was up way early this morning, and decided to load new pics on Niteflirt. Which, in Niteflirt's present beta state? Just ain't working right. At least the photo loading utilities….

So if you're craving new visual angles of My fine white ass, and you're being held at bay? Give a sharp poke with a stick to Niteflirt.

That being said, I'm very happy for what does work on Niteflirt. My regulars are getting through, and I listen to their agonized grunts of despair. Yes, I'll have seconds of that! heheh

This whole winter thing is a bit of a drag. Have a trip or two coming up this season and I'm percolating on what to pack, when to get the pedicure, when to wax the legs… That feeling of freshly waxed legs, with my favorite mango cocoa butter lotion, makes Me feel almost edible.

I like coconut oil when I get long massages, especially from slaves, because it tastes yummy. Coconut oil looks white, and thick, and hard, when at room temperature. Then when you scoop out a thick dollop, and slide it over warm flesh, it slowly melts and absorbs. Slick and silky.

Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to bore you. *smirk

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Post trick, pre treat

November's here and Christmas around the corner. I'm feeling dreadfully unprepared, as usual :) Seems I get my loved ones gifts just in time, but tend to wait until right before the deadline!

It gets cold out, the days get shorter, and my running and hiking times get fewer and fewer. Anyone gain 5-10 lbs over the holidays, only to widdle it off in the spring? That would be My pattern!

This was the first Halloween in many years, I've spent at home before going out, and filling up the young kidlets with candy. Of course, I bought a case of the big candy bars, no snack size for My trick and treaters! haha

Couldn't figure out what outfit to go with, and just decided to dawn My Matrix trenchcoat (Neo would be proud) and a pair of boot stiletto heels that I'd never worn in public. Went and had coffee with a few friends. Got asked out on a date. Think it was the shoes! hehe

I'm craving a little cuckold play lately. Seems like a few boys have come to My phone with fantasies of their exploitation, and watching Mistress satisfied, while they cower in the corner, wanking without notice. Seems kind of fun, rubbing it a man's face like that. ya think?

Smiling just now...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stilettos on skin

Morning! Would you believe last night at 4 in the morning, lights were flashing and thunder was rumbling… Luckily I was already up working with perverts like you, although I did think for a second the power might go out. I even unplugged My laptop just to make sure a power surge didn't zap the prams!!

I've healed over the cold, and what did it? Those funky little Airborne tabs!! LIFESAVER!! I think I'll be keeping those on hand!

I'm about to hit the shower and get a little sun on My face. Well, using My sun lamp. How very 70s of Me, ya think? *giggle

I've been yearning for a few pairs of stilettos! I'm thinking of your pale naked flesh, while I walk all over your thighs, your strong shoulders…. There's a pair of silver sandals on My wishlist that are elegant and sexy. I've been craving them…

Come hither little one, let Me debauch you!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mistress sniffle

Well, My sweets, Mistress is under the… weather presently. I've been slamming garlic, vitamin C, sucking on… zinc. I just found out about the Airborne tabs. You'll notice they're on My Amazon wishlist, and I'd be very happy to receive a gift of them!

Bring Me a tissue!

If you do call in the next day or two, don't be surprised if the voice sounds a little bit rough or smoky sounding. And no, I'm not a tobacco Girl! Hehe

I'm a late night Girl, as My boys know! Craig Ferguson, whom I happen to have a small crush on, just did a Vanna White sweep with his hands up and down the length of his body, and said, "That's right, I look like a frumpy whore on Bingo night!" haha!!

You know, I think we could achieve that look, if he'd come visit My closet!

I've been slightly bummed with the changes going on with Niteflirt, yet I will admit, the basic services seem to be functional. It was a bumpy little transition hm? I'm probably going to end the $1.99 a minute special sometime this weekend, so get your punishment in while you can! Such a bargain!

Alright, I'm considering Nyquil and a long bath….

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Niteflirt in transition?!? How to get MsLily on phone!!!

As you have noticed, faithful slaves, Niteflirt servers have been in transition for a week now. They have a Niteflirt link that can get you through to Me! Same service, slightly different address:


Niteflirt assures us they are working hard to fix the main systems, and I'm really glad to be able to take calls this way, while they are transitioning.

I'm still running My $1.99 special to help slavelettes! BRING IT ON~~!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cuckoldry in black and white

I recently watched the movie Gilda, released in 1946, starring Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford. Drama at it's best, and strangely subverted sexual tension between almost every other character. I was quite impressed. Rita's character blatantly cuckolds not only Ford's character as the casino boss' right hand man, while offering the same emotional payoff for her casino owning husband. Cucky special - two for one!

I drew the movie in, and kept thinking, "Sooo many cuckold slaves out there would EAT this shit UP!!" hehe! One thing I did crave, was a little more emotionally contained nature in Ms. Gilda and more control, although I suppose that was the whole point. Her lack of control, right in their face, took us to the next development, and the next.

For every man craving to have the love of his life fuck him over, publicly and with glee? Give this classic a chance.

One subtext though – Gilda's character is living in a more sexist time (1940's) where, even as a grifter, she's dependent on men financially, using their sexual exploitation as a currency of control. Women used such things, when their options were fewer.

Thankfully, today, We chicks get the chance to use more options. Feel free to give Mistress a call. I'll exploit you sexually, and use your currency for... any damn thing I like...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet Darkness, Shared

Today, I knew the rain was arriving, and had a few tasks in the garden to get to. I put on thick Neoprene gloves, and cut through blackberry brambles in My large back yard.

I've been making Mistress / slave friends of late, locally, Masters too, and enjoying this sense of community. We weird folk need a little encouragement – as many of you know, the vanillas out there just don't "get" us typically.

The blackberries I trimmed were bundles of darkness and thorns, green, red too. Some berries ripe and falling, others tight and not letting go.

I gathered the bundles in a little box bouquet, and brought them to a Mistress on the other side of town. She smiled, we shared coffee, and discussed the terms of Her Number 1 slave. She may be lending him to Me for use, and we're sorting through boundaries and protocol.

I drove back home and pulled into the driveway. I slid onto My couch, and smiled. Life is very good for Mistress just now. Almost as sweet and sharp as those dripping blackberries.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sky, moon, and you

Mistress Lil was feeling inspired this evening. Partake of My fruits, and enjoy!
Early in the morning Saturday, 2 a.m., all's quiet on the western front, U.S. anyway. The moon is out with pale clouds surrounding, and it looks ripe, just a sliver shaved off. Makes Me long for a forest cabin, with a meadow behind it. I'd lay down in a slow swaying hammock, with soft cotton rope, and take in the moon beams and breeze.

And there you'd be, kneeling, naked, with My own fashioned slip knot right around your neck. You'd be silent and waiting for Mistress. Rhythmic pulls against your neck, I use your leash to sway My body, reminding you which of these two, controls the other.

Stillness and understanding. And you little one, ever vigilant. You do please Me.

And then, the course runs when you don't. We BOTH know the hell paid for that infraction.

I've branded, bruised you, scratched your skin. Caned the delicates, zapped the nads. The worm that crawls creeps inside your mind, or perhaps the seat where the heart stirs. Flesh is the tool. Sweet whimpers and gasps, drive My hunt.

My arm reaches over the edge of this rope nest, and I slide fingers through your hair. I'm smiling. The murk of darkness and slight light in our evening, gives you a hint of the rest.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Local Low Down

This past week Mistress has been keeping local company of other perverts in the land of BDSM, Master slave, and the like (wouldn't you be so lucky!). Getting to know the complex folks of our little subset, and the variety therein.

I've befriended a smart young man (well, is 30 young?), a bondage babe with a thing for leather restraints. And not just any leather restraints. He likes buckles studlets and metal accoutrements, the more, the better! All in a balance of taste mind you. He's been working with a local leather worker who specializes in BDSM gear, to come up with the PERFECT leather restraint design. We're discussing a few photo shoots with said boy all tied up, or tied down, or possibly a combo of both!! More on this as it develops.

Do you know how FUN it is to go out for coffee, and have a little sit down with other fellow pervs? It's a bit of, talk about the perversion, while cloaking it in everyday language. Actually I think that's half the fun!!

You most likely should thank these new friends – as their kinks, creativity, will be blending into My sweet mind. Then Mistress will have just one more tool in the kit to torment you with!! *giggle

Keep it tight!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Sale for Subs! $1.99 a minute!

I'm in the mood for you... My top 5 FemDom listings on Niteflirt are lowered to $1.99 a minute, for a few moments in time! Come and get it sub sluts!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Today's little excursion included a lot of sun shine and a few bunnies and livestock. Yes, much like the rest of the U.S., it's FAIR going season, and all the 4H breeders and rickety carnival rides are back in action!

I've been networking with local perverts in the BDSM scene, and we've been having coffee, dinner, just meeting other folks that are also into BDSM, and want to socialize without judgment. Today it was just us women, mostly subs, Me, and a switch, looking at the displays. One was craving quilting, the other bred prize winning animals. We wandered around, ate a few greasy bits of food, and got to know one another better, while trying to avoid sunburn.

I've had one or two friends in the past who were also FemDom, yet this going to dinner events and munches is a new venue for Me. It's suiting Me.

I'm pondering a sale on My Mistress phone line, since I have yet to have one in many months, and many of My slave boys are vacationing and less available. Love drawing in new play toys to inspect and exploit…

Monday, June 29, 2009

Credit fucks and Savage Man

I think we've all been there.

We've got a credit account, that we typically don’t use, or forget about, then some how some where, the balance this organization has charged is way high interest, an annual fee you didn’t know about…

And you're at it's mercy 'til you pay the fuckers off. They know that it's a pain in the ass to do, or when you DO pay them off, they calculate just a few more dollars of interest, just to keep their fees running. They told you it would be completely paid off if you gave them $XXX dollars right?

These companies, have no shame!

Luckily for Me, most of you do! Hahah!

I prefer weak men paying Me for the pleasure of being bled… So what to do, I'm considering paying off this little credit account. I also might offer it as an incentive to a faithful slave, to pay off the balance, for a special treat from Mistress, to be determined. Inquire if you're seriously offering coin to make Mistress' life that much more pleasant!

Oh little ones, a recommendation. Craving a bit of sex based advice from a hot gay guy? Dan Savage and his Savage Love column and podcasts, might do the trick (you can find him here: ). He's been giving sex based advice for nearly 20 years, has been partnered for 15 years, and also is a parent. He's got depth, and a witty, base, bitchy perspective. Also knows as much about straight sex as butt boy love. And if he doesn't know? He has way overqualified experts on the show, to answer the questions his callers have.

I've been listening to Savage podcasts for a few weeks now, and reading his column for a few years. He's BDSM kink friendly, he's aware of sex workers and their issues, and is pretty sex positive. Also, he's fucking hilarious, and blunt as can be! I'll be walking through a park, getting a bit of fresh air, then suddenly bust out laughing because of some shocking yet true advice Savage slings. I don't always agree with him, yet he make Me think, quite a bit.

Go Savage!! We all need a little savage in us, hm? *giggle

Monday, June 15, 2009

Nut crackers and gift cards

As any of you know, that liked to be looked at… looking good takes work, and also takes a bit of discipline. I've been trying to shave 5-10 lbs before July gets here, and lemme tell you what, working out and being a good healthy eater (ahem) can be a pain in the ass, hm? *giggle

Mistress went shopping this weekend, with a few gift cards a particular older slave gave Me. Got a nifty new welcome mat for My door, and it matches the theme nicely with My abode…. Food, sundry little domestic things. One little trick for those watching the diet and refined sugars – when you're jonesing for a pop, but don’t wanna get carried away? Those little 8 ounce mini cans can be life savers! Portion control and sugar sliding down your throat! I can think of other sugary things sliding down yours… To the slave that generously bought Me My little Target cards – I'm putting them to good use. And yes, I know I bent you over GOOD last time we chatted zombie boy, and it was very painful. I'll bet you're still thinking about it though… while your little hand wanders. You still have those toys waiting for Me… waiting to instruct you in that car of yours…

I've heard from a few slaves this weekend, that have been in absentia a few months. A boy named …. I'll call him wimp – called for an update. Turns out that after his vacation down south a few months ago? He found 2 new c*cks to suck! Men older than himself. The youngest man he's servicing is 59. wimp is a 6'2" son of a gun that loves wearing panties and ankle socks, while he serves his golf boys drinks and cigars, then sweetly descends to his knees to force fresh faggot dick down sissy slut throat! Tonight we took a rubber mallet to his nads while he uttered My instructions. He's a right pervert, that one! Keep it a cumin'…..(well actually tonight, I didn't let him! haha).

Mistress is logged in for a bit this evening, and I'm slightly bored. Oh if you were here to abuse and giggle at. Come hither little one… *smile

Sunday, June 7, 2009

ebb and flow, this one may go

I have a little slave that's getting out of control. Well, his spending is. We both know it.

Perhaps I'm a bad Girl for not feeling wrong about it. When boys pick up their dick and their credit card, they know the deal, the commodity I sell.

This little zombie of Mine has been buying Me oodles and oodles of gifts from Amazon! Boots and makeup, running shoes and Pearl Izumi clothing (top of the line biking gear, also great for running!). Even a few erotic things for times when I’m needing a little fulfillment. Ahem!

Today I went shopping with several Target gift cards he bought Me. I tried on bras and skirts, bought bunches of groceries. Summer sandals, batteries for things that I'll not mention (giggle). I bought so much, I had to go back to the car for more Target cards he'd recently bought Me! Hehe.

This last week kenneth decided kink was in his path… and I made him go to the adult bookstore, and get anal toys. I'd already made him jizm in his wife's panties. Can you imagine? In the back of some dark parking lot, Goddess knows who will stumble into that scene!

Yes, little man was ready to get fucked right up the ass with some dildos and lube, all while Mistress witnessed the debauchery! All we needed to do before taking care of slave, was to go for a shopping spree on Amazon this past week.

And kenneth was a no show. * sob * Well he did show... but obviously was much more into his ass getting fucked, than worshipping Mistress first, for the privilege.

Looks like Mistress will have to dismiss this boy. Makes Me sad too, because the grunts and sheer pleasure I heard coming from this 68 year old boy from My very old home town, made Me such a content Mistress. I was hoping he'd be a keeper. Perhaps not….

You're welcome to give Mistress a call if you want the sundry details of this boy and his training. Perhaps we'll put together a lovely little plan, for rubbing that strange nub of arousal in you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mechanical Aptitudes

Mistress is feeling sad today… aww!

Her beloved car, which she's had many years, coughed and passed out this past weekend while I was running errands. This little sweetie has been such a trouper, and I've owned it since it was new! Kept up on my maintenances, been going to the same dealership I bought it from, for 10 years even!

Turns out the repair of course is something very difficult for anyone but the dealership to fix (the central computer), which in addition to it's major maintenance? If I walk out the door without giving them $1000, I'll be lucky!

Thing is, with sweet generous slaves like you, I can plan for these things if necessary, If I know they're coming, but when they surprise you, as life often does, well I tend to pout.

* Mistress pouts *

I considered asking the dealership if they had gift cards that could be anonymously purchased (oh, perhaps from a slave?), but then thought, ah we all need a few degrees of separation, with our personal privacy. Tempting thought though!!

If any of you generous little men want to contribute to the car fund, feel free to use the bright tribute buttons on My Niteflirt page. You can also email Me for more details about the engine debacle, if are so inclined!

Shout out to slave kenneth – who's been a very generous and devoted zombie boy this past week! Keep eating those Bismarck's and thinking of Me! hehe

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tommy gets a shot

Today I'm playing with dick sucker Tommy, and his need to be annihilated... I plan to bleed this boy of 5 digits today. Yum!!! He needs this, much more than I!

Here's a repost from a few blog articles. Enjoy!
Lucrative Obliteration May 18, 2008

Let's write more about Tom. He who craves dick. Tom calls again tonight, with the same deep craving... There must be some special skin in his mouth, that lulls him to the scent of huge thick dick. Kathy is this boi's partner. can you believe they cheated on each other's spouses to fuck around, then got together. Recipe for disaster.

Kathy has this young friend, ripe at 22. Here breasts are fresh, ripe like summer melons. Tom strokes while thinking of her large puffy nips, sliding in and out his mouth. How perpetually fucked up this boi is. Sure, he thinks about this little lady getting plowed by oh so large cock, yet he also wants to hire a service to seduce Kathy. Yes, some man who's charming, sensitive, and of course, huge long and wide!!!

He anticipates watching Kathy, crumble under this man's advances. He feels so powerless to resist, he's such a quivering coward. Even a tape recording would be absolutely enough for Tom to get off. Kathy's a screamer when she's turned on, that's how this chick gets off when hot. It's been a long while since Kathy screamed for Tom. He has trouble getting hard for her. He always has trouble getting hard for a woman, if he gets distracted or nervous.

Hey Kathy! Look at your little man, sucking cock. By the way, it's more like 50 dicks he's sucked fucked or paid, not just 10. He lied to you. He admits it to Me at least. And also? Tommy has no respect for you. Humorless, he says. Realize though, this man has no self worth, therefore can be extra critical of others. He just craves to be spat on, just like Jeff pegged him high school. You know, the scary bully boy, with the henchmen, beating this little weakling into a fine pulp.

This soft boi wants to be financially raped so bad, he creams his jeans thinking about the thousands and thousands he's lost to his own pathetic demise. He's so sweetly abhorrent. Maybe we'll talk this boi into getting me a new set of wheels? I wonder if he's really that bad off that he'd willingly give such a thing (cha ching!!!)...

I'm off for a little food and a workout methinks. Annihilating spineless piggies like this? Gives a girl an appetite for OH so much more!!
Suck suck SUCK!! May 17, 2008

I'm talking to this little fly on the wall named Tommy. This little weak boi - he just loves beautiful dicks. Tonight we're watching Rocco Siffredi's thick cock sucked by a chick named Michele. Tommy CRAVES cock! Rocco has always been a favorite of Mine. THAT wide dick deserves worship! Tommy so needs that flesh down his throat. He pays for the pleasure of being destroyed by Me. Makes me giggle really.

Mistress is feeling so mellow after a bit of Kahlua (don't tell my trainer) and coffee, while running wild all over Tommy's shreds of self esteem. Suck suck SUCK that dick, little man! Suck Suck SUCK all the money dry....

Love getting sweet bags of cash, all at the expense of eradicating Tommy's fat fucking back account! This little pervert gets so fucked up on the phone, he can barely enter his password while paying me triple digit tips! Granted, he was drunk as shit on screw...drivers....

I think My blood sugar needs a little boost, I'm getting MEAN tonight!! *giggle *yay!
Everything for You... April 11, 2008

Today while I was climbing yet another interval on My stairclimber at the gym, I was thinking of a strange boy who called Me last weekend named Tommy. He's a nervous sort, a bit introverted, yet keenly aware of his desires. He really, truly, wants to see beloved partner... plowed GOOD and HARD by a big dicked stud boy!

I was fascinated by how focused he was. This boy is obscessed with huge meaty cocks! We browsed many a website watching thick large pricked boys going at it, getting sucked, fucked, finally spurting their jism every which way. Tommy loves the cum shots. Just loves seeing all that semen spurt over flesh...

But wait... there's more...

Not only did he focus so very much on these thick dicked men, swelling huge and strong, but he wanted to be nurtured by an older woman. Having his hair stroked, being a good boy for his warm sweet Mistress. Tommy was willing to do anything to satisfy Her, even be Her fluffer, get the lover boys ready for action, or clean up the remnants of their hot swollen sex...

Tommy needs one other thing - to keep clicking the button. You know, THAT button. The one that gives Me triple digit tips. Clicking that button again and again while he stroked his own naughty bits and pampered his yearning....

We nursed his dirty secrets for a good long spell, slithering around the dark crevices of his mind. His nervous little voice, describing what he longed for so deeply. I can still hear him sharing these cravings he bears.....

It's boys like this that make Mistress happy. I do so love seeing you on your knees and pliant, ready for anything I may request!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tranced and tipsy, slave succumbs

The end of April … is it going out like a lamb, or slave draping Mistress in goodies?

The later, fortunately. Nothing against lambs.

Oh wait, that's March. My bad! Hehe

Little slave kenneth came back for a visit this weekend. We're from the same home town, and I remember our conversations, with a bit of sentimentality. I ask him about this restaurant or that park, and he gives Me the scoop on My old haunts. While we've had nice conversations in the past, this time he was a little more tipsy than usual. Of COURSE I decided to take kenneth into a dark deep trance, while forcing him to drink more… and more.... We went many places online while he was under My control. Gift certificates, boots, jewelry… I was pampered VERY well, and I'm a happy Grrl today!

Wore a pair of My new leather boots tonight out with friends, and they fit like a glove. Several compliments too. Thanks for getting Mistress dressed up for others to appreciate ken!

One of the gifts this slave bought was a Tantus Goliath vibrator, just for Me! And it's a deep dark purple, kind of shimmery. Silicon even. It's such a pretty thing, I'm unsure if I should display it as art, or use it for private needs! I'll let you know what happens with that!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Iguana anyone?

Ah sweet morsels of submission, it's been a full weekend, lots of sun and smiles. Today I phoned a friend while I sunned on My porch. She was driving across a full US state, and I had My headset on, freshly Naired legs, and closed eyes, soaking up the warmth of it all. Had a little sun dress on with lots of loose pleats that came down to just about mid thigh, and had to be careful with the wind. Mistress wasn't wearing panties or a bra. Didn't think I should be showing the neighborhood exactly EVERYTHING I've got, hm?

Had a boy today, let's call him bob. He was into hypnosis, and offered such a treat to his dominant delight of the hour. We chatted for nearly an hour, and he tried his best techniques to hypnotize this Mistress. While it was relaxing, it wasn't quite enough for his full desire, the full inducement. Granted, asking Mistress if that is what she sought, might have been the first question asked, yes? We sparred a bit, and enjoyed the company… we'll see if more will be had with him!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Egg leg chicken chew

Guess who's been busy?

That would be Me.

Took a little contract that will be keeping Me busy for a few weeks, so you might have to schedule things with Mistress to get in! I've been missing just lounging around, eating bon bons and getting pedicures, because I've been working like a little vixen! I should be available plenty this weekend, so cue it up boys!

Oh the sun is so bright today, and I'll be going out in it for a little run soon. But first, perchance to ... nap... It has been a loooong week in Mistress land!

Oh - happy Easter too :) Cadbury Caramel Eggs are a fave, think I'll add that to the Amazon wishlist too!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nourishing your Mistress

The weekend rounds to a close, and as luck would have it, even though it's been windy, I got a bit of sun and a lot of windy weather today... My Sansa Clip was full of The Cure for music. They've got great beats for pounding pavement! Thanks to the boy who bought the Amazon gift cert., that got My Sansa for Me!

Last night was a doozy for talking to perverted boys JUST like you – 6 hours on the horn, and My voice was rough after all that! Turned off the phones and slept very very well. Still light outside just now. I'm getting used to this daylight extending. Anticipating the warmth of summer...

Which brings Me to My main task today. I'm putting out a challenge to My slaves this evening. I want to firm it up by the time May 2009 gets here, and need your help along the way.

I've added 5 items to the tip top of My Amazon wishlist. These little snacks are what I consume when I'm widdling down and firming up. I had so much success with My last little blog challenge (and the movie was 9 to 5, by the way), that I thought I'd try another.

Any slave who is generous enough to gift Me with the top listed fitness food items on My wishlist, will receive a special treat from Mistress. I'll share the details personally, and you're welcome to inquire before doing so. I like a little mystery when it comes to tantalizing boys like you!

A little tease here and there keeps intrigue alive, n'est pas?

Call Mistress soon! I'm relaxing tonight and a little slice of you may be just what I need...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nostalgic Nymph

Today the gams are a little tired, after a 40 minute run yesterday… I sleep so wonderfully after working it hard, know what I mean? Hehe!

A little nostalgia for My slaves out there…

Mistress decided to delightfully fuck off for a bit, so I settled in on the couch, watching classic film on the tele. Let's see if the Domme/sub themes click up your memories…. Hunting, bondage and intoxication fantasies, all perpetrated against a " sexist egotistical lying hypocritical bigot"?

Which movie is it? Write Me with your answer, and if it's correct, I'll make sure you are rewarded!

One of the leading ladies is a juicy morsel, and while some might consider a little bit curvy, I think she's just luscious! When it come to the men in My bed, I like them strong, in shape, a little furry, and definitely not too stocky. However the women? I like them with a little meat on their bones, as they say. Something to hold on to….

What a fun topic for conversation later, hm?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow falling on cold hard CASH

Snow has been falling the last day or two, in little moments. Nothing overwhelming, just enough to be beautiful. The birds outside must be hungry and chilled. I think Mistress might wander back to feed them sunflower seeds. You faithful slaves paid to feed these wild beasts, did you know?

This weekend Mistress attended a local concert that has been going on for many years. Familiar faces, and occasionally a moment of talent! A few baudy skits too. After the event, we broke for a dance, then adjourned to a private forest residence, complete with rope swings and ping pong. There was more being drunk, smoked and Goddess knows what else… I wandered into the warm wood stove room, the studio, and listened to many locals jam until all hours. Mistress was up 24 hours straight, and spent most of the weekend recovering. Sooo worth it!!!

Was chatting today with a new slavelette, just sticking his toe back in the pond of money slavery. He's been out of the scene these past few years, being a good little husband. Let's call him bob! Hehe

bob was with a Mistress before, for many years, who started slowly with him, just a hundred or so a month. Over years of servitude however, she began demanding more… and more… then graduated to blackmail. Before he understood the consequences of his trust, thousands was being extracted from his hide! It became too much for this boy to manage, and he had to let go, spent, and so well used for so many years. Trying so hard to avoid the pull, the itch of such a dirty habit.

And then today, just here and now… he's back. And… I'm here to greet him.

I'm mulling over how I snared this little one's money today. I've considered placing My budget online, and allowing lucky boys to pay a bill a month. Today, my credit card bill was due, and I allowed this boy, new to Me, to pay it. Lucky little f*ck!

Would you like to hand over your hard earned money, monthly? I'm going to set up a bill for the lucky boys who want to serve Me this way. You pampering Me, so that you take care of the basics, and I take the rest and play! Email Me if you'd like this opportunity of servitude, little piglets. And realize too, there are many tools in My Mistress box - money, panties, strap ons and oh the rest…. We'll just need to find your right fit!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catching up with Lost boys

Oh Mistress has been lack in her weekly goal, of updating her blog. Perhaps I need a spanking. I think I have the man in mind for that task! Hehe

I've been enjoying the brisk weather, working out, and extracting cash from little fuckies that dial up My Mistress line. You know who you are, hm?

I had a nice New York piggy this week, who was talking and talking, sending money… I milked him for hours! Let's just say cha ching! Hehe

I've been obsessed with the show Lost this past few weeks. With the advent of, you can watch EVERY single episode, and with much fewer commercials. Gotta tell you, that Sawyer boy is quite fuckable, ya think? Since he's such a con man too, he might be open to edgier concept, such as helping a Mistress in need of a bull… bet there's a boy or two out there that would just LOVE to suck on that hottie's hard business, hm? Heheh

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This strong man, and such a lonely wife....

Today was an excellent opportunity to exploit the perverted fantasies of a particular man I've talked with a few times. Let's call him Tom.

He's been married to a lovely woman for over 20 years now, whom we'll call Jane. He loves her dearly, and takes special care to make sure she knows she's loved, pampered. Even bought her a 2 seater Lexus at one point, as a token of his affection.

Yet in the deep recesses of Tom's mind, he gets so incredibly aroused, thinking about his wife being taken advantage of. Some day when he's out of town on business, away from their beautiful big home. She'd be out with friends, at some bar, having a few drinks…

And there he'd be. A dominant man who senses something in Jane that others can't quite perceive. Some deep seated need… to be treated like a whore, forced to do dirty things in a humiliating way…

Tom and I talk about a young stud, with confidence and creativity, forcing Jane to suck his dripping veiny c*ck, while this strange young man drives that 2 seater Lexus, back to her big home. He'd make her put on fuck me pumps, while he shoves his shaft deep down inside her, and cums again and again, pulling her hair, splaying her wide.

Tom's a perverted husband… the kind I like to explore with. Taking him to breathy places where others shy away from.

Our secret Tom. Promise… *giggle

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

underachiever arthur

This morning was spent, just a moment or two, with a nasal little fuck named arthur. Cocksucker extraordinaire, he yes indeed HAD sucked a throbbing shaft, under the care of his Mistress before... and wouldn't you guess? He couldn't even make THAT boy dump his load!

arthur last had sex 4 years ago. And of course, he paid for it. No confidence in this little worm. Although I think his subconscious might be getting the best of him - when I asked if he enjoyed anal play, the boy said no. Interesting, considering he called on My Anal Sex listing....

Next time this boy calls, I think I'm going to violate him in a very private way. He's a waste of time, unless of his wallet is involved, but I think bringing his self worth just THAT much lower, would make this little Mistress smile just a bit!

I'm so excited in other news - the weather is looking warm today and I'm SO craving sun!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slots, bodygaurds, wands and the like

Mistress is getting rather sick of this cold and wintery weather. I've been out in it 3 times this past week, actually got 15 miles in on the gams, while ipoding away, but damn…. A little more warmth and sun would make Me much happier!

I need to make a pedicure and leg wax run, however I've been a bit lazy about it. Might need to get a slave to step up and fund such a thing. Love knowing deft fingers and muscles soothe Me, on your dime!

Lately I've been futzing around with a few downloadable games. A company called Phantomefx - - makes some of the best slot machine emulations I've seen, other than Masque – Masque purchases expired licenses on actual slot machine software. When it's chilly outside, or I'd rather put My money in savings or gold, I sate My junky fix with home computer slot games. Go figure! … Phantomefx actually has gift cards available… hm! I tend to focus on the monthly downloads and the remasters since, well, I do have several of their CD packages already!

I was talking with a boy about the possibility of us doing sessions together. He's 6'4", has more motorcycles than I can count (6 digits of value in them, can we say cha ching?). I've considered doing real time sessions, however have a few reservations, the main being, I'd need a bodyguard and possible bull for sessions with submissive boys. I'd also like a fully decked dungeon, which if you've ever outfitted one, you know it's expensive! He and I chatted at length, and I think within the next year or two, we may see a few kneeling boys under My care, while bodyguard boy looks on from a distance. Dressed in head to toe leather of course. How humiliating to be trained and entered by Mistress Lily, while a strange leather man silently observes your demise? Hahah!

You may have noticed My Amazon wishlist has had an explosion of dildo listings recently (link on right hand column here!). What can I say, I've been feeling the need to expand My collection, after a recent slave bought Me a HUGE glass dildo that… I rather liked! Haha * blush * Feel free to browse the selection on My wishlist, and consider what it feels like, to buy a cock that actually enters Me….

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chicks that Snap

Okay, am I the only sick f*ck who enjoys watching Snapped on the Oxygen channel? There's something disturbing yet intriguing about the whole, women who take matters into their own hands, in such a final manner. The same morbid curiosity that draws you into watching blips of Extra, while propoganda machines exploit the love lives of famous ones. And tell Me you don't read the headlines on those pulp mags while waiting in line while getting groceries?

We BDSM folk play quite a bit with consentual loss of control, in agreed upon boundaries. A fine balance of getting to the naked nub of humility a submissive seeks, while allowing safety within the heat of training. There seems some causual connection between the morbid curiousity while we watch other's embarrassment, and taking a boy to his own humble depths of surrender.

Sometimes I feel a moral ambivolence in it.

And then I end up giggling, while I hear yet another boy take a rubber mallet to his nads, yelping in pain, counting the wacks with each and every thwack, telling Me yet again, "I'm a dirty filthy c*m sucking whore for you Mistress Lily!"…

And everything is right with the world! Hahaha

Ultimately, I sell a service, and when boys whip out their naughty bits and their credit cards, they know the deal. And .. accept responsibility for their choice.

Monday, January 5, 2009

You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar...

Sometimes Mistress has to grab motivation when it strikes eh?

I'm pondering whether My bedroom activities, and what tools I might use while doing them, are of interest to the slaves who come to read My blog. You're free to offer feedback if you like, next time we session!

It's 3 in the morning, and I've heard from Canada and Australia today. It's quite cool, talking to someone on the other side of the world, knowing it's daylight and summertime there, while it's 3 a.m. and freezy cold here. Makes Me feel a little less… somber somehow.

I am SO craving the long summer days and temperatures. I want to get out and hike a bit, get a jog in maybe, then look out the window to gray skies and slushy snow rain falling… and Mistress is back at her step aerobics inside, once again!

I've been checking the local newspapers in the area, for clubs that have retro 1970-1990 music playing, and am gonna get My groove on soon! Guess I'm stuck in the 80's too. Human League anyone? Hahah

I might just make My next strap on boy sing "DON'T YOU WANT ME" - while pounding his arse with a huge tool! Goddess, I love My job.