Monday, December 14, 2009

When sleep evades

I have big plans in the morning, that will keep Me busy most of the day, and I'm wired and restless. The more I try calming down and meditating, bringing stillness to My mind, the more I resist, and the cycle continues.

Fuck it. Why fight it... I'll just write a blog post :)

Christmas is oh so near, and I'm still pondering what I'll be doing. A few invites to a few homes with loved ones, although the business woman in Me, considers working through the holiday, and raking in the cash that the other phone Dommes will miss (oh, sweet fat wallet slavelettes). I've worked through a few other holidays in the past, and sometimes that competitive vixen just has to be answered to.

Mistress likes to take advantage, sometimes! heheh

The squeals of a boy getting fucked from behind, might make My restless mind relax. Care to bring it?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sale! $1.99 a minute

I'm running a special this weekend - $1.99 a minute on My top 5 listings at Niteflirt. Bring on your strange little perversions and let's work them over....