Monday, June 29, 2009

Credit fucks and Savage Man

I think we've all been there.

We've got a credit account, that we typically don’t use, or forget about, then some how some where, the balance this organization has charged is way high interest, an annual fee you didn’t know about…

And you're at it's mercy 'til you pay the fuckers off. They know that it's a pain in the ass to do, or when you DO pay them off, they calculate just a few more dollars of interest, just to keep their fees running. They told you it would be completely paid off if you gave them $XXX dollars right?

These companies, have no shame!

Luckily for Me, most of you do! Hahah!

I prefer weak men paying Me for the pleasure of being bled… So what to do, I'm considering paying off this little credit account. I also might offer it as an incentive to a faithful slave, to pay off the balance, for a special treat from Mistress, to be determined. Inquire if you're seriously offering coin to make Mistress' life that much more pleasant!

Oh little ones, a recommendation. Craving a bit of sex based advice from a hot gay guy? Dan Savage and his Savage Love column and podcasts, might do the trick (you can find him here: ). He's been giving sex based advice for nearly 20 years, has been partnered for 15 years, and also is a parent. He's got depth, and a witty, base, bitchy perspective. Also knows as much about straight sex as butt boy love. And if he doesn't know? He has way overqualified experts on the show, to answer the questions his callers have.

I've been listening to Savage podcasts for a few weeks now, and reading his column for a few years. He's BDSM kink friendly, he's aware of sex workers and their issues, and is pretty sex positive. Also, he's fucking hilarious, and blunt as can be! I'll be walking through a park, getting a bit of fresh air, then suddenly bust out laughing because of some shocking yet true advice Savage slings. I don't always agree with him, yet he make Me think, quite a bit.

Go Savage!! We all need a little savage in us, hm? *giggle

Monday, June 15, 2009

Nut crackers and gift cards

As any of you know, that liked to be looked at… looking good takes work, and also takes a bit of discipline. I've been trying to shave 5-10 lbs before July gets here, and lemme tell you what, working out and being a good healthy eater (ahem) can be a pain in the ass, hm? *giggle

Mistress went shopping this weekend, with a few gift cards a particular older slave gave Me. Got a nifty new welcome mat for My door, and it matches the theme nicely with My abode…. Food, sundry little domestic things. One little trick for those watching the diet and refined sugars – when you're jonesing for a pop, but don’t wanna get carried away? Those little 8 ounce mini cans can be life savers! Portion control and sugar sliding down your throat! I can think of other sugary things sliding down yours… To the slave that generously bought Me My little Target cards – I'm putting them to good use. And yes, I know I bent you over GOOD last time we chatted zombie boy, and it was very painful. I'll bet you're still thinking about it though… while your little hand wanders. You still have those toys waiting for Me… waiting to instruct you in that car of yours…

I've heard from a few slaves this weekend, that have been in absentia a few months. A boy named …. I'll call him wimp – called for an update. Turns out that after his vacation down south a few months ago? He found 2 new c*cks to suck! Men older than himself. The youngest man he's servicing is 59. wimp is a 6'2" son of a gun that loves wearing panties and ankle socks, while he serves his golf boys drinks and cigars, then sweetly descends to his knees to force fresh faggot dick down sissy slut throat! Tonight we took a rubber mallet to his nads while he uttered My instructions. He's a right pervert, that one! Keep it a cumin'…..(well actually tonight, I didn't let him! haha).

Mistress is logged in for a bit this evening, and I'm slightly bored. Oh if you were here to abuse and giggle at. Come hither little one… *smile

Sunday, June 7, 2009

ebb and flow, this one may go

I have a little slave that's getting out of control. Well, his spending is. We both know it.

Perhaps I'm a bad Girl for not feeling wrong about it. When boys pick up their dick and their credit card, they know the deal, the commodity I sell.

This little zombie of Mine has been buying Me oodles and oodles of gifts from Amazon! Boots and makeup, running shoes and Pearl Izumi clothing (top of the line biking gear, also great for running!). Even a few erotic things for times when I’m needing a little fulfillment. Ahem!

Today I went shopping with several Target gift cards he bought Me. I tried on bras and skirts, bought bunches of groceries. Summer sandals, batteries for things that I'll not mention (giggle). I bought so much, I had to go back to the car for more Target cards he'd recently bought Me! Hehe.

This last week kenneth decided kink was in his path… and I made him go to the adult bookstore, and get anal toys. I'd already made him jizm in his wife's panties. Can you imagine? In the back of some dark parking lot, Goddess knows who will stumble into that scene!

Yes, little man was ready to get fucked right up the ass with some dildos and lube, all while Mistress witnessed the debauchery! All we needed to do before taking care of slave, was to go for a shopping spree on Amazon this past week.

And kenneth was a no show. * sob * Well he did show... but obviously was much more into his ass getting fucked, than worshipping Mistress first, for the privilege.

Looks like Mistress will have to dismiss this boy. Makes Me sad too, because the grunts and sheer pleasure I heard coming from this 68 year old boy from My very old home town, made Me such a content Mistress. I was hoping he'd be a keeper. Perhaps not….

You're welcome to give Mistress a call if you want the sundry details of this boy and his training. Perhaps we'll put together a lovely little plan, for rubbing that strange nub of arousal in you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mechanical Aptitudes

Mistress is feeling sad today… aww!

Her beloved car, which she's had many years, coughed and passed out this past weekend while I was running errands. This little sweetie has been such a trouper, and I've owned it since it was new! Kept up on my maintenances, been going to the same dealership I bought it from, for 10 years even!

Turns out the repair of course is something very difficult for anyone but the dealership to fix (the central computer), which in addition to it's major maintenance? If I walk out the door without giving them $1000, I'll be lucky!

Thing is, with sweet generous slaves like you, I can plan for these things if necessary, If I know they're coming, but when they surprise you, as life often does, well I tend to pout.

* Mistress pouts *

I considered asking the dealership if they had gift cards that could be anonymously purchased (oh, perhaps from a slave?), but then thought, ah we all need a few degrees of separation, with our personal privacy. Tempting thought though!!

If any of you generous little men want to contribute to the car fund, feel free to use the bright tribute buttons on My Niteflirt page. You can also email Me for more details about the engine debacle, if are so inclined!

Shout out to slave kenneth – who's been a very generous and devoted zombie boy this past week! Keep eating those Bismarck's and thinking of Me! hehe