Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catching up with Lost boys

Oh Mistress has been lack in her weekly goal, of updating her blog. Perhaps I need a spanking. I think I have the man in mind for that task! Hehe

I've been enjoying the brisk weather, working out, and extracting cash from little fuckies that dial up My Mistress line. You know who you are, hm?

I had a nice New York piggy this week, who was talking and talking, sending money… I milked him for hours! Let's just say cha ching! Hehe

I've been obsessed with the show Lost this past few weeks. With the advent of, you can watch EVERY single episode, and with much fewer commercials. Gotta tell you, that Sawyer boy is quite fuckable, ya think? Since he's such a con man too, he might be open to edgier concept, such as helping a Mistress in need of a bull… bet there's a boy or two out there that would just LOVE to suck on that hottie's hard business, hm? Heheh

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This strong man, and such a lonely wife....

Today was an excellent opportunity to exploit the perverted fantasies of a particular man I've talked with a few times. Let's call him Tom.

He's been married to a lovely woman for over 20 years now, whom we'll call Jane. He loves her dearly, and takes special care to make sure she knows she's loved, pampered. Even bought her a 2 seater Lexus at one point, as a token of his affection.

Yet in the deep recesses of Tom's mind, he gets so incredibly aroused, thinking about his wife being taken advantage of. Some day when he's out of town on business, away from their beautiful big home. She'd be out with friends, at some bar, having a few drinks…

And there he'd be. A dominant man who senses something in Jane that others can't quite perceive. Some deep seated need… to be treated like a whore, forced to do dirty things in a humiliating way…

Tom and I talk about a young stud, with confidence and creativity, forcing Jane to suck his dripping veiny c*ck, while this strange young man drives that 2 seater Lexus, back to her big home. He'd make her put on fuck me pumps, while he shoves his shaft deep down inside her, and cums again and again, pulling her hair, splaying her wide.

Tom's a perverted husband… the kind I like to explore with. Taking him to breathy places where others shy away from.

Our secret Tom. Promise… *giggle

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

underachiever arthur

This morning was spent, just a moment or two, with a nasal little fuck named arthur. Cocksucker extraordinaire, he yes indeed HAD sucked a throbbing shaft, under the care of his Mistress before... and wouldn't you guess? He couldn't even make THAT boy dump his load!

arthur last had sex 4 years ago. And of course, he paid for it. No confidence in this little worm. Although I think his subconscious might be getting the best of him - when I asked if he enjoyed anal play, the boy said no. Interesting, considering he called on My Anal Sex listing....

Next time this boy calls, I think I'm going to violate him in a very private way. He's a waste of time, unless of his wallet is involved, but I think bringing his self worth just THAT much lower, would make this little Mistress smile just a bit!

I'm so excited in other news - the weather is looking warm today and I'm SO craving sun!