Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mistress in Absentia

MsLily will be elsewhere for the next week! Just wanted to let my loyal slaves know I'm taking the entire weekend off (which hasn't happened, in over 6 months!) and will be back spanking your asses next week. Sleep neat!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Night at the opera?

Watched a fab movie on DVD this past week, "Puccini for Beginners" (2006). A quirky little New York flick about people with money, intellect, and gender bending romance! The lead chickita Allegra (Elizabeth Reaser) in the flick identifies as a lesbian, however falls for a sexy little professor boy Philip (Justin Kirk), yet simultaneously starts up a romance with Grace (Gretchen Mol).

How often do you get to see a bi gal, having believable on screen sex, with both genders, in a somewhat mainstream movie? I kept my expectations in check (mindless fodder, Lily, mindless fodder!), and was very pleased with the result! I recommend it!

Justin Kirk just impresses the hell out of me, first in "Angels in America" (amazing acting!!!), and then "Weeds" (sometimes he "phones it in" on the series, but his charm overcomes this).

I just have this deep feeling Justin would make a fabulous tranny girl, don't you? He's one of those boys of undefined orientation, like Frankenfurter in "Rocky Horror Picture Show", that somehow attracts on BOTH gender levels. Masculine and feminine intertwined...

They even have a little conversation about BDSM and safe words that I rather liked :) Check the flick out, if you appreciate bi girls and bois, educated banter, and some sexy flesh fests!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thank you in pink...

It's midnight just now, the sky is dark with a few stars, deep in the middle of this weekend.

I'm wrapping my mind around the new year that's here, thinking of things I'll accomplish here and there.

Perhaps one of these will be, capturing a new slave or two! Just received some very sweet gifts this past week from one of my fave boys, and can't wait to get the camera kit together! I promised him his own personal photo shoot, if he sent me this particular Amazon kit (tripod, camera case, extra batteries, USB card reader, etc.). I'm still deciding which outfit to wear, I have this sweet little see through pink panty and bra set that could be perfect...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Books, Bucks and Banshees

Today, I sat under my big picture window, reading, "Cleopatra (Life & Times)" by Prudence Jones (more on this in another post). It's overcast and blah outside. Go figure, Pacific Northwest weather this time of year, plenty of rain and gray.

Was thinking about a few slaves who've chatted me up recently. Michigan man, all of 6'7" and 270 lbs, called early this week. For being such a big boy, with a deep voice, he qualifies as an A-1 pervert!!! I honestly have NEVER heard another man make the noises this man makes, in the throws of passion (assisted of course, by his favorite dildo!). Think of, a banshee riding a roller coaster, on acid :) An enigma wrapped in a riddle. He continues to be a source of entertainment and awe! Whatever he brings me, I want more of it!!

Buck was back too this week. I'd been thinking of him and his idyllic situation with a partner who cuckolds him so sweetly. That deep southern voice, such a twang, and the way he weaves his stories about their escapades, makes me smile. I dare say even turns me on now and then...

As usual, I'm taking Wednesday off, will be back taking calls late Thursday/Friday. Looking forward to your dirty little secrets....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Enticing a Mistress 101

Mistress is very happy today.

One of my slaves gifted me with the book, "How to Capture a Mistress," written by Karen Martin (available at ) . I am so very satisfied by this book, and recommend it highly!

Her introduction says it well, and is a familiar feeling for me as a Mistress:

"... Men who have incredible needs write to me offering service, financial domination, relocation to places I have no interest in visiting, and long-term relationships usually by the second e-mail exchange, not understanding that what they have to offer is not what I need or want. Their approach is similar to bulk mailing. Men write many, many women in hopes of finding their one true mate, a Dominant lady who will fulfill their fantasies. "

The book is full of hot tips and pointers, the first being: "Don't confide in people who haven't revealed to you that they are kinky or kink friendly." We've all made that mistake once or twice yes?

I remember a masseuse that I really enjoyed visiting on a monthly basis. She moved my muscles in the sweetest manner, and I always left feeling smooth and relaxed. One particular hot summer day, I remember her massaging my back, and in the warmth and relaxation, I let my guard down, and shared that I sometimes had fantasies of dominance and submission (this was 12-15 years ago, when I was just discovering this side of me). I was so relaxed, and felt after a year of being her client, I could trust her.

Alas, a wrong move on my part - she lectured soundly, "Abuse is never okay!", and I found myself in the odd position of defending my murky fantasies, to a woman paid to relax my muscles. And, this particular day, she ended up doing just the opposite. I learned something valuable that day, and ended my client relationship with her.

Martin's book is a great read, and I strongly recommend it to submissive men who feel the need for encouragement, and pointers on approaching a FemDom. "How to Capture a Mistress" is published by The Nazca Plains Corporation, and can be purchased at this link to Amazon:

How to Capture a Mistress by Karen Martin

Kisses and ass slaps!