Sunday, October 26, 2008

Perverted girls that bend over boys...

So this was a new one for Mistress!

I have a slave that loves trying new things (let's call him bob), which sometimes include him calling Me under an assumed name, and pretending he's someone else (his voice is pretty familiar sounding, gives it away!)

This week, a woman called Me for a sweet little perverted wank session. It's a rare treat when a girl calls (I've had maybe 3 call over the past 2 years), and I was all a twitter! *giggle

She, of course, was quite the pervert. Turns out this filly gets way turned on when she thinks of fucking a boy with a strap on. Actually most of the role play we did on the phone? Was Me describing what it feels like, bending a boy over, and sliding My thick shaft inside his tight little puss!

This Grrl got so hot she came like you wouldn't believe! And guess what? After all was said and done, we said our wistful goodbyes... and when I checked My transaction history? She called using bob's account!!!

I of course, hopped on yahoo messenger, and teased the fuck out of bob. Which of course, he took with a grin. I like it when they keep it interesting!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Music, men and worship

Went to my post office box and had a few goodies from My worthy little slavelettes, thank you boys, you know who you are!

I've been enjoying the band Dead Can Dance lately, am actually grooving to them right now. Makes me want to get up and shake My money maker!

This past week, I'm not sure WHAT'S in the air, but men have been circling me like busy bees. I'll be enjoying a glass of wine, listening to some mellow live music at a restaurant, and get approached. Was getting groceries recently, very early (when most normal folk are sleeping soundly) and had a very cute grocery stocking boy ask Me on a date. He's awfully cute, and looks very trainable! *giggle

I suppose I understand the desire to worship at the feet of a Goddess. I suppose at some point we all feel the urge to humble ourselves to another, in kindness, humility. I rarely feel this urge for men though. It feels second nature, that men should be kneeling for Me.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ass over tea kettle?

Oh the boys are out in a flurry this weekend! Lemme tell you what, I've already had several boys coming out of the woodwork, forced intoxication, feminization, even had a boy who needed a good spanking! Now that was a BLAST... made him climax on the count of 10! Oh how he moaned when I slapped my hands together, mimicking what his fine ripe ass would sound like with a firm slap!

Now, I’m getting a little coffee and a protein bar as I'm waking up. All the normal people, at least in my part of the world, are asleep. I guess the vampires and Mistresses take the night shift hm?

The sweetest boy from Switzerland approached Me recently, as he was so very hungry for a bit of abuse! We had to work through the technical glitches, and actually had a session via computer and microphone. It went very well! We met at a website that has a fabulous chat room, and I hang out there a few times a week. Contact Me if you'd like to know more...

This sweet little Swiss boy, was eager and very willing to follow My whims. He was a cock and ball torture - CBT - enthusiast. Mistress LOVES those boys... We started simply enough, a few cloth pins to the nipples. Oh - then a few to the balls. Oh wait, better yet, how about we hang a tea kettle from your balls and fill it with more and more water? This is getting good!!!

By the time he was set to blow his whistle, We'd fashioned a compass out of the head of his penis, by pinching 4 clothing pins in each of the 4 directions! Still swinging that tea kettle full of water, and just as he was whimpering, getting SO close - I made him take off the nipple clamps (we all know while it hurts to put them on, the REAL pain comes when you take them off!!). Then, he was forced to dump his load in the tea kettle, all while uttering, "Everything I have is yours Mistress Lily!!!"

And of course, the little one was forced to drink the tea water. Now what is that subtle aftertaste. Jasmine? Hibiscus? Actually I believe it is JISM!!

... all I can say is, I LOVE My job!!!!