Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nourishing your Mistress

The weekend rounds to a close, and as luck would have it, even though it's been windy, I got a bit of sun and a lot of windy weather today... My Sansa Clip was full of The Cure for music. They've got great beats for pounding pavement! Thanks to the boy who bought the Amazon gift cert., that got My Sansa for Me!

Last night was a doozy for talking to perverted boys JUST like you – 6 hours on the horn, and My voice was rough after all that! Turned off the phones and slept very very well. Still light outside just now. I'm getting used to this daylight extending. Anticipating the warmth of summer...

Which brings Me to My main task today. I'm putting out a challenge to My slaves this evening. I want to firm it up by the time May 2009 gets here, and need your help along the way.

I've added 5 items to the tip top of My Amazon wishlist. These little snacks are what I consume when I'm widdling down and firming up. I had so much success with My last little blog challenge (and the movie was 9 to 5, by the way), that I thought I'd try another.

Any slave who is generous enough to gift Me with the top listed fitness food items on My wishlist, will receive a special treat from Mistress. I'll share the details personally, and you're welcome to inquire before doing so. I like a little mystery when it comes to tantalizing boys like you!

A little tease here and there keeps intrigue alive, n'est pas?

Call Mistress soon! I'm relaxing tonight and a little slice of you may be just what I need...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nostalgic Nymph

Today the gams are a little tired, after a 40 minute run yesterday… I sleep so wonderfully after working it hard, know what I mean? Hehe!

A little nostalgia for My slaves out there…

Mistress decided to delightfully fuck off for a bit, so I settled in on the couch, watching classic film on the tele. Let's see if the Domme/sub themes click up your memories…. Hunting, bondage and intoxication fantasies, all perpetrated against a " sexist egotistical lying hypocritical bigot"?

Which movie is it? Write Me with your answer, and if it's correct, I'll make sure you are rewarded!

One of the leading ladies is a juicy morsel, and while some might consider a little bit curvy, I think she's just luscious! When it come to the men in My bed, I like them strong, in shape, a little furry, and definitely not too stocky. However the women? I like them with a little meat on their bones, as they say. Something to hold on to….

What a fun topic for conversation later, hm?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow falling on cold hard CASH

Snow has been falling the last day or two, in little moments. Nothing overwhelming, just enough to be beautiful. The birds outside must be hungry and chilled. I think Mistress might wander back to feed them sunflower seeds. You faithful slaves paid to feed these wild beasts, did you know?

This weekend Mistress attended a local concert that has been going on for many years. Familiar faces, and occasionally a moment of talent! A few baudy skits too. After the event, we broke for a dance, then adjourned to a private forest residence, complete with rope swings and ping pong. There was more being drunk, smoked and Goddess knows what else… I wandered into the warm wood stove room, the studio, and listened to many locals jam until all hours. Mistress was up 24 hours straight, and spent most of the weekend recovering. Sooo worth it!!!

Was chatting today with a new slavelette, just sticking his toe back in the pond of money slavery. He's been out of the scene these past few years, being a good little husband. Let's call him bob! Hehe

bob was with a Mistress before, for many years, who started slowly with him, just a hundred or so a month. Over years of servitude however, she began demanding more… and more… then graduated to blackmail. Before he understood the consequences of his trust, thousands was being extracted from his hide! It became too much for this boy to manage, and he had to let go, spent, and so well used for so many years. Trying so hard to avoid the pull, the itch of such a dirty habit.

And then today, just here and now… he's back. And… I'm here to greet him.

I'm mulling over how I snared this little one's money today. I've considered placing My budget online, and allowing lucky boys to pay a bill a month. Today, my credit card bill was due, and I allowed this boy, new to Me, to pay it. Lucky little f*ck!

Would you like to hand over your hard earned money, monthly? I'm going to set up a bill for the lucky boys who want to serve Me this way. You pampering Me, so that you take care of the basics, and I take the rest and play! Email Me if you'd like this opportunity of servitude, little piglets. And realize too, there are many tools in My Mistress box - money, panties, strap ons and oh the rest…. We'll just need to find your right fit!