Sunday, February 14, 2010

Help My Bite!

While watching a performance of Verdi's opera Aida, I was struck by a quote said by the character Amneris, while enticing another into darkness, ""Come, O delight, come closer."

Indeed, My pets! (takes a good hard look at you, dear reader, and smirks).

While I typically am not much of an opera enthusiast, I've reason to enjoy it today. My dentist has prescribed Vicodin for root canal pain I'm experiencing, and I partook today. Lemme tell you, the world looks a lot more warm and fuzzy, when drugged.

Typically I do not enjoy intoxication (drugs or alcohol). However when it's doctor's orders, and I need it… Welcome, strange fuzzy warmth. I've noticed when I've sessioned in the past with a slight buzz, it seems to amplify and improve the session. I emphasize, SLIGHT buzz. I'd never session with a full on drunk going. And actually am trying to remember what a "full on drunk" felt like….

Well, other than listening to one, over the phone, while he pays Me exorbitantly! *giggles*

I've added a NEW button called TOOTH FAIRY TIP for My top 5 listings on Niteflirt (see link to on the right column of My blog)! It's a $29 tip, to help out with My impending expensive dentistry, and Mistress deserves it! Also, I treat My dedicated flock well, when they serve Me just as much!

Kisses and ass slaps!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maximizing your demise

Mistress has been percolating many things recently. How to amp up My business of debauchery, and take advantage of the needy men like you, who need a sense of release. It's a strange thing, evaluating mechanisms to extract the most profit, while enjoying your humanity, and the process of defiling you.

Smart girls playing with trinkets named slaves!

Had a call from a long time binge boy. He goes long weeks in between being defiled, then will go completely ape shit and spend HOURS on the phone, chatting with a dozen or two Mistresses all in one long shot. He's got a bit of an issue with the nose candy, if you know what I mean. And of course he loves to show off on webcam… this man's a pain slut too, and has the scars to prove it!

Listening to his out of control desire and lust, makes Me curious and somewhat concerned. This boy can sometimes fly down a self destructive road, busting through the guard rails, mid air, hurling toward the skids. I'm intrigued and disturbed, all at the same time.

I like pushing slave fucks like you, desperate for phone sex domination, frantic for anal training, stroking and yearning for relief! Thing is, I like draining men slowly over time… I get more out of you that way. I definitely shy away from slaughtering a man in one or two sessions. Long slow draining, yes, much more My style!

Just enough to sting. A good long while! Hehe