Sunday, November 29, 2009

Flying by, a hunger sated

Anyone else feeling a little bit bloated?

If I have another piece of pie, I might well pop. Truth be told, I'd rather not repeat Mr. Creosote's example (name THAT obscure reference!).

We're at the end of November, and I'm deliberating the rest of My holiday plans. Right now I'm visiting loved ones, and am so happy to have them near!

I've also missed My boys - you know who you are! It's difficult to whip out the phone over turkey dinner, and discuss directions on anal insertion. As well is should be a bit odd, I suppose :)

I'm craving a cuckold call tonight. You see, there's this pilot I've met recently, and he makes this girl feel the strongest sensations...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oiled nuts, and visions delayed

Mistress was up way early this morning, and decided to load new pics on Niteflirt. Which, in Niteflirt's present beta state? Just ain't working right. At least the photo loading utilities….

So if you're craving new visual angles of My fine white ass, and you're being held at bay? Give a sharp poke with a stick to Niteflirt.

That being said, I'm very happy for what does work on Niteflirt. My regulars are getting through, and I listen to their agonized grunts of despair. Yes, I'll have seconds of that! heheh

This whole winter thing is a bit of a drag. Have a trip or two coming up this season and I'm percolating on what to pack, when to get the pedicure, when to wax the legs… That feeling of freshly waxed legs, with my favorite mango cocoa butter lotion, makes Me feel almost edible.

I like coconut oil when I get long massages, especially from slaves, because it tastes yummy. Coconut oil looks white, and thick, and hard, when at room temperature. Then when you scoop out a thick dollop, and slide it over warm flesh, it slowly melts and absorbs. Slick and silky.

Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to bore you. *smirk

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Post trick, pre treat

November's here and Christmas around the corner. I'm feeling dreadfully unprepared, as usual :) Seems I get my loved ones gifts just in time, but tend to wait until right before the deadline!

It gets cold out, the days get shorter, and my running and hiking times get fewer and fewer. Anyone gain 5-10 lbs over the holidays, only to widdle it off in the spring? That would be My pattern!

This was the first Halloween in many years, I've spent at home before going out, and filling up the young kidlets with candy. Of course, I bought a case of the big candy bars, no snack size for My trick and treaters! haha

Couldn't figure out what outfit to go with, and just decided to dawn My Matrix trenchcoat (Neo would be proud) and a pair of boot stiletto heels that I'd never worn in public. Went and had coffee with a few friends. Got asked out on a date. Think it was the shoes! hehe

I'm craving a little cuckold play lately. Seems like a few boys have come to My phone with fantasies of their exploitation, and watching Mistress satisfied, while they cower in the corner, wanking without notice. Seems kind of fun, rubbing it a man's face like that. ya think?

Smiling just now...