Saturday, March 20, 2010

Un kinked thigh

Where is a slave this morning, when I need My fresh cup of coffee!

Oy, I was out last night and had a bit of fun. My left thigh is still twinging a bit, and I did commit to go hiking today. A little pain might work!

Discovered a FABULOUS little food bar here in town, at a local cooperative grocery store. Had baked paddock fish with this zesty little sauce, steamed broccoli with bean sprouts, and a pasta primavera that had quite a zing to it. Strange to to have the quality I'd pay $20 for at a nice restaurant, served up buffet style. I'll be back for more. Count on that!

In My area of the world, they're having Kinkfest in Portland, Oregon presently, and many of My real time friends are there, kinking their brains out. Sigh – it sounds like a lot of fun, and unfortunately I couldn't make it. Will be waiting on the tawdry stories later!

What makes you feel weak, little one?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Neglecting that which is Mine

March is upon us. You coming in like a lion, and leaving like a lamb?

Only after, you've seen Me, of course! hehe

Just watched a film about a story in Europe, in earlier times. To think they've had dildos around, since we've probably had cocks.

I shudder to think about the wooden phalluses, impersonating flesh and blood.

That would be a sliver. yeowch.