Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mistress on the move

What shakes in Mistress Lily land… the main thing on the horizon is a change of venue. Mistress has been living in this neck of the woods for 10+ years, and I’m ready for a change of scenery. Mostly… while I love my sweet home and the big backyard, with wild birds and beautiful trees, My neighbors have transitioned from owners, to renters.

Great and lovely neighbors the whole neighborhood through, except… on either side of Me, rental homes. And this means? 4-5 college students living in a space tailored for 2-3 people… cars coming and going, 19-20 year old young men and women.

We remember what that was like, don’t we? Fresh adults, new bodies, and innovative activities, sex, drinking and Goddess knows what else… Our filters change as we become adults. And while I get kinky and perverted in My private time, I’m a very considerate neighbor. A good ball gag can be an excellent muffler! hehe

I… must… leave. I’ve wanted to move for a year or more now. I’m a good girl scout too – I plan such things over time. Checklists, timing. My ideal place would be about 5 minutes out of a larger city, just on the outskirts of town. A basement, or a large garage, I can convert to a dungeon. A bit of distance between Me and the neighbors, in case I invite a slave over to give him fresh hell, while he coos and moans in ecstasy.

Hard wood floors, so when I’ve got high heels on, you’ll hear the clicking. I love that inevitable sound, walking up behind a boy who’s kneeling and naked, the anticipation.

And the big big thing? (dirty boy) No shared walls with anyone. Quiet, space, and a beautiful freedom to cocoon contently while My eyes are closed, and I’m drawing you down the phone line, seducing and exploiting.

Bring this up during our conversation, perhaps you’ll find your place in expediting My transition, and earn a special place in My heart, or at least on the end of My... flogger! *giggle*