Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crotch Rocket

Tonight Mistress Lily is going for a long ride on.... *ahem*.... a big shiny motorbike! I love feeling the wind on my skin on those long rides in the country. It's best for someone else to maintain the bike and drive it, at least for Me! Let's me just lay back and enjoy the ride, throbbing crotchrocket and all!

There's something about motorcycles that is just too fucking sexy for words... I have to admit, when I look back at the lovers I've chosen, a majority of them either had *very* nice motorcycles (BMW, Goldwing, big ole Harly's), or were more the sporty types, with titanium racing cycles. Must be something about that forward motion that gets a Girl going!

Remind me to tell you about a few recent toys I've purchased!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

$1.99 Vacation Special!

A few of my slaves missed me quite a bit this past week, after I took my long little vacation! I've decided to lower my rate for a day or two, to thank those loyal sluts and give them a treat!

Act quickly, this special only lasts for, well, as long as I feel like! *giggle

You can take advantage (or be taken advantage OF! hehe) by calling Niteflirt at 1-800-TO-FLIRT, and any of these 4 extensions:





I'm so looking forward to your submissive gasps and moans -

Mistress Lily

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sunburn flesh

Sunburn skin last week, is turning into this week's tan! I was just thinking about having a slave give me a good massage and rub down, exfoliate this Girl's goodies. Had a massage last week and enjoyed the feeling, leaves my skin so silky smooth...

I dug My toes in the sand for vacation recently, and had such a wonderful time! Love blowing my slave's hard earned dough on My own edification! Recently bought a few toys for Mistress' privacy, but that is for another time... (of course, on your dime, eh? hehe!)

Sun is rising, and this vampire Grrl is considering sleep. Maybe a good bath before I slumber..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pedicures and secret scents...

Mistress has been a bit in absentia lately, and I do feel bad for My little ones who crave a little Lily now and then! It's summertime and I'm enjoying it, pets!

I've been working a bit on My tan because I just love the way a little bronze will wake things up. Makes Me feel so... sexy when My skin is just a bit warmer looking! Was having a blast with friends this weekend, went to karaoke for a few good laughs. Damn, there are some stanky ass singers out there! As long as they're having fun I suppose. I'm intrigued by the conviction that some will have, as they get up on stage, sing their hearts out, even if singing on key is a distant memory ...

Just a note or two (dare I say a pun?) on choosing an appropriate song to sing at karaoke. People bomb so easily choosing a song that is either difficult to sing, or with a somber mood to it. You can never go wrong with a pop 80s tune. A few people actually got up and sang, "Afternoon Delight" while we were there. Probably inspired by that recent Anchorman movie with Will Farrell. Loved that scene at the end of the movie where everyone was running around with streamers and green fields, singing Afternoon Delight!!! hahah

Lately I've been toying with essential oils for a little scent when I'm out around town. I've been craving a little amber scented oil. Lately lavendar and grapefruit have been two favorites. Oh and had a wonderful deluxe pedicure yesterday, and My feet feel so smooth and sexy!! I'm logged in tonight, although the evening of the July 4th, I'll be out on the prowl with a few friends... I might sneak in for some phone time with subbies... kisses!