Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The fruits of your labor

This has been a very pleasant week in Mistress land. To start with, I’ve finally received all the goodies from a slave I’ll call ken, who’s been under My wing for 3 years now. He walked through very hard times in his life, and I am his solace and taskmaster. A distracting Mistress who benefits mightily from his patronage...

(I have a special place in My heart for boys who spend thousands in cold hard cash, on My little whims)

I purr while thinking of the cold, hard silver bullion that ken has bought for Me, the dripping jewelry of diamonds and rubies (one necklace had little gold horns, and a tail with a diamond in it! *giggle*). The gift that stands out? A pair of high-heel-red-satin-platform-stilettos. Spiked heels over 6 inches long. The heel shines with a metallic hue, and against the luscious red satin of the shoe? You just want to touch it...

I was a brave Grrl this week as well, and confessed to My closest friend, the nature of My employment (you know, exploiting the likes of you). We in the land of slavery and Mistresses understand, we need to choose confidantes with care. And to be clear, she is My best friend. I could talk dirty all day long, and she is more modest than I. We navigate boundaries with thoughtfulness, on our path of loving each other.

To My delight and relief, she was stunned, and impressed. To see her face light up with joy and curiosity, made Me sigh and smile. I even shared the ripe red fruit of satin stilettos with her. She asked in a secret voice, “May I... touch them?” I smiled so wide, and said, “yes, please...”

And to think, your generous gifts? Might bring a Grrl moments of discovery and play. Perhaps you do have a place at My side, little ones. On your knees, with extended hand, wallet in palm. Offering Me what earns you entry, into this dark joyous place I call home.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ripe hidden bits

Let Me give you a clue into most Women’s minds, and hearts.

Our society demands much of a Grrl, and while we’re with it, tough, independent and sometimes charming...

There is a quiet romance inside the heart of most. If you and your submissive self can tap into this? You might just seduce the strongest.

I feel as if I’m whispering a secret when I share… I let My attention wander over the movie “Pride and Prejudice” this morn. The Oxygen channel was giving it a show (Oh Oprah… you do know Grrls). I’ve been fighting a cold this week, which takes Me from the side of most precious slaves. I woke to morning tea, and a button push to the tele. Slave kenneth has been kind to Mistress these few months, and the new flat screen TV gracing My bedroom, is on his account.

He shall be tortured deliciously for it. And I suspect, this will please him! Hehe

Back to the flick - the fancy dresses, the romantic music, the far away fairy tale of such things. I suspect there are boys in the mist who also crave these things too. Ringlets of curls gracing their long neck, powered skin, ripe red lips, and perhaps if in period, a beauty mole? A corset? Long hoop slips and billowing beauty...

And of course the underthings. White stockings, sharp tight heels, and the frills of pantaloons, laced panties, pale flesh just near the crest of –

Oh pardon. No offense meant... I get distracted by the warm bits hidden in so many layers.

Perhaps, you too?