Sunday, September 18, 2011

Naked & hairless, or at least tightly trimmed

Oh Mistress is dragging her limbs so limply.... I earned this one, boys and girls.

Just got home from 3 hours of dancing in very high heels, oh my calves are aching for your hands to touch them. I’m overdue for a massage and could use a strong set of hands to work out these overworked muscles.

And- it WAS worth it. Every minute of it ! hehe.

Made My way to a few different dance clubs with a friend, who seemed to know all the bartenders downtown. We ended up getting drinks, and cover charge, free, everywhere we went. Note to self: I need to go out with Paula more often! *giggle

Spent an hour doing makeup, hair, just had a spa day this week (thank you zombie boy!) and got a full leg wax, and hair cut. My legs are so smooth… and with the extra workouts I’ve been putting in, things are looking toned and lovely. This morning I even did the business of trimming my little lady business right down the middle. It’s like a little surprise after you’ve trimmed everything up tight and snug down there. When My fingers slide over the naked skin, it feels like the touch of some strange tongue, with soft barbs, whiskers of pubes trimmed and tended.

I just love My puss, right after a trim. It feels unworldly and very arousing.

Oh, but don’t let Me bore you with such sundry things… *smirk* There are details about the men who asked Me to dance, their stories, and one who offered to take Me home -

Ooohh come to Mistress, open wallets and hearts, and we’ll see what makes you go boom…

Friday, September 2, 2011

Labored day

Big weekend, and extra day! Here comes September, wrapping us up in its arms… How did the summer get away from Me, so fast!

Sat on the patio today and soaked in a few rays. Just a few minutes can do wonders for making skin feel warm, sensual. Which reminds Me… it’s time for a waxing at the local spa. Ooh that and I might need a new haircut… I’ve been trying to soak up the sun recently, hiking and walking, because we know it’s fading fast. Went out for a long 5 mile walk a few nights ago, and was so surprised by how sunlight fades quickly now. I love it when it’s still light out, way past 9 pm.

But I digress… (blogs are the place for such things)! In the luxury department - I’ve got new chocolate colored sheets on My bed and they feel very yummy. There are times that I’ll be laying on them, while we chat. Just our minds, your wallet, the phone, and anything else you’d like to bring to the call (well.. keep it legal!).