Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tranced and tipsy, slave succumbs

The end of April … is it going out like a lamb, or slave draping Mistress in goodies?

The later, fortunately. Nothing against lambs.

Oh wait, that's March. My bad! Hehe

Little slave kenneth came back for a visit this weekend. We're from the same home town, and I remember our conversations, with a bit of sentimentality. I ask him about this restaurant or that park, and he gives Me the scoop on My old haunts. While we've had nice conversations in the past, this time he was a little more tipsy than usual. Of COURSE I decided to take kenneth into a dark deep trance, while forcing him to drink more… and more.... We went many places online while he was under My control. Gift certificates, boots, jewelry… I was pampered VERY well, and I'm a happy Grrl today!

Wore a pair of My new leather boots tonight out with friends, and they fit like a glove. Several compliments too. Thanks for getting Mistress dressed up for others to appreciate ken!

One of the gifts this slave bought was a Tantus Goliath vibrator, just for Me! And it's a deep dark purple, kind of shimmery. Silicon even. It's such a pretty thing, I'm unsure if I should display it as art, or use it for private needs! I'll let you know what happens with that!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Iguana anyone?

Ah sweet morsels of submission, it's been a full weekend, lots of sun and smiles. Today I phoned a friend while I sunned on My porch. She was driving across a full US state, and I had My headset on, freshly Naired legs, and closed eyes, soaking up the warmth of it all. Had a little sun dress on with lots of loose pleats that came down to just about mid thigh, and had to be careful with the wind. Mistress wasn't wearing panties or a bra. Didn't think I should be showing the neighborhood exactly EVERYTHING I've got, hm?

Had a boy today, let's call him bob. He was into hypnosis, and offered such a treat to his dominant delight of the hour. We chatted for nearly an hour, and he tried his best techniques to hypnotize this Mistress. While it was relaxing, it wasn't quite enough for his full desire, the full inducement. Granted, asking Mistress if that is what she sought, might have been the first question asked, yes? We sparred a bit, and enjoyed the company… we'll see if more will be had with him!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Egg leg chicken chew

Guess who's been busy?

That would be Me.

Took a little contract that will be keeping Me busy for a few weeks, so you might have to schedule things with Mistress to get in! I've been missing just lounging around, eating bon bons and getting pedicures, because I've been working like a little vixen! I should be available plenty this weekend, so cue it up boys!

Oh the sun is so bright today, and I'll be going out in it for a little run soon. But first, perchance to ... nap... It has been a loooong week in Mistress land!

Oh - happy Easter too :) Cadbury Caramel Eggs are a fave, think I'll add that to the Amazon wishlist too!