Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello again

Alas, pets, it has been a spell since I wandered to this blog. I've wondered how many of My slaves come to this place, and read through the thoughts of Mistress. I thought I might drop a note here, see if it strikes a spark.

I am very ready for the warm rays of summer to bring on the fun! Exercise inside is such a bore, and I like watching others as they get their groove on too, out in the weather. Lately I've been lighting a few candles, turning up the music and cutting loose, right here in My living room. In the recent past, I had a lover who loved to sit on the couch and watch me as I did step aerobics. Afterwards of course, he shared his approval of My work, in many ways... *giggle

I do so love listening to your secrets. You bring Me satisfaction. Our talk pays My bills, and fills My mind with images and curiosity.

And alas, a workout awaits. I've been dragging a little this week, and am one workout short of my weekly standard. Wish Me luck!